Parkway Pushes Back School Schedule Decision

Michael Calhoun
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CHESTERFIELD (KMOX) - The Parkway School District needs more time to do its homework on a plan to change start schedules.

This week’s vote has been pushed back a month. Staff meetings weren’t able to take place, due to last week’s snow storms.

Part of the plan includes making elementary students stay in school just a bit longer.

“The elementary day is shorter than the middle and the high schools,” Parkway spokeswoman Cathy Kelly said.  “It’s just to increase twenty minutes the school day, because teachers have so many demands on them.”

Other planned adjustments would have the middle schools start an hour later, with minor adjustments at the high schools.

In all, the proposed changes could allow the district to take ten buses off the street.

The next meeting is on Wednesday, March 2n, 7:30 p.m., at Parkway Central Middle School.

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