Week 2 NFL Picks Punishment Wheel

For the last few NFL seasons, some of KMOX’s most knowledgable hosts and producers have battled in a competition to prove who has the most NFL expertise of the group. This year, they’ll fight for the same cause with a new twist – each week’s loser will spin the NFL Picks Punishment Wheel.

Chris Hrabe Spins For His Week 1 Punishment

Sports Director Tom Ackerman, Executive Sports Producer Ben Boyd, Sports Host Chris Hrabe and mid-day host Mark Reardon will continue their weekly competition of trying to predict the winner of each NFL. This year, Sports Host Alex Ferrario will join the competition.

As for the wheel, throughout the season whichever of our competitors selected the fewest correct winners for a week of NFL action, that person will be spinning the wheel to select his punishment on the following Tuesday. So, Week 1’s loser (NFL games from Thursday, September 7 through Monday, September 11) will be giving the wheel it’s inaugural spin on Tuesday, September 12. Then it starts all over again.

Each week we will also have the guys guess the total score of the Chiefs game each week, which will serve as a tiebreaker to determine who spins the wheel. It will be a closest-to guess, going over doesn’t matter. In the case that there is still a tie, then there will be multiple losers to share in that week’s punishment.

Each participants’ total record will also be tracked throughout the season, as we have done in years past.

Here were the final results from last year

The wheel hold eight spots for possible punishments, which could be a variety of interchangeable options from week to week. Here’s just a few of the things we’ve come up with so far:

  • Raw egg cracked on their head
  • Buying lunch for that week’s top finisher
  • Changing the loser’s Twitter avatar for a week
  • Wearing a LA Rams Jared Goff jersey to work
  • Karaoke
  • We’ve also left a couple spots open because we want input from our followers

We’ll be adding new and creative punishments throughout the week, which will sure to bring you video of on the KMOX Sports Twitter and Facebook page. But we also will need the help of our followers each week, so please give us suggestions.