UPDATE: Hazelwood Crackdown on Girl Scout Cookies

Michael Calhoun/Carol Daniel

HAZELWOOD, Mo. (KMOX/AP) – The city of Hazelwood says they do support the Girl Scouts but not when they are violating the home occupancy code.

They’d been warned, but the city says the Girl Scouts Abigail and Caitlin Mills continued to sell Girl Scout cookies from a stand in front of their home. A neighbor complained anonymously because of all the people and the traffic and the dogs barking at all the people and the traffic.

“Based on this complaint, the city of Hazelwood had to take action,” says spokesman Tim Davidson. He says it is also against city code to sell products from home.

And while he has heard some complaints from residents that Hazelwood is being too harsh on the teens, Davidson says others have pointed out that one tenet of the Girl Scouts is good citizenship.

“The fact that we did have this code in place, it’s the responsibility of every good citizen to respect the laws that we have,” said Davidson.

But the girls’ mother, Carolyn Mills, is vowing to let them keep selling their cookies, until they reach their goal of 2,000 purchases.

She says the cookie stand is equally important as a learning opportunity. “This is teaching leadership, communication, entrepreneurship,” Mills explains. “They’re getting to know the value of money, and how to keep people from ripping you off.”

Mills says the cookie stand has been a six year tradition, that started by chance. “We were parked in the driveway, counting the cookies in the back of the van, when suddenly a car pulled up and the driver asked if we had any extras,” explained Mills. “And then another car pulled up. And another.”


The battle of the cookies is over in Hazelwood.

Wednesday the Rev. George Hutchings bought the last 36 boxes. Hutchings took some boxes and told the mother and daughters to give the rest to neighbors.

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  • Rob Billeaud

    Yet another example of bureaucracy run amok.

    • Greg Zotta

      “We don’t want to give the impression we’re cracking down on Girl Scouts selling their cookies,” Davidson said. Yeah right. Hazelwood sent a notice to cease cookie sales from a stand set up in the girl’s driveway. Davidson continued, “We want people to realize the city of Hazelwood strongly supports the Girl Scouts of America and the ideals it stands for.” The city sent Mills, the girl scouts mother, an infraction notice after a neighbor complained to the city that the cookie booth had caused excessive dog barking and unusually high traffic volume on the street. Sounds like this neighbor was complaining about excessive dog barking, not the sales of Girl Scout cookies? I believe there are ordinances about dog barking, so what if anything did the inspector do about that? What if the kids were playing, which may cause the dogs to bark, would they then be prevented from playing? Dog barking can be a nuisance and the owners of the dogs should be responsible neighbors and keep the dogs quiet. Nevertheless, I wonder what would have been done if the kids were selling crack instead of cookies? Hey Statists, leave the kid’s cookie stands and lemonade stands alone.

    • denny kitch

      Oh for crying out loud! We were kids once! Doesn’t the world have bigger problems???? Let the girls sell their cookiies!!!!!

    • Don Milton

      For the love of Pete! Stopping the sale of Girl Scout cookies? That’s outrageous.
      They can’t stop the selling of drugs in the community, but wait, cookies?What’s next Avon? Mary Kay? Amway? What a bunch of humbugs.

  • Michael

    I agree with the law, i’d be irritated if I was just trying to get home after a long day at work and my driveway is blocked by a line of traffic to buy cookies, it’s no different than a wild party on the weekends. Can’t they just go somewhere else like a Wal-Mart parking lot with alot more people and manageable traffic flow?

    • ExSophus


      I’d bet that if this DID happen at Wal-Mart, you’d be the first to complain they were disrupting traffic flow, and if you tripped and hurt yourself while walking within 50 feet of theirstand you’d try to sue Wal-Mart.

    • Bostonblackie

      poor baby yu have to slow down in a residential area so the little girls who are tryin to learn and make money for a trip or camp have to brave a lot more traffic and sometime unsafe surroundings whatever happened to do it for the kids ,,you sir are an maroon and i mean that in the nicest sort of way

      • Frankm

        Michael, its just like a lib to throw out the race card when confronted. quit hiding behind race. you probably are the “anonymous neighbor”.

      • Michael

        I’m not the one who used an issue of neighborly dispute to rant about illegal immigrants and liberals in society, who has the anxiety issues here?

      • Michael

        Seems to me everyone hear is getting out their bleeding hearts because it’s children and cookies

        10 to 1 though if I was out on the lawn and set up a Mexican taco stand you’d probably have a problem with it, and judging by some of the comments here, upset about brown people showing up on your streets!

      • sharkman

        You are such a typical liberal dunce.

      • matt

        How to determine who is losing…..

        Exhibit 1

        He who throws in the race card.

