What’s going on in spring fashion trends? More importantly, how can you translate the sometimes wacky creations that designers put on the runway into wearable looks for the St. Louis streets? We turned to fashion blogger Marisa Lather for some guidance.
Marisa Lather
VogueRhythm.com St. Louis, MO

Marisa Lather is a St. Louis-based online marketing consultant with a specialty in fashion. Her lifestyle blog, VogueRhythm, covers beauty, food and music as well as fashion. She serves as PR & Influencer Coordinator for Saint Louis Fashion Week, is a board member of Well-Dressed Midwest, and up-and-coming blogger association. Lather is also involved professionally with projects across the St. Louis area, including TEDx Gateway Arch (the local chapter of the TED talks organization), the Social Media Club of St. Charles, and the Business Marketing Association of St. Louis. As a St. Louis area native, Marisa knows how to tone down the cutting-edge trends for our Midwestern sensibilities while still keeping things fresh and exciting. Here’s Marisa’s advice.

Beauty Stays Simple

Rejoice! Barely-there makeup and simple, undone hair complement the new spring trends best. Thanks to Spring ’15 Fashion Week, hair with a center part has its place on the runway, street-style stars, and even your head. Whether you choose a big blowout (like Diane Von Furstenburg’s models) or a slicked-down chic look, part your hair down the center and never look back.

Try Colored Suede

The most surprising trend for spring is luxurious colored suede. Traditionally more of a winter fabric, this season’s colors lighten to pastel purples and bold blues. As this fabric is typically an investment, try a red or mustard color for crossover seasonal appeal.

High Waisted Jeans

We all know the ’90s are back with chokers, bib tops, and flannel dominating fashion for the past season but a surprising classic is the high-waisted jean. Whether they’re skintight or have superwide legs isn’t as important as what you wear it with. Try a fitted top or a cropped jacket — or even a fun belt if you’re feeling fancy. 

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Switch To Skirts 

Skirts are big for spring. The popular midi length rules in the form of pencils or full skirts. For the more fashion-forward, try apron skirting. From oversized shirts to accordion dresses and pants, wearing a skirt over the outfit invigorates the look for spring. 

Accessorize With A Great Bag

Nothing is more coveted than the Fendi’s limited edition Bag Boy Karlito, and this trend is something everyone can join. The streets of Milan Fashion Week were full of an extreme mashup of bag accessories with tassels and keychains adding a kitschy-cute look for even the highest fashion files. 

Soften Your Colors

As the season turns, we move to the cooler and softer side of the color spectrum. Soft blues, greens, and earthy beiges invoke an escape to a tropical landscape or drift into an ethereal daydream. On the bolder side, large stripes represent the season geometric trend and are best paired with strong hues.

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