Top Local Rock Bands In St. Louis

August 8, 2013 7:00 AM

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Rock music has become a fairly broad umbrella, covering everything from light pop and easy rock to heavy metal. St. Louis has a little something for everyone, with excellent contenders at every point along the rock spectrum. Check out the list below to see what we mean. For even more great local rock bands, click here.

divinesorrow Top Local Rock Bands In St. Louis


Divine Sorrow

This band’s first album, “Tales of Descension,” was named Riverfront Times “Best Rock Album of 2012.” Although the band has only been playing together since 2011, Divine Sorrow is a seasoned group of four veteran musicians. They are known for both their dark, original lyrics and their melodic, deep rock sound. If you are a fan of classic hard rock with a lyrical bent, this is the band for you.

sleepykitty Top Local Rock Bands In St. Louis


Sleepy Kitty

Sleepy Kitty is a young, fresh indie rock duo. The group’s sound is a blend of alternative, post-punk and pop. Front-woman Paige Brubeck has a retro, pin-up look, plays guitar and provides the vocal power. Drummer Evan Sult lays down the beat and adds a hipster, beat poet vibe. The band’s joyful, infectious sound is in demand all over the country, and the pair is playing gigs this summer in New York, Pittsburgh, Chicago and other major markets. If you can catch Sleepy Kitty in town, don’t miss it.

javiermendoza Top Local Rock Bands In St. Louis


Javier Mendoza

Javier Mendoza is a St. Louis indie pop success story. Mendoza has produced 14 albums in the last 15 years, has won numerous local accolades and awards and was even nominated in the category of Latin Song of the Year in the 2007 Indie Music Awards. Mendoza’s Latin-infused pop/rock sound has delighted his fans for years and made him a giant on the local scene. Although he’s playing all over the world these days, Javier Mendoza returns frequently to offer up shows in The Lou.

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stevepecaro Top Local Rock Bands In St. Louis

(credit: Steve Pecaro Band Facebook)

Steve Pecaro Band

For those who love bluesy guitar solos and hot Southern rock, Steve Pecaro is a St. Louis icon. His trio plays regularly at 1860 in Soulard (where Steve often generously shares the limelight with special guests) and at music events around the city. In the fall, Pecaro brings some of St. Louis’s hottest guitarists to the Pageant for the annual Stevie Ray Vaughn tribute show, and Pecaro is always the highlight. He’s a big man, and in his hands a guitar looks like a ukelele. But those big hands can effortlessly pull an unearthly riff out of a guitar, and when his powerful smokey voice starts belting out the blues, the audience is transported.

chuckberry Top Local Rock Bands In St. Louis


Chuck Berry

Hands down, the top rocker in St. Louis is Chuck Berry, one of the greatest rock and rollers of all time. Berry was born in The Lou and still makes his home here in Ladue. His regular appearances at Blueberry Hill consistently sell out within minutes of being announced. Berry not only has a star on the St. Louis Walk of Fame, but an eight-foot statue as well.

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