Ex Motorcycle Gang Leader Sentenced Allan "Dog" Hunter's headed to prison for 102 months.
7 Members of "Wheels of Soul" Motorcycle Gang ConvictedEight days of deliberations following a seven week trial, including 60 witnesses ends in convictions for seven members of the outlaw motorcycle gang called, "Wheels of Soul".
2 More Members of Violent Biker Gang SentencedBoth are from Chicago and were members of the Wheels of Soul Outlaw Motorcycle Gang.
2 Members of Violent Biker Gang Plead GuiltyThe U.S. Attorney's office in St. Louis says Carlyle ``Thundercat'' Fleming and Allan ``Dog'' Hunter were part of the Wheels of Soul Outlaw Motorcycle gang.
"Wheels of Soul" Outlaw Biker Busts Continue Marshall ``Big Bo'' Fry accused of planning to kill members of another gang this year in East St. Louis, Ill.,
Motorcycle Gang Member Caught in ColoradoRasheed Brandon was among 21 gang members indicted two weeks ago in St. Louis.
Motorcyle Gang Members Enter Not Guilty Pleas Four men are accused of involvement in murder, drug dealing and assaults.
Feds say Bikers Charged with Racketeering were Violent EliteFBI/US Attorney says "Wheels of Soul" members were worst of the worst
Motorcycle Gang Members Indicted"Wheels of Soul" members face federal charges including kidnapping and murder.

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