Top Personal Stylist And Shoppers In St. Louis

July 16, 2013 7:00 AM

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Personal stylists and personal shoppers help busy women and men look their best and keep up with the everyday demands of life. Instead of spending time looking through magazines for style tips or stressing out trying to plan time for errands and shopping, let these personal stylists and personal shoppers do the work for you. The benefits are great style, more family time and the opportunity to spend more time doing what you enjoy.
simeen Top Personal Stylist And Shoppers In St. Louis


Simeen Cook: Image Consultant
St. Louis, MO 63117
(636) 297-0404

Simeen Cook offers color analysis, wardrobe updates, figure analysis, visual branding and personal wardrobe shopping. Simeen focuses on paying close attention to her clients in order to individualize their style. Her sessions include assessing colors, cuts, fit, styles and fabrics best suited for the client. Simeen Cook concentrates on creating timeless looks that suit the personality and lifestyle of the individual, incorporating timeless style with current fashion. Her “Wardrobe Edits” include going into the closet and purging items that do not work, creating stylish looks with remaining pieces that work well for the client and assessing what new items should be purchased and matched with existing clothing to create a well-rounded and workable wardrobe. Simeen will do personal shopping (with or without the client) for the everyday and work pieces and consult and shop for galas and vacations.

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errands Top Personal Stylist And Shoppers In St. Louis


Errands Etc.
7545 Cromwell Drive
St. Louis, MO 63105
(314) 721-0908

Did you ever wish you had a personal assistant to help you take care of everyday tasks and obligations? Errands Etc. is a busy person’s dream come. Avoid the stress of taking off work and enjoy more family time, host a perfect party or give yourself a worry-free vacation. Errands Etc. offers personalized service in many ways. Its style services include “shopping for groceries, gifts, etc. with or without you and picking up your dry cleaning,” among many others. Although this company won’t necessarily style you, it will assist in keeping your fashion up to date by taking away the labor of picking up items.

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acc Top Personal Stylist And Shoppers In St. Louis


A Chic Critique
Annie Heyward, Stylist
St. Louis, MO 63105
(615) 600-1800

At A Chic Critique, clients can choose from three outstanding services: wardrobe edits and closet cleanses, personal shopping and personal styling. During wardrobe edits, Annie Heyward works directly with her clients, doing an edit of their entire wardrobe by season. If clothing, shoes and accessories are dated, ill fitting, pilled or faded, not age-appropriate or do not work for their specific body type, Annie will suggest the items be consigned or donated to charity. During this interactive time, Annie shows clients how to dress for their body type focusing on cuts and silhouettes that are most flattering. Personal shopping is a customized shopping experience in which Annie accompanies the client as a personal shopping guide. The focus is taking clients to stores and shops that best suit their needs, lifestyle, age, body type and budget. She shows them which wardrobe essentials they need to round out their closet. After the personal shopping is completed, Annie Heyward creates a personal style for the client, assembling 40-80 outfits, complete with head-to-toe accessories and shoe picks. Annie creates a bound, full color photo album of the ensembles as a visual aid for the client.

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