Top Indie Movie Theaters In St. Louis

April 28, 2014 7:00 AM

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Everybody loves a night out at the movies, but St. Louisans have the unique opportunity to enjoy cinema in an independent way, different from most modern megaplex theaters. The charming settings of old time theaters, outdoor big screens and renovated temples bring an enhanced dimension to the movies, and these features can only be found and enjoyed in St. Louis.
skyview Top Indie Movie Theaters In St. Louis

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Skyview Drive In Theater
5700 N. Belt W.
Belleville, IL 62226
(618) 223-4400

Since 1953, the Skyview Drive In Theater has been a landmark destination for movie lovers, young and old. Rebuilt, bigger and better, in 1955 after being struck by a tornado, it remains one of St. Louis’ favorite indie theaters. Beginning April 4, 2014, carloads of movie lovers will travel to Belleville to enjoy cinema on the big screen. It also happens to be the 65th year of great summertime entertainment. If you’re not yet sold on outdoor cinema, perhaps the price will entice you to give it a try. The price is certainly right at $10 per adult and children under 12 are free. And that admission price gets you two movies. Bring your own snacks or partake of the concession stand menu. All that is left to do is sit back and enjoy great movie sound through your FM radio. Bring your family out to enjoy this unique movie experience and enjoy time together this summer movie season.

Hi-Point Theater
1005 McCausland Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63117
(314) 995-6273

For more than 90 years, St. Louisans have enjoyed the city’s oldest single-screen movie theater in one of St. Louis’ oldest neighborhoods. While it was built during the vaudeville age, the Hi-Point was always faithful to cinema big screen. Through various remodels, cinemagoers now enjoy Dolby surround sound and unique furnishings in this delightful theater. Comfort and style are not lost in this experience. For your convenience, check the website for the latest showings and enjoy a glass of wine or beer with your popcorn during the movie. Tickets can be purchased one half hour before showtime, Thursday through Sunday. Prices start at $6 for seniors and students, and $7 for general admission to 2D shows. The 3D shows are $10 for general admission and $8 for students and seniors. Matinees are at a reduced price before 6 p.m.

tivolitheater Top Indie Movie Theaters In St. Louis


Tivoli Theater
Landmark Theaters
6350 Delmar in the Loop
St. Louis, MO 63130
(314) 727-7271

The Tivoli is one of St. Louis’ Landmark theaters. This year marks its 90th anniversary and it continues to bring the best in foreign language and independent films to movie lovers. There is no more elegant of a venue to enjoy fine cinema in St. Louis. Through renovations, the Tivoli boasts many fine aesthetics as well as authentic cinema memorabilia and artifacts. General admission tickets start at $9 and the Tivoli is open seven days a week. Bargain tickets start at $7 for shows before 6 p.m. and for seniors.

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landmarktheatres Top Indie Movie Theaters In St. Louis


Landmark Plaza Frontenac
210 Plaza Frontenac (in the Plaza Frontenac Shopping Center)
Frontenac, MO 63131
(314) 994-3733

Plaza Frontenac Theater is also a Landmark theater, but with quite a different atmosphere from the Tivoli. This theater is in the modern setting of the Frontenac Plaza, next to Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus, and has six screens, all with digital sound and projection. But you can expect the same quality foreign and independent film selections. Enjoy favorite movies seven days weekly at $9 for general admission and $7 for senior and bargain pricing. Also consider renting the theater for private showings and business meetings. Landmark Theaters loves to support and promote independent filmmakers and encourages you to use its facilities to share your work with friends.

moolatheater Top Indie Movie Theaters In St. Louis


Moolah Theater & Lounge
3821 Lindell Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63103
(314) 446-6806

Moviegoers in St. Louis are of a noble breed and they enjoy cinema in unconventional, comfortable theater settings. The Moolah Theater and Lounge offers a higher dimension of comfort and amenities in cinematic viewing. This former Shriner’s temple is now transformed into a state-of-the-art theater with more comforts than home, and a bowling alley too. Decorated in vibrant colors, the theater is furnished with couches and sofas for your relaxation as you view your favorite movies on a 20’ x 45’ screen. Tickets start at $6 for children, $7 for seniors and $9 for adult general admission for 2D shows. The 3D prices are $9 for children, $10 for students/seniors and matinees and $12 for adults.

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