Hail, Storms Threaten St. Louis-Area Wednesday AfternoonAccuWeather and KMOX meteorologist Dean DeVore says strong storms will be in the area this afternoon and into the evening.
Tornadoes, Hail Cause Mass Damage in Missouri, IllinoisA tornado carried vehicles off I-55 in Perry County, and a junkyard in the area had 20 of its scrapped vehicles thrown out of the yard.
Winds Blow Smoke From Forest Fires in Canada into MidwestA haze blanketed much of the Midwest on Tuesday as strong winds carried smoke from forest fires in Canada thousands of miles to the south, prompting health warnings in at least two states.
Middle America Braces for Strong Storms, Possible TornadoesAnother day of warmth Thursday, mixed in with humidity, instability, an approaching front and the jet stream, would contribute to steadily worsening weather. "By Thursday, it looks like all those ingredients come together. ... You can really blow up some big storms.''
UPDATE: Killer Tornado Leaves Harrisburg, Illinois Dazed High winds "wiped out" homes, businesses, and a mini-mall early Wednesday.
Overnight Storms Bring Heavy Rain, 60 mph Winds and Power OutagesTree into house in St. Peters, thick branches ripped down by 60 mph winds.
Streetlight Poles Pose Danger in Springfield High winds toppled city streetlight poles.

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