Even in this age of camera phones and photo apps available at the click of a button, there is still nothing quite like having a professional eye capture the perfect image of your child. There are nuances to taking children’s photos that only a skilled and experienced photographer can manage. When mom and dad’s cameras aren’t cutting it, turn to the best of the best. Locally, there are a wide variety of talented photographers who offer different aesthetics, approaches and pricing. Here’s a list of the top five to make the selection process a lot easier on you.

(credit: Fresh Art Photography)

Fresh Art Photography

(314) 541-9444

Jodie Allen of Fresh Art Photography works hard to create images that will last a lifetime. She watches very carefully for the most joyous moments and then snaps away! It is always her intention to give her families pictures that they will look back on in 30 years and laugh at all the memories the image conjures up.

(credit: Susie Gaal Photography)

Susie Gaal Photography – SGP

(314) 239-0438

SGP (Susie Gaal Photography) emphasizes connecting with each and every child she shoots so that the pictures come out as real as possible. Susie considers herself a lifestyle photographer, always creating a stress-free, relaxed environment during her shoots. Taking the pressure off the subjects allows her to really capture the essence and beauty of the child.

(credit: Stephanie Cotta Photography)

Stephanie Cotta Photography

(314) 374-1912

Stephanie Cotta discovered her passion for photography when she began snapping away at her own children and realized quickly how much she loved capturing and documenting each phase and age. Somewhere between then and now, she developed a simple and classic style that forever keeps the focus on the little one and how truly perfect they are.

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(credit: untamedheartpgotography.com)

Untamed Heart Photography

(314) 852-6503

Clients of Untamed Heart Photography are looking for something different from traditional portrait photography. Michelle Huesgen recognizes that many factors go into making these memories so she incorporates great wardrobes, unique locations and uplifting moods in order to capture smiles, belly laughs, tears and moments otherwise forgotten.

(credit: picturepeople.com)

Picture People

65 West County Center
St. Louis, MO 63131
(314) 966-0341

If booking a session with a private photographer is not in the family budget right now, just head to West County Mall to Picture People. This is a very affordable and convenient way to get a beautiful portrait taken. With the ability to book a session online, Picture People makes it really easy. The photographers are talented, work really well with young people and offer a wide variety of packages and backgrounds/settings/styles.

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