Ask A Stylist: Tips For Finding The Perfect Suit

September 24, 2013 7:00 AM

A man’s suit makes a statement. A well-fitted suit is essential to achieving success and projects confidence, personality and commitment. Men’s suits today are more about fashion than fit; however, a well-fitted suit remains important in making a fashion statement. St. Louis tailor Daniel Morgan, named as one of the best style shops in St. Louis by Esquire Magazine, shares important tips to ensure your suit fits well, wears easily and creates a successful fashion appearance.

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Size Up Your Suit

Men’s suits are sized according to chest circumference and height. For example, a man’s long is crafted for men over six feet tall, while a man’s regular is made for those under six feet. After you have chosen the correct size, expect adjustments in sleeves and hemline. These adjustments ensure the suit is fitted exactly for your physique. Daniel says that sizing has changed over the last few years. With the baby boomers retiring, suits are beginning to have a narrower size to fit the younger man’s body. For a well-fitted suit, this may mean letting out the fabric or taking the suit in, depending on the manufacturer.

Suit Coat Fitting is Key

The suit coat should be fitted so that when standing at relaxed attention, the suit coat lays well. The shoulders must fit without being restrictive. The current style in suit coats is about fashion. The suit coat’s back and side vents could split slightly in a normal stance.

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Keep Your Collar Under Control

The suit coat’s collar should lie smoothly against the neck. The length of the suit coat has changed. Traditionally, the length of the coat extends about an inch from the crease of the hip and back of leg. The current trend has the suit coat shortened to as high as the crease of the hip and back of the leg.

Keep a 1/4-Inch of Shirt Sleeve Showing

The suit’s sleeve and pants hem should be altered for the best fit. While the shirtsleeve should measure to the top of the hand, the suit sleeve should leave a quarter inch (1/4) of the shirtsleeve showing beneath the suit sleeve. Styles in the hemline of suit pants have changed. The trend of the pant leg reaching the floor when not wearing shoes has changed to the hemline breaking lightly on the top of the shoe. In addition, a suit’s pants are sporting a narrower hemline.

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Shirts Need to Fit Too

The shirt is an essential component of the suit’s appearance. Your shirt should be the correct size for the suit to create a streamlined look. Make sure your shirts are customized to your individual size.

Trot Out Your Tie

Show off a well-fitted suit with a great tie. Daniel Morgan recommends bow ties. In his business, he is noticing that bow ties are a current fashion trend.

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