It’s life’s great mystery. What does the future hold? At some point, we all have wanted a peek into the future, and St. Louis has an almost endless supply of soothsayers and fortune tellers. Whether or not you put believe in the powers of the supernatural, you have to admit, it’s fun to explore the possibilities.


Tarot Readings by Julia Gordon-Bramer
(314) 517-0158

It’s all in the cards, and Julia Gordon Bramer will tell you all about your past, present and future as it is outlined in the tarot deck. What’s your question? Do you want to see into your future regarding your career, money, love or family? The tarot covers it all. Readings are held in a quiet, public place, like your favorite coffee shop or bookstore, or by phone or Skype, and she charges $60 an hour. Set up a party and make an evening of it with your friends. If you are an animal lover, bring your pet. Julia can give you insights into behavioral problems your beloved pet may be having.


Soul Insights With Lisa Serena
(636) 544-5656

Lisa Serena has been working in metaphysical studies for 30 years and with clients from all over the world. Let her help you answer your questions through palmistry, numerology, astrology, angel messages and more. Get three to four of your friends together and host a Palm Party. Intuitive sessions start at $60 per 30-minute session, and Palm Parties are $50 per person. Try an Energy Treatment for $60, or sign up for a class. Her private and spiritual mentoring starts at $45, and metaphysical classes are $30 per person. Lisa Serena is also available for parties. Let her enlighten you about your journey through life with the insights she offers.


Davora: Psychic, Palm Reader, Medium, Ghost Whisperer
(636) 240-2138

Davora developed her psychic gifts after the death of her son. On her journey to communicate with him, she developed her gifts, and she offers them to her clients who wish to connect with loved ones who have passed. While Davora does not predict the future, she can help you make decisions about where your path may take you through life. Whether you see her for a palm reading or a medium session, don’t overlook her treasures. She has a line of beautiful gemstone jewelry, all at affordable prices. She is also available for parties and other organized events in St. Charles and St. Louis, Missouri, or by phone. Contact her for pricing.

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(credit: Readings By Nancy Feranec Facebook)

Readings by Nancy
(636) 459-5468

One of the Top 10 Psychics in St. Louis, Nancy is known by her happy customers as someone who is “spot-on specific” in her readings. She uses a variety of mediums to help you connect with loved ones or map out a path for your fate. Tarot helps her get a foundation of your past, present and future. Individual sessions start a $45 for a 30-minute reading. She will travel to your location for $70 and she also offers phone readings beginning at $45 for 30 minutes. Schedule a party with four to 10 people. Medium and psychic parties are available too. Special events and group rates are available. Ask her about gift certificates. They’re great gifts for friends.


The Fortune Teller Bar
2635 Cherokee St.
St. Louis, MO 63118
(314) 776-2337

After you visit your favorite clairvoyant, drop in and have a drink and a bite at The Fortune Teller Bar. Enjoy a variety of specialty beers and cocktails along with a wide selection of appetizers and entrees that will leave you satisfied. Start off with a pickled egg basket and a beer before your marinated tomato Caprese arrives to finish off your meal. Or you may wish choose from any number of other goodies on the menu. And, true to its name, you can also find someone there who will read your palm or gaze into a crystal ball and predict your future and your next visit to The Fortune Teller Bar, which completes the fun.

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