      • darth

        by using the term “Mexican taco stand” I suggest that you are the one who is racist. Is a “Mexicvan taco stand” different than some other taco stand.” The girl scout stand is up at most a few weeks. Get over it or get out.

    • Bostonblackie

      you are infering that someones driveway was blocked and the little girls were doin lap dances in the yard i am glad you dont live around here being the uber neighbor you are , you probably are the type of person that throws the type of parties that you complain about

    • texrus

      Michael is a sad example of a child left behind, or dropped on his head at birth.

    • Jaime

      What an idiot! Why don’t you buy your own island and take with you all the bureaucrats you require for the defense of your preferences. Maybe when the Girl Scouts are not around they would not allow you to pollute the air with your breathing.

    • don

      What have we become when we want to prohibit selling girl scout cookies. If you can;t handle it get help for your inflexibilty including moving somewhere else

    • thedoctor2001

      I really want you for a neighbor, pal. The first time your grass was an inch to long, I’d drop a dime on you so fast…

    • Eric

      When something so traditional and American becomes a nuisance to impossible to deal with that we must use laws that were not intended for this use, we have lost our common sense and have become narcissistic.

      • jnsesq

        And all those American traditions can be so annoying! Kinda like that pesky old Constitution, eh, libs?

      • newt2012

        sad but true…Clinton/Obama America

    • Old and In the way

      Oh, so no parties are allowed either? What about Thanksgiving? can my out-of-state relatives not visit?
      Next time, think before typing, Michael.

    • MarineDad

      Oh, please! “…it’s no different than wild party…”?

    • Shawn For Liberty

      “The fact that we did have this code in place, it’s the responsibility of every good citizen to respect the laws that we have,” said Davidson.

      Uh… No. No it’s not. It’s the responsibility of every good citizen to call out stupid regulations passed by part time bureaucrats for arbitrary reasons. It’s the responsibility of every good citizen to exercise Civil Disobedience when laws are unjust, unconstitutional, and antithetical to the core values of this nation.

      And Michael, girl scouts selling cookies on their driveway are “no different than a wild party on the weekend?” Really? Reaaaaaly? Dude, you’ll pardon me if I skip “wild parties” at your house. The Oprah channel is having a “cleanse your spirit” marathon and I just can’t miss it.

      • k


    • Sam

      Who said anyone’s driveway was blocked?

      Neighbors who complain anonymously about their neighbors to the authorities lose the right to call themselves neighbors. What true neighbors do when someone who lives near them is doing something they don’t like is go talk to the person individually and ask them to modify their behavior because of the problems it’s causing.

      • Tom D


        Ideally, you are correct. The reality though, is that, in far too many instances, the offending neighbors either escalate the offending behavior or respond with violence or vandalism resulting in a feud. As a former law enforcement officer, I’ve responded to many such situations.

        In this day & age where people shield themselves behind computers or in their cars thus losing real face to face interpersonal skills, I would imagine the situation has grown significantly worse.

        Dealing with bad neighbors without painting a target on your back with them, their friends & family is a frustrating situation that often requires a great deal of tact & diplomacy (skills that many folks lack) & in some cases just notifying the authorities.



      • Bubba

        Thanks for your thoughts supported by experience.

      • Skep41

        You would think simple common sense like this would be obvious.

      • Yirmin Snipe

        Having lived by neighbors from hell, I can assure you that the best way to deal with them is through anonymous complaints. Direct contact with an idiot only makes matters worse.

        The fact that the mom and her kids think they are actually accomplishing something by selling a box of cookies for $5 so that the little troop can keep $0.35 with the rest going to the manufacturer and the head office clearly is an idiot. The troop could make more money going to a Sams or Costco, buying candy bars and selling them for a dollar a bar.

        Maybe that is the reason women in this country make less than men in the workplace, organizations like the Girl Scouts begin using them at a young age as underpaid workers and they just continue that trend throughout their life.

      • JB

        I’m a GS dad and have volunteered at many a booth and will say this, you are incorrect on every point you make. I’m not being mean, just pointing out you are wrong. Please do some more research before you just give your opinion.

      • DJH

        It would appear as if the idiot has identified themselves – got a mirror?

      • nancyo

        judging from the mom’s comment in the article, she doesn’t seem like the type to want to work this out

      • Pip

        Really….? When your neighbor stabs you in the back….? Only the loser crybabies who don’t want to face up to her would make that statement. She has a right to face her accuser, maybe the accuser should contact her Senator, Democrat Clair McCaskill to straighten it out, (after she pays her personal property taxes of over $280K she forgot).

