Leta Automotive Applies for Zoning ChangeA meeting set for Monday night will allow the St. Louis County Planning Commission to consider a petition from an auto dealership.
Tower Tee Zoning Meeting Put on HoldIt appears plans for replacing a popular golf center with a residential subdivision are on hold.
Councilman Trakas Stands Against Construction Company MoveA member of the St. Louis County Council is facing pressure from many of his constituents to allow a construction company's planned move to go forward.
East STL Budget Shortfall, Medical Marijuana Farm at StalemateMayor Jackons-Hicks is reporting a $5.7 million shortfall and layoff are likely.
Town and Country Says 'No' to Tim HortonsTown and Country says “No” to a Tim Horton’s restaurant and Reliance Bank in a residential area.
Study Links Zoning, EducationA study out by the Brookings Institute shows a link between zoning practices and students test scores.

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