Savvy pet owners know that the secret to coming home to a calm, relaxed, well-behaved pet is to arrange for some daily exercise and attention. A good dog walker will become your dog’s favorite visitor, offering playtime, tummy rubs, exercise and treats as well as topping off the water dish and checking on things at the house for you. If you go on vacation, your dog walker will bring in your mail, scoop the litter box, open and close blinds and turn lights on and off for you. Most services include a daily e-mail or a handwritten note to let you know about your dog’s demeanor and behavior that day. 


Canine to 5 Petsitters
St. Louis, MO
(314) 363-4971

Dogs all over the city have been looking forward to their visits from Canine to 5 Petsitters since 2008. For $14 (plus $3 per additional dog), the regular service includes a walk, toy time and some affection and attention. Pet owners enjoy getting e-mails about their dog’s playtime and even an occasional picture. Services also include a Pet Taxi and Companion Care for sick dogs who need a little more attention. 


Pet First Pet Care
St. Louis, MO 
(314) 660-6231

Pet First doesn’t offer a standard service but builds its program around your pet’s needs. Pricing is based on the length of the visit. A 20-minute visit is priced at $14, but an infinite number of options, from three minutes to a full day, are available. In addition to dog walking, Pet First also offers freshwater aquarium cleaning, small animal cage cleaning and just about any other pet-related service you can imagine.


Heart Happy Pet Sitting, LLC
St. Louis, MO
(314) 459-3921

Heart Happy offers a 30-minute pet visit starting at $14, which includes walking, playtime and brushing if your pet likes it. If you are out of town, your pet sitter will also collect your mail, water your plants and change up your lights and blinds. Heart Happy offers several unique packages, like the Puppy Pack. For $25 a day, a dog walker visits your puppy twice a day, takes it outside and rewards it for appropriate elimination, cleans up any messes and reinforces basic obedience training. Other special services include a Poop Scoop package for your yard, overnight stays and extended playtimes for energetic or needy dogs. 

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Wags Dog Walking and Pet Sitting
St. Louis, MO 
(314) 219-7855

Wags offers solo pet walks (just your pet or pets). Prices are $15 for 20 minutes, $22 for 35 minutes or your pet can enjoy a 60-minute stroll for $32. If you’re going out of town, you can sign up for a pet sitting package that includes three 20-minute visits per day for $39. If you will sleep better knowing your pet is being loved overnight, you can arrange a sleepover for $68. 


PetMom, Inc.
St. Louis, MO 63132
(314) 872-3632

PetMom, Inc has been caring for St. Louis pets for 15 years. PetMom caregivers are trained to read your pet’s body language, so they know whether to offer playtime, affection or just a soothing voice. If you’re on vacation, your pet sitter will be monitoring the intake and elimination of each pet to track their health and is trained to administer medications. 

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