      • Medbob

        I don’t remember who said it first but, “The law is an ass.” Sounds like a nasty law created by nasty people. This law should be targeted by the citizens of that city, and removed. What about Stanley Home Products? Amway? Shaklee?
        The inability to “sell from your home” sounds like the draconian hand of the parasite class.
        Get a job!

      • Oberon123

        Forget the issue of blocked driveways. The city’s LAW says that you cannot sell form your home. Did you miss that part of the article? True neighbors in this day and age know enough not to confront anybody directly, for fear of being shot. As this woman has already said that she didn’t care about the law and would let her children continue to sell their dam*ed cookies, she’s not somebody I even dream of confronting personally.

      • JoeIndustry

        The article said that there can be no business selling from home. Does this mean Avon & Amway are illegal businesses?

    • kit

      Your an idiot Michael!!!

    • sjglaser

      … Me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me!!!!!

      Oh Michael…. BTW me me me me me me me me me me me me me…..

    • Girl Scout Supporter

      For loss of a better word. You’re a “Tool.” Must be difficult to wake up in the morning everyday and have to look in the mirror and realize you’re a bane to society by agreeing with this asinine law.

    • texashorseman

      It’s all about you right Michael?

      • RON

        Michael, what’s wrong? They don’t accept food stamps?

      • http://jimkress999.wordpress.com jimkress999


        What a stupid reply. Where does it state the mother and girls “claim to own the neighborhood”? For Heaven’s sake, they’ve been doing this for 6 YEARS.

        It’s intolerant, busybody wackos like you who start wars. If you are the “affected”, cowardly neighbor, then man-up and go talk to the girls. Otherwise, just go away and put yourself out of our misery.

      • jnsesq

        Sorry, Michael, it IS all about you. Poor, tired, overworked thing…

      • Michael

        Well apparently it’s all about this mother and the girls if they think they own the neighborhood

      • voluntaryist

        No, they think they own their driveway. It’s the cowardly anonymous crybaby who complained to gov thugs that violated their private property and freedom to engage in commerce.

    • randy

      You are sick!!!
      And, obviously you have never really felt “american” in your heart.

  • http://onfollowingchrist.wordpress.com Paul B.

    This nation is losing its soul.

    • Mike J.

      No no, let’s distinguish – the bureaucrats (and their supporters) are trying to suck the soul out of honest, hard-working Americans and their children.

      Ironically, they’ll criticize us for being intolerant of immigrants while immigrants are the ones most excluded from their monolithic bureaucracy which crushes little enterprises like this.

      • Paul

        This comment is so completely true – go to traffic court in CA – they have a special break-out session for the “non-english” speakers with a translator. Each one is guilty of the same offense: driving w/o a license. Each one agrees to pay the fine and move on. Do you think they’re illegeals. Oh and by the way, the rest of the citizens had to wait until they were finished with their translator.

      • Lee

        I agree. That seems to be a pinhead interpretation of a pinhead law!

      • Lupus Yonderboy

        The neighbor is obviously a HOA leftist communist.

        Which is why, the Scouts teamed up with the reverend, and, delivered a special/limited edition of the peanut butter cookies. I understand that there will be “no more carp (sic) from the neighbors”.

      • Chris Savard

        I nominate this city as PUTZ”S of the month,,The busy body neighbor bummer we all know one. it’s the girls scouts,I agree nasty behavior picking on kids in one of there first lessons in the Free-market.. throw the dogs a bone, traffic? were they on there lawn or the freeway?….

    • Dan

      Losing? It was lost a LONG time ago

      • John

        Indeed, totally lost and thank the righteous, saving-America-from-itself Draconian liberals for same.

        Welcome to the New America.

    • Billy Bass

      Draw up a contract and have to cookie buyers and the girls sigh it. Aritcle I clause 10 “No state shall interver with oblilagation fo contracts.

      • MaryB

        Billy Bass – “Draw up a contract and have to cookie buyers and the girls sigh it. Aritcle I clause 10 “No state shall interver with oblilagation fo contracts.”

        Write back when you are sober.

      • Wesley Gray

        They have property law rights protecting them. They were on their own property.

    • Lamarr

      It happens because we are passive in the face of it.

      Quit whining. Spend a lot more time demonstrating to your elected officials what you want and that you’re watching them carefully.

      Raise your voices in a public forum–not on a comment page–against the trends and events that the dark side is perpetrating.

      Don’t Let Them Win.

    • The Paul.

      Too many unionized over paid city employees micro managing the neighborhood since they don’t have real jobs, that would be against union rules……..

      • PopDigify

        Requiring identification of the complainant and advising HER that she would be identified would have ended it.

      • mish

        Your message has been read by more people than you can reach with speaking in public

    • Jay

      This is a good opportunity for the girls to learn the reality of inconsiderate, selfish