Legislators Want to Tax Out-of-State Internet Purchases

Brian Kelly

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo (KMOX)-Saying it would help Missouri businesses as well as the state’s budget, two local lawmakers want to tax internet purchases from out-of-state companies.

Representatives Margo McNeil (D-Florissant) and Rory Ellinger (D-University City) are sponsoring the bill that would allow Missouri to join 24 others states in an agreement that makes it easier for companies to voluntarily collect sales taxes on internet purchases.  

McNeil says not collecting those taxes hurts Missouri’s small businesses, “What we’re doing in effect, is undermining our brick and mortar businesses that are required to collect those taxes. My bill will even the playing field.”

McNeil says, “It’s not a new tax. This is not a tax increase, this is simply collecting the taxes that are already owed.”

It’s estimated the state will lose $210 million next year as a result of its failure to capture sales tax due on e-commerce

Despite reports Republicans say they probably won’t vote on the proposal, McNeil says once they learn more about it, some like it.

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  • No Tax

    This is a waste of time and effort. We will just buy from companies that don’t collect taxes. This will actually hurt more because companies will advertise that they don’t collect Missouri taxes and people will just buy from them. I am sure with the republicans in control this bill is DOA.

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