Jennings Police Department Now Defunct

Brad Choat

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – The Jennings police department is now a chapter in a history book. 

The city of Jennings has shut down its troubled police department and contracted out the work to the St. Louis County Police Department.  

County police chief Tim Fitch tells KMOX his department has hired seven former Jennings officers and have assigned five of them to patrol the city.  The change became effective yesterday.

Fitch says Jennings residents can expect to see County Police cars and county officer uniforms with “City of Jennings” on them.

St. Louis County is now providing full-time police services for 19 cities and towns.

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  • Princess Turner

    HI to who may ready this help our Jennings people out we have the county police out jump out one good people and babys trying to take them from there hard working mother and father just because the color of our skin we have Jennings elderly peoplre wont come out there house because county police just because they won’t to get a point acorss that they run it out here now please someone help us i live out here all my life and never have i been more scare of the police then now

  • Princess Turner

    HOW can in one that dont stay out here make a big bad change like this in every one life i hope this problem get fix son r its going to be alot of people out of a job

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