Top Stores To Get Shaving Supplies In St. Louis

April 1, 2014 8:00 AM

The youthful generations have brought the unshaven look into vogue, but hip style has sacrificed what the others have come to appreciate. The luxury and satisfaction of a clean, close shave with the light scent of rich creams and foams is not to be undone by the rugged stubble trend. A visit to the barber has long been the destination of this splendid pampering, but it doesn’t need to be limited to these occasional stops. You can procure the same luxurious shave in your own home because St. Louis supplies you with loads of opportunity to shop for the same great shaving products you can get at the barber. Bring the clean-shaven look into trend.
razor Top Stores To Get Shaving Supplies In St. Louis


St. Louis Shaver And Appliance
801 B. Lemay Ferry Road
St. Louis, MO 63125
(314) 544-7989

For the no-nonsense man, or woman, who wants a no-nonsense shave, look for a no-nonsense experience in finding just the right equipment for the best shaving results at St. Louis Shaver and Appliance. On the city’s south side is a one-stop shop for anyone looking for the best shaving apparatus. You will find all of the top brands like Braun, Norelco, Remington and Wahl, and Lady Norelco and Lady Remington, for the ladies. Before you discard your old razors, shop for replacement parts on the website. Or get your shaving appliance questions answered through its Ask Mr. Shaver service. So, whether it’s a shave, trim or parts you seek, shop St. Louis Shaver and Appliance.

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stcharlesshave Top Stores To Get Shaving Supplies In St. Louis

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St. Charles Shave

This place is about as close as you can get to ye old barber shop without leaving the comfort of your own home. St. Charles Shave is a completely online shaver’s supply destination. All of the things that make shaving a delight are found here. Experience the gratification and luxury of soaps and creams, aftershaves and fragrances and even bath salts and spa butters. There is something for any man and woman who deserves the splendor and satisfaction of great shaving and body products. Make sure you stop by the “Art of the Wet Shave” as you visit the site and learn why the straight razor can be the best shave you ever had. Shaving distinction is not limited to the shaving experience. The right accessories, of fine quality, say a lot about your commitment to a great shave. St. Charles Shave has it all.

pasco Top Stores To Get Shaving Supplies In St. Louis


Purtle Barber Supply
5628 Gravois Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63116
(314) 352-2383

Who knew there were so many shaving choices? Whether you are looking to replace you current shaving accessories or to buy your first straight razor, tonics or electric blades, Purtle Barber Supply can be the answer to your shaving needs. Not only can you find any and all shaving accessories at Purtle, but you might want to think about bringing a little barber shop authenticity to your bathroom by installing a classic barber pole. Put an end to the scruffy look and bring the clean-shaven face back into vogue. Stop by Purtle and supply your barber-shop or personal bath with the accessories and products that make shaving a self-indulgence missed by so many in this day and age.

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