Every well-read individual wants to have a wide array of titles on their reading list. You don’t have to travel far to find great books because St. Louis is home to a great supply of phenomenal authors. From children’s books to adult reading and non-fiction to fiction, there is something for everyone, and all from your hometown artists.

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Bob McCarty

Bob McCarty, author of “Three Days in August,” has released his second book, revealing more corruption in government and our nation’s military. “The Clapper Memo” is the journey sparked by unanswered requests for information about new polygraph devices deployed in war zones around the world, how they do and do not reveal the truth and who may be distorting the use of these devices to win political turf wars. It all started, for McCarty, when he uncovered a memo from Undersecretary of Defense, James R. Clapper Jr., that connects this nation’s top intelligence official to the deaths of several Afghan National Security allies. “The Clapper Memo” has been endorsed by industry experts and military personnel alike.

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David Workman

David Workman was not a spontaneous author. This professional corporate marketing specialist took more than 10 years to hammer out his first novel, “Absolute Authority.” In fact, it wasn’t until he was laid off from his corporate job that he got serious about completing this action/spy mystery. The protagonist, Gordon McAllister, could be described as Workman’s alter ego, except Workman, admittedly, has never come close to living the spy/hero life of his main character. As McAllister is pulled out of retirement to save the nation from multiple terrorist attacks, he comes face to face with the power-hungry insurgent working to destroy the nation. Workman has self published his first novel and it is available through amazon.com. Look for the sequel soon.

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Angela Sage Larsen

Angela Sage Larsen is as enthusiastic about helping would-be writers as she is about writing her own series of children’s books. Her first series for children, “Petalwink the Fairy,” opened the floodgates for this author/illustrator to expand into the “Fifties Chix” series for young teens. Both series are girl-empowering and conscience-raising stories that are full of action and adventure. “Petalwink,” through a series of mishaps, learns to fly, accepts challenges that come with defeat and makes new friends in the series of character-building books. The “Fifties Chix” series tells the story of five close friends and their adventures as they travel through time. Her books are available at her website. In her spare time, Angela teaches and inspires other would-be authors to go after their dreams of publishing. Additionally, look for “Petalwink: The Musical.” She is currently casting for the stage version of the “Petalwink” series.

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Chris DiGiuseppi and Mike Force

Chris and Mike are police officers in Lake St. Louis. Writing about their experiences on the job just seemed like the natural thing to do as they wanted to help others deal with the realities of death as they have come to know it. “The Light Bringer” is a fictional story based on real-life experiences of both authors as they perceived the death both encountered in their work. Their desire is to bring you an understanding of the “other side” and the struggles we all face with death and the passing of loved ones. “The Light Bringer” is the first in a trilogy and is available at Barnes & Noble and amazon.com.

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Phyllis Schlafly

Phyllis Schlafly is a long-known icon in St. Louis. Her experience in conservative politics is long and respected as is her literary works. Her latest book, “No Higher Power,” outlines the secularist policies of the Obama administration and how that government overreach has sought to undermine religious freedom in the United States. She co-authors the book with George Numayr. You can order the book on amazon.com and on Kindle.

Lisa Payne-Naeger, a native of the St. Louis area, is a freelance writer, blogger, political activist and a homeschooling mother of two children. Her work can be found at Examiner.com.