Top Up-And-Coming Visual Artists In St. Louis

April 14, 2014 8:00 AM

Art lovers know that art appreciation is what motivates and inspires the artist to continue their craft. While St. Louis has an abundance of great galleries and museums filled with beautiful art, how often have you wondered about the events and adventures that influenced their creations? Add the next dimension to your art appreciation and get to know these up-and-coming St. Louis artists.
jimcarlson Top Up And Coming Visual Artists In St. Louis


Jim Carlson

Teaching art is what Jim Carlson uses as the motivating springboard for his ceramic and pottery creations. While attending college at Concordia Teacher’s College in Seward, Nebraska, Carlson stumbled upon his love for ceramics, under the instruction of the great Reinhold Marxhausen. The whimsical and unusual art he creates is inspired by his exposure to the styles of Marxhausen. Although he set aside his full-time devotion to ceramics and pottery in 1999, when he took a teaching position at Immanuel Lutheran School in St. Charles, he never left it behind completely. Carlson likes to use his background as a teacher and his first impressions from Marxhausen to inspire the love of pottery in children and adults. Join him for a class at The Foundry Arts Center in St. Charles.

melsstudio Top Up And Coming Visual Artists In St. Louis


Melissa Jane Meyer

Melissa Jane Meyer is a “think outside of the box” kind of artist, which makes her passion for watercolor bold and expressive. This Fontbonne University student is driven to create vibrantly colorful and fluid visual delights with an emphasis on softness that watercolor provides. She has participated in the 33 artist show at the Old Orchard Gallery and self-published two children’s books, which she also illustrated. She has also sold many pieces of work to private clients. Perhaps you would like to commission a portrait? If you are interested in learning the watercolor technique from Melissa, sign up for private or group watercolor classes. She teaches at The Foundry Art Center.

Anne Burgess Rowe
4466 W. Pine Blvd. Suite 21-A
St. Louis, MO 63108
(314) 533-8932

Throughout history, portraits have held a special place in the hearts of art lovers and, of course, the artists themselves. Anne Burgess Rowe has been commemorating the tradition of portrait art in the St. Louis area to a myriad of clients; from corporate, political, educational and religious figures to families and individuals. This graduate of the Kansas City Art Institute loves to work in graphite, oil and pastels to bring her art to life. She is also known for bringing a new life and perspective to historical photos through her historical interpretation portrait painting. You may also find her work in children’s book illustrations and any number of shows, not only in St. Louis, but across the country.

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billodonnell Top Up And Coming Visual Artists In St. Louis


Billyo O’Donnell

Billyo, born and raised in Warren County along the Missouri River, lived the life of Huck Finn, which inspired his love of nature and art. O’Donnell is known across the country as one of the top landscape artists in America. Among numerous other awards, his work has been included in “Sea to Shining Sea,” a traveling exhibit book of America’s top landscape painters by the Haggin Museum in Stockton, California. It has also been displayed in the Governor’s Mansion and the downtown library in Kansas City. Enjoy his work in the book “Painting Missouri” and other events around the country. Don’t miss an opportunity to pick up some tips from the master at any of his classes and workshops held in Missouri, and around the country.

hannahwaddell Top Up And Coming Visual Artists In St. Louis


Hannah Waddell

A St. Louis native, Hannah Waddell studied art, far and wide, and she brings that influence to her prints. A graduate of the University of Arkansas, she also studied Bookmaking and Renaissance History in Rome. Waddell sees landscapes in their most basic shape and form, and she works to reflect that in her prints. She sees a myriad of opportunities to evoke emotion in landscapes of natural disasters and scenes void of human form. St. Louis can look forward to many great works from this budding artist.

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