Tips On Fitting A Swimsuit To Your Body Type From A St. Louis Expert

April 2, 2013 12:00 PM

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The swimsuit season is upon us, and women are wondering how to find the ‘perfect’ swimsuit for their body type. Lori Coulter, St. Louis’ premier swimsuit expert, “seeks to reinvent the swimwear experience for women.” Lori “empowers women to express their style through customized apparel that perfectly flatters an individual’s figure.” In addition, Lori recommends women “focus on what’s wonderful about your body instead of focusing on what you may see as a flaw.” She believes that “if a style doesn’t work, the problem is with the swimsuit, and not your body.”

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Lori Coulter
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Tip 1

Be honest and identify your true body type. Using Coulter’s guide for the five body types, choose the figure that most closely matches your physique. Each body type has a goal to create balance and accentuate the best features. Body type V (athletic) focuses on “balancing wide shoulders and bust with smaller hips.” The straight body type, H, strives to create feminine curves. Body type A, or pear, focuses on balancing wider hips and thighs by creating an ample bosom and wider shoulders. For an hourglass figure, body X, Lori recommends emphasizing the feminine shape. Lori Coulter’s focus for the generous physique, Body O, is to create a defined waistline.

After you identify your body type, remember to consider your proportions when choosing a swimsuit. As you choose your design, style and color, focus on ensuring each element compliments the length of your legs, the breadth of your hips and support needed for your bust line.

Tip 2

“The neckline is crucial. Choosing a neckline that suits your body is the first step in achieving the perfect look. For example, deep-V halter tops soften broad shoulders and draw attention to your upper torso.” Sweetheart necklines draw attention to the bosom, while off-the-shoulder necklines draw attention to the shoulders and neck. A sweetheart neckline with ruffles creates an illusion of a more ample bosom, and is great for the straight body type. To balance hips and create curves, choose an off-the-shoulder neckline to make the shoulders appear wider, narrowing the hips.

Lori Coulter “borrows” her neckline designs from evening gowns, retaining elegance and style while providing support. This elegant design element is incorporated into her one-piece suits, which Lori says are the silhouette of this season.

Tip 3  

“Shirring will do wonders for a straight figure or a small bust.” Shirring is a process of stitching that forms gathers in the fabric that both softens the figure and camouflages flaws. Shirring across the bust line creates fullness, while shirring the midsection creates the illusion of a thinner waist. Shirring also creates the look of a smaller abdomen.

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Tip 4

“Divert attention away from full hips and thighs with flirty new trends in cover-ups and skirts.” To slim your hips, avoid boy shorts and boxy tankinis. Choose an angled skirt or cover-up to draw attention to the waist and upper body. Skirts and cover-ups with an inverted V shape create a slimmer torso.

Tip 5

Pay attention to your legs. A longer leg contributes to a slimmer appearance. Choosing a higher leg cut elongates legs and slims your hips. A moon-shaped front leg cut or thinner sides each show more skin and create a longer leg. Choosing a high-waist bikini bottom makes legs appear longer and offers support for the abdomen, however, Lori Coulter suggests that women select a dark-colored high-waist bottom. A darker color compliments and “fades” generous hips.

The right swimsuit should be about creating a feminine, curvaceous figure while creating a look that is comfortable, easy to wear and makes you feel fabulous. Lori Coulter, a native of St. Louis, is the president and CEO of Lori Coulter Made-to-Order Swimwear. She developed TrueMeasure, a 3D body scanner that measures the body to produce the true body type and fit. Using this assessment, Lori can design the perfect swimsuit for your unique form.

You can schedule an appointment, or find Lori’s ready-to-wear swimsuits online at and at Collective MX in downtown St. Louis.

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