Wounded Warriors Bike Through St. LouisMore than 50 injured military veterans from around U.S. take part in Soldier Ride.
Non-Profit Organizations Giving Back To Those Who Serve Our CountryMany non-profit organizations are providing resources, support and advocacy for veterans. Find out how these non-profits are supporting veterans in the U.S.
St. Charles County Vet Accused of False FundraisingA St. Charles County veteran who was wounded in the Iraq war is accused of flim-flamming contributions out of people.
They Gave Their All For KickballMembers of a St. Louis-based league went from Thursday night through Sunday afternoon--- without stopping --- in order to set a world record and raise money for charity.
St. Louis Big Balls League Plans to Break World Record, Raise Money1,800 people on 90 teams currently play kickball on a regular basis in St. Louis.
TIAM Weekend - Sunday, May 29thSign up for the Armed Forces Open on June 26 at Forest Park Golf Course to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project.

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