Whether your polishing up for a big event, wedding, prom, homecoming or just looking to change up your hairstyle, braids are the latest craze in hair fashion. Here are some great braided hairstyles from Jen Pykiet of Uptown Looks Salon and Spa in Wentzville.

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It’s worth the trip to Wentzville, to Uptown Looks Salon and Spa, to get the right look for any occasion. Jen Pykiet runs a very modern, full-service salon, with traditional, neighborhood beauty parlor character that caters to anyone who wants to adorn the latest braided or any other modern coif. She and her staff are well versed in the hottest trends in hairstyles, and she says there are at least three highly sought-after looks that her regular customers request at Uptown Looks.

The Waterfall Braid

The waterfall braid is a very popular style among millennials. It’s a modification on the French braid that subtly weaves through long hair and leaves strands falling to their natural length. It’s a soft-looking braid that maintains a long hairstyle look. Start with three strands at the top of the head, on one side, and weave, picking up strands as you progress toward the back of the head, but leaving the bulk of the longer hair cascading down your shoulders. The weave can continue down the back of the head and be tied off with a rubber band or pinned in the back. It can be finished off with curls or straight hair, whichever is your favorite look. It’s a versatile look for formal or casual wear, and easy to learn to do yourself. The waterfall braid is great for a trip to the ball park or to the office, and even with an evening gown when finished with curls. It’s one of the more versatile braided hairstyles.

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The Braided Bang

The braided bang is another popular style that creates a soft frame across the forehead and frames the face nicely. It starts as a three-strand braid and continues in the same fashion as a French braid and often is swept from the forehead to the back of the head, creating a braided headband. The same process can be done on each side of the head and the braid can be fastened in the back to create a bun or hidden underneath long hair. Another twist on this style is to use the reverse French braid technique for an even softer look around the face. To reverse the French braid, simply braid strands under each other, rather than over, as you progress. Again, this is another easy-to-learn style if you’re looking for a do-it-yourself alternative. With this look, you can sweep up the back in a great twisted updo for that prom or wedding look or you can simply frame the face and leave the rest of your hair cascading and curled or waved for the nightclub.

The Fishtail Braid

The fishtail braid is very popular and chic. Long-locked beauties love this sophisticated cascading braid. It seems to be a timelessly loved style among the generations. And like the braided bang and waterfall braid, it’s easy to accomplish. Unlike a traditional French braid, the fishtail braid starts as a two-strand weave, rather than a three-strand. Like the French braid, small strands are picked up from each side of the two strands as you proceed down the locks, resulting in a herring bone pattern. As the braid finishes, loosening to release individual hair strands gives it a shabby chic, tasselled look. This is a great style to complement a red carpet evening gown or with your favorite denim.

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Among great braided designs, Uptown Looks Salon and Spa offers full hair services, massages, spa services including facials, waxing, body treatments and Ultherapy. Get your nails done after you finish your braids and finish with a makeup makeover.

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