TIAM: Jill's Back, Mr. Romney Has His Man And Heads To Florida & Driverless CarsJill takes care of business. His name is Paul Ryan. Technology is on a roll in your car of the future.
TIAM: It All Comes Down To 2 States, Curiosity Is On Mars & The Summer Games ContinueHow Barack Obama can be re-elected. Mars has a new visitor and the summer games continue in London.
TIAM: Only 99 Days Til' The Election, Off To London For The Summer Games & Then To Colorado For A Holmes UpdateWho will be our next president? We get an update from London. John Holmes is formally arraigned today.
TIAM: Housing A Fiscal Bright Spot, Race To White House Gets Uglier, Climate Change & ProstitutionGuess what's getting hotter in the economy. Ugly race for president. Ugly weather this year as well. Prostitution at the age of 12.
TIAM: Blame Europe! Tax Cuts?The economy is dominating our conversations today. Why would St. Louisan Tim Burke run across Death Valley?
TIAM: Semi-Good News From Greece, West Wing Report Update, The Longest Day and Becky (Queen of Carpets)Greece is putting a new government together. Paul Brandus gave us a White House update. Trying to raise Alzheimer's awareness and Becky Queen of Carpets.
TIAM: Spain Cries "Tio", Politicians Say The Dumbest Things & Mike Shannon On The CardinalsSpain's banks are in big trouble. WWR's Paul Brandus chatted with us. What's going on with the Cardinals?
TIAM: President Obama, The Cardinals Losing Streak & MSD's Prop YFriday's job numbers are a major problem for President Obama. The Cards are having a tough time of it right now. Prop Y will be on the ballot Tuesday.
TIAM: Jill On Money, Paul On The Presidency, Mike On The Cardinals & Aaron On Asperger'sWhat will the markets do this week? The latest polling numbers from Gallop. Mike Shannon and Tom Ackerman. Living with Asperger's.
TIAM: The Fed Meets This Week, Picking Vice-President & Ozzie Smith Stops BysWhat will Ben Bernanake say this week? How well do the pundits do when it comes to picking the V.P.? Ozzie Smith on Dining Out For Life & his thoughts on the current Cardinal team.
TIAM: Where Will The Markets Go? Mitt Romney's Wife & Preparing For The WorstJill Schlesinger on this week's markets. Mr. Romney's wife. Preparing for the end times.
TIAM: Jill On $, The West Wing Report, Mike-Tom-Cardinals & Abused ChildrenJill Schlesinger had a bit of bad fiscal news this morning. Paul Brandus has the word on $ being spent. Shannon and Ackerman on the Cardinals. Helping abused children.
TIAM: Jill Schlesinger On $, The West Wing Report, Spring Training & Travel To MexicoWe got a fiscal update from Jill Schlesinger. Paul Brandus of the West Wing Report spoke with us. Spring training and travel to Mexico.
TIAM: Go Dow, Go! The 2008 Election. Blood ClotsIs the economy getting better? We talked with the West Wing Report's Paul Brandus. Tom Ackerman and Mike Shannon talk Cardinal baseball.
TIAM: President Obama Playing Roll Of Bachelor Today, Lynchings In The USA & Cheaper FuneralsPresident Obama is all by himself today. Modern-day lynchings. Cheaper funerals.