FAQ: Listening to Cardinals Baseball/Rush Limbaugh

Q: How can I listen to Cardinals baseball?

A: Tune in to KMOX 1120 AM on your radio dial.  KMOX’s 50,000 watt signal can be heard across the U.S. during evening games.  For day games or if you can’t pick up KMOX, check out this map of Cardinals Radio Network Affliates.

Q: Why can’t I listen to Cardinals baseball on KMOX.com?

A: KMOX does not have the rights to stream baseball games online.  In order to stream baseball games online, please visit mlb.com.  The broadcast is available through a paid service provided by MLB.

Q: How much does the MLB Gameday Audio service cost?

A: This is a service provided by MLB.  For current pricing information, visit mlb.com.

Q: During day games, how can I listed to Rush Limbaugh?

A: Rush Limbaugh is available on the KMOX.com Stream.  Every time a day game impacts Rush Limbaugh, you can use this link to listen.  Bookmark this page for future use.

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