Top Milkshakes In St. Louis

October 30, 2013 7:00 AM

Many years ago, a drugstore clerk behind the counter of a Chicago store decided to combine a scoop of ice cream with a malted drink. He must have been curious about what could be better than a scoop of ice cream. He found his answer with creating a scoop of ice cream mixed with a malted milk drink and other flavorful ingredients to create what is now known as a delicious milkshake. Today, locals know where to find the best milkshakes in the area. Stop in to enjoy the top milkshakes in St. Louis at these five locations.
crowncandy300 Top Milkshakes In St. Louis


Crown Candy Kitchen
1401 St. Louis Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63106
(314) 621-9650

Step back in time when you visit this sweet shop that has been part of St. Louis since 1913. It still remains to be the oldest soda shop in the area. Choose from a variety of classic and modern flavors, including a tribute to local radio host Johnny Rabbit that combines banana, whipped cream, nuts and nutmeg. As a bonus, it has always been a tradition that anyone who drinks five malts in 30 minutes gets them free.

fitzrootbeer Top Milkshakes In St. Louis


6605 Delmar Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63130
(314) 726-9555

Known for its root beer and floats, you will also discover that Fitz’s knows how to make a delicious creamy milkshake. Ask for one of the classic chocolate or vanilla malts, or house floats made with your choice of traditional vanilla, chocolate or strawberry ice cream. Or, twist it up by requesting frozen yogurt or coffee ice cream instead. Get a taste of the root beer this place is famous for, mixed into a root beer shake.

teddrewes Top Milkshakes In St. Louis


Ted Drewes
6726 Chippewa St.
St. Louis, MO 63109
(314) 481-2652

Stop by this St. Louis icon famous for its custard concretes that are so thick you can hold them upside down without even dropping the spoon. Ted Drewes also serves malts and shakes. Perhaps these milkshakes should be called custard shakes, as they are not made with ice cream but are mixed up with thick and rich custard. Choose from more than 30 flavors, including the popular “Root 66” flavor, or go with an all-time vanilla favorite. Either way, on hot summer days or before and after a Cardinals ball game, part of the charm is standing in the long lines of people that line Chippewa Street and sometimes wrap around the building.

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serendipity Top Milkshakes In St. Louis


8130 Big Bend Blvd.
Webster Groves, MO 63119
(314) 962-2700

When it comes to ice cream, there is just nothing quite as refreshing as fresh, homemade taste. Visit this home-made ice cream parlor in the heart of historic Webster Groves. You will find ice cream flavors that are so good, more than 40 top-name restaurants order Serendipity’s ice cream to serve at their facilities. Of course, with ice cream this good, you’ll also find amazing milkshakes with the same hometown touch. Flavors change frequently, so stop in today to see what Serendipity’s scooping and dishing out.

fountainonlocust Top Milkshakes In St. Louis


The Fountain on Locust
3037 Locust Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63103
(314) 535-7800

From the moment you walk into this unique restaurant, you will be in awe. Because of its amazing art deco décor and beautifully painted murals, with details that extend into even the restrooms, it is touted as being the most photographed restaurant in St. Louis. No matter what you order, you can be assured that it is made from scratch. Savor a Fountain best shake or a chocolate and banana Johnny Rabbit monkey malt, both packed with ice cream and served with the tin.

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