St. Louis has a full stable of talented authors, and many of them use their talents to chronicle the wonderful aspects of the city. Rich with tradition, history and culture, there are a number of great reads that will help you become more familiar with what makes this such a great place to live, raise a family, soak up local flavor, back your favorite sports teams and more. Pick up at least one of these books and find what treasures may have eluded you about St. Louis.
“Amazing St. Louis: 250 Years Of Great Tales And Curiosities”
KMOX’s Charlie Brennan“Amazing St. Louis” looks at St. Louisans who changed the world by inventing rock and roll, Twitter, the forward pass, the index fund, the first desktop computer, the mobile phone, peanut butter and much more.
“All I Ever Wanted, Relationships, Marriage and Family”
KMOX’s Carol Daniel
By the time she was nine years old, Carol Daniel knew what she wanted. Today she is a wife, mother and award-winning media personality – but that’s not how it started! Be inspired and encouraged by Carol’s amazing life as she juggles one husband, two sons, two jobs and sleep deprivation.
“The Streets Of St. Louis”
Marcella C. Magnan and William B. Magnan Louis is a city rich with history as it was a “hub” throughout the country’s expansion. As the city grew, many people left their mark on its development and one way that mark was honored was by commemorating their contributions by forever naming streets and landmarks after them. One man, a postal carrier, who walked the streets for more than 34 years, and his wife took the time to research the streets, their names and the unique history behind them. Learn about the people and families who influenced and shaped the city’s history in “The Streets of St. Louis.”
“Movers And Shakers, Scalawags And Suffragettes: Tales From Bellefontaine Cemetery”
Carol Ferring Shepley don’t have to be a history buff to be enthralled with the riveting details of the lives of some of the folks that contributed to the growth and narrative of St. Louis. And you wouldn’t expect to find this information in such an unlikely place, but Carol Ferring Shepley has found it all in one of the city’s oldest cemeteries, Bellefontaine Cemetery to be exact. Through interviews and research, Shepley uncovers some of the controversy, toil and vision of its more prominent inhabitants such as William Clark, James Buchanan Eads, Susan Blow and Adolphus Busch. These stories outline not only how these people affected St. Louis, but the nation.
“Finally, A Locally Produced Guidebook To St. Louis By And For St. Louisans, Neighborhood By Neighborhood”
Amanda E. Doyle“Where did you go to high school?” Unless you are from St. Louis, you do not fully understand the meaning behind that question. St. Louis is a city of neighborhoods, and the natives understand that. Rich with diversity and culture, there is a lot to experience. Amanda Doyle also understands that so she has compiled a fabulous guide book for locals and visitors who want to immerse themselves in the wonderful things the city offers. Find the best shopping, dining, dives, coffee shops, gift shops and more. Explore the inner city and surrounding communities, on both sides of the river. It’s a great gift for friends and family, but it’s an even better gift for yourself.
“Eating St. Louis: The Gateway City’s Unique Food Culture”
Patricia Corrigan of the rest of the country doesn’t know the pleasure of pork steaks on the grill on a hot summer day. They have never heard of toasted ravioli or gooey butter cake. There are many, many other food idiosyncrasies native to St. Louis that are lost on most Americans. What a shame! Patricia Corrigan has chronicled a historical reference, neighborhood by neighborhood, of the rich traditions and culture of the people and the food found here in our city. Not only does she talk restaurants and recipes, but she familiarizes you with the best grocers and farmers’ markets. She talks home gardening and sustainable farm shares, breweries and wineries as well. This is a complete guide for the St. Louis foodie.
“Intentional Walk: An Inside Look At The Faith That Drives The St. Louis Cardinals”
Rob Rains
www.barnesandnoble.comSt. Louis is a baseball town, no question. We love our Cardinals. As one of the most successful franchises in the major league, few fans know the skinny or behind-the-scenes details that has made this team so great through the decades. Rob Rains, a baseball writer, gives his unique, inside perspective as he chronicles the 2012 Cardinals defending their 2011 World Series championship. As the author of 31 books on baseball, he has spent countless hours with team members as they work to attain a winning season, and compiled captivating stories and details about the team as a whole, its operation and the individual players. It’s a must read for Cardinals fans.Related: Top Book Clubs To Join In St. Louis

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