Guide To Six Flags Over St. Louis

May 24, 2014 7:00 AM

Consistently ranked among the top five wooden roller coasters in the country, the Boss will definitely push you around. Featuring four drops, including a huge 15-story double-down double drop, riders reach speeds of nearly 70 miles per hour. People love its “terrain twister” style, where the cars dip up and down with the ground beneath it. (Photo Credit: hagerman)

Young folks and families from across the Midwest head to Six Flags over St. Louis for their summer fun fix. The central location is perfect and easy to find, and offers a thrill-a-minute amusement park alongside a full-featured water park for just one admission price. What’s not to love?
Six Flags Over St. Louis
4900 Six Flags St. Louis Railroad
Eureka, MO 63069
(636) 938-5300

Getting There

The park is located in Eureka, MO, just about 30 miles southwest of the City. Head west on I-44 and you will run right into it. Some families like to go for the weekend and stay next door at Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Resort (which offers deals on Six Flags tickets), but you’ll need to book early to get a cabin or campsite. If you opt for a hotel, the Holiday Inn in Eureka is close enough to walk, or offers a free shuttle to the park, which will save you $20 a day in parking fees. It also offers discounts on tickets, and kids eat free at all meals in the hotel. Visit the Six Flags website to locate other hotels and campgrounds in the area.

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Save some green

The gate price for tickets is $56.99, but no one pays that price. You can get advance tickets online for $41.99 ($2 higher on weekends). You can also buy a ticket at any Dierberg’s for $48.99. A season pass will cost $67.99 on the Six Flags website, or $71.99 at Dierberg’s. If you buy a pack of four season passes, you get a steep discount ($57.99 each on the website, $4 higher at Dierberg’s) plus one free parking pass. Gold Passes are also available, which include some bring-a-friend tickets, more parking passes and other benefits. You can look them over on the website to see if it’s a good deal for your family. Tip: Look for discounts on season passes for next year at the end of this year’s season.

Get your adrenaline pumping

The big amusement park draw for teens and adults is, of course, the thrill rides, and Six Flags St. Louis doesn’t disappoint. American Thunder is the park’s grand wooden coaster, soaring 82 feet above the park. It has 16 different hills designed to lift you out of your seat every time as you hit maximum speeds of 50 mph. The Batman ride also hits 50 mph, but on this one you’re dangling from an overhead track. Batman is two full minutes of belly-dropping loops and rolls. Do you prefer to get your thrills on a water ride? The Bonsai Pipeline puts you in a launch capsule and drops the floor from under your feet. Your body will plummet through a tube slide that includes a six-story drop. Altogether, the STL park has seven roller coasters and five extreme water rides to keep your adrenaline rushing all day.

For the little ones

Kids get their own area of the park, filled with tiny rides that spin, rotate and slide for pint-sized thrills. There are plenty of play areas for little guys and gals in the water park as well. But you’ll build your best memories on the family rides where parents and kids can play together. The log flume, the mine train and Thunder River have been family favorites for generations. Families can also ride together on the Tidal Wave, the Joker swinging ship ride and the Rush Street Flyer. Bumper cars are another family favorite, and it’s a St. Louis tradition to get into a Moon Car and put the youngest sibling in the driver’s seat.

Tips for a great visit

  • Set up a plan for lunch. Food in the park is expensive, so many families picnic out of a cooler at their car. If you’re going to eat in the park restaurants, aim for nontraditional mealtimes to miss the crowds.

  • Look over the park map and showtimes first. Plan your day, and, if your kids are old enough to head out on their own, set up a meeting time and place to come together for lunch, a show and family rides.

  • Avoid the crowds. Come on weekdays in the summer, if you can, or plan your visit for the colder-season weekends in April, May, September or October. The rides farthest from the entrance will be least busy when the park first opens, and vice versa, so try to go through the park backwards.

  • Dress in layers. A swimsuit under your clothes will let you strip down and dry off if you get soaked on the log flume or Thunder River. A sweater or jacket will come in handy on all but the hottest days, and you can tie it around your waist if you don’t need it.

  • Plan for the sun. A tight-fitting hat that won’t blow away and a light, long-sleeved shirt will protect you from sunburn even when you’re in and out of the water.

  • Plan some downtime if you’re coming for the weekend. Two full days of thrill rides sounds awesome, but it can be overkill. Some time spent at the shows, lounging around the hotel pool or roasting marshmallows at your campsite will offer balance and let everyone catch their breath. Young children will need breaks throughout the day as well. There’s nothing thrilling about overstimulated kids.
  • Have a great time!

    Armed with these tips and tricks, you can plan a visit without paying too much for admission or food, and avoid the pitfalls of exhausted parents or sunburned kids. Build some happy family memories this summer at Six Flags over St. Louis.

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