Top Mediterranean Cuisine In St. Louis

October 31, 2012 6:00 AM

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Travel up the Mediterranean coast while tasting a variety of flavors and taking in wafts of satisfying aromas, without even leaving the midwest. Combine garlic and olive oil with lemon juice then mix in dairy products like goat’s milk and cheese, meat, fish and fresh fruits and vegetables to experience the flavors of Mediterranean cuisine and its healthy flavorful meals that satisfy. Dine on menu selections from within the Mediterranean Sea and along its shore like Greek gyros, Turkish kebabs or hummus. Fill your mouth with fun-to-pronounce foods like couscous which is even more satisfying to eat than it is fun to say. Don’t miss a single small plate, mezza or meze, at these top Mediterranean restaurants in St. Louis.

mediterranean grill Top Mediterranean Cuisine In St. Louis


The Mediterranean Grill

703 Long Road Crossing
Chesterfield, MO 63005
(636) 536-2101

Dine inside the only authentic Mediterranean restaurant in Chesterfield. Enjoy cuisine with all-natural ingredients and no MSG added. Start your dinner with stuffed grape leaves that satisfies vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. Fill your mouth with Mediterranean spices when you order a signature falafel vegetable platter made of chickpeas, parsley, onions, cilantro and delicious spices for $10.99 or the house specialty of Moroccan meatballs with peas for $15.99 that comes with a Greek salad and two sampler-sized dips and spreads. The Mediterranean Grill even offers a kids menu for those younger diners who prefer French fries as a side.

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apollonia Top Mediterranean Cuisine In St. Louis


Apollonia Restaurant
6836 Gravois Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63116
(314) 353-1488

St. Louis natives may never get the pronunciation of a gyro correct, but that won’t change how good they are. Widen your selection with your choice of authentic Mediterranean seafood, something from the grill or traditional Greek food. Go with the traditional gyro meats or exchange the lamb for a grilled chicken gyro topped with tzatziki, which is the yogurt sauce that makes a gyro melt in your mouth. Dive into a taste of the seas with a sautéed shrimp shish kabob plate served as a charbroiled skewer and topped with tomatoes, capers and onions marinated in a garlic butter white wine sauce served over a bed of rice and a Greek salad on the side. Or choose Apollonia’s truly traditional Greek dolmades, better known as stuffed grape leaves.

remys Top Mediterranean Cuisine In St. Louis


Remy’s Kitchen & Wine Bar
222 S. Bemiston Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63105
(314) 726-5757

Feast at this restaurant where you will find not just a happy hour, but an ecstatic hour of the finest wines from the Mediterranean region as well as cheese selections, stuffed grape leaves and four-cheese flatbread. Whet your palate with a small plate of gluten-free clam risotto with saffron for $9.50 seasoned with leeks, dried tomatoes and peas, the Moroccan-seasoned crab cakes for $9.95 or the feta mousse with orange olive fennel salad for $6.50. Spend an evening grazing dinner deals and choose an entrée like grilled mahi mahi, beef tenderloin or grilled Canadian salmon topped off with your choice of hummus or stuffed grapevine leaves and tomato basil soup or field greens for $24.95. Or, stop by for quick lunch offerings such as veal meatballs, Mediterranean meatballs or red curry chicken salad. Save time to top your meal off with warm apple and golden raisin bread pudding in Remy’s famous brandy sauce for $6.50.

aya sofia Top Mediterranean Cuisine In St. Louis


Aya Sofia
6671 Chippewa St.
St. Louis, MO 63109
(314) 645-9919
Experience the only Turkish restaurant in the St. Louis area at Aya Sofia. Come in to feast on a Sunday brunch or to share a cold or hot small plate with friends. Eat outside or in a private booth for a romantic ambiance and dinner. Savor beef, seafood or a tender lamb shank, Kuzu Incik, for $19. Vegetarians delight in a menu selection of Imam Bayildi, which is eggplant baked with onions, garlic and, of course, olive oil. Choose from an excellent variety of wines to complement any meal.
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saleems Top Mediterranean Cuisine In St. Louis


Saleem’s West
14560 Manchester Road, Suite 9
St. Louis, MO 63011
(636) 207-1378

Combine locally grown ingredients with authentic Lebanese cooking and it’s no wonder this family-owned restaurant has delighted locals since 1974. Walk through the door and you might hear “Ahlan-wa-Sahlan,” which locals understand to mean, “Welcome, happy to serve you.” Smell the aroma along the Mediterranean seaside without leaving Missouri and enjoy the traditional flavors of the region. Choose entrees of chicken, beef, rack of lamb, a chicken and beef combination kabob or delectable vegetarian plates. Have fun trying to roll the name of the dish off your tongue as you satisfy your taste buds on the falafel-tabouli combo for $12.95. Crunch on five fried, spicy ground chickpea patties garnished with tomatoes, onions, parsley and accented with tahini sauce, tabouli and rice.

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