Regardless of recent events in St. Louis involving the Rams moving to L.A., St. Louis is a football city that loves to celebrate the game. The Super Bowl is an eagerly anticipated event and a great excuse to get together with friends and loved ones. Planning the party needn’t be a chore. Here are the best party planning tips and tricks that are sure to create a memorable event that will be enjoyed by you and your guests. 

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Isabel Kenney has always been interested in events and parties. Her background includes doing specialty and themed parties for kids as well as working with caterers and food industry providers. Her natural knack for organization is the final ingredient in the perfect party planning mix. She has a natural attraction to kids and families which draws her to family friendly events, and she has lots of ideas for planning not only adult parties but family friendly functions, as well. 

Invites Start The Ball Rolling

After you create your guest list, make sure you allow plenty of time to notify them of your intended celebration. If you want to make a statement and inspire football excitement, make some football themed invites to send in the mail. After teams are chosen, create invites that resemble game day tickets. Add dates, times and drop them in the mail. 

Finger Foods Are Fun!

A variety of finger foods are easy for guests to help themselves, allowing the host and hostess more time for enjoying the party and invitees themselves. Izzy suggests picking something for the menu that represents the cities from which the teams hail. Since this years game is held near San Francisco, you might want to choose something that also represents that city too. A great item that might fit that bill is San Francisco Garlic Fries. It’s a great finger food and taste great! Don’t be shy about adding favorites like taco dips and pigs in a blanket. For a sweet treat, add chocolate dipped strawberries and garnished to look like mini footballs. The internet is a great resource for recipes and Isabel found a link for NFL cocktails. Pick your favorite city/team and mix away for tasty adult beverages.  

Decorations And Party Favors

Choosing team colors is a no brainer for plates, napkins and table cloths. Tissue paper pom-poms are an inexpensive but classical festive decoration that adds whimsy and bright color to the party atmosphere. Accent your tables with noise makers. Decorate the horns and clickers with team colors, and enjoy the noise and chaos when your team scores each touchdown. Football-themed treats are great not only for party time, but also as favors for your guests to take home after the game. Mix up some game day colored popcorn mix with M&M’s and sprinkles, and bag them up for your guests as take home.

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Create Some Game Day Games And Prizes

Making wagers on the game outcome is a common practice on Super Bowl Sunday, and you can have your own game day lotto. Super Bowl Bingo, played during commercials, is a great game. Create Super Bowl Bingo cards with phrases or visuals that might pop up during commercials, and sit back and wait for the winner to call out B-I-N-G-O. Make up a treat basket with snacks and libations for the winner of the Super Bowl lotto. For family-friendly parties give away tickets to local events, like The Magic House or the Science Center, that everyone would enjoy. 

Most Importantly, Don’t Miss Your Own Party!

Parties can be a lot of work, and no one wants to miss the fun, including the host and hostess. Eliminate last minute scrambling and during party cooking and cleaning by simplifying the menu. Izzy reminds you that casual, help yourself menus are great, and guests love the casual atmosphere with buffet foods. Also, don’t over plan your activities. Schedules and over complicated games can harsh the mellow of a relaxed gathering. Let the guests drive the mood and activity, keep games simple and fun and go with the flow if the occasion calls for it. 

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Lisa Payne-Naeger, a native of the St. Louis area, is a freelance writer, blogger, political activist and a homeschooling mother of two children. Her work can be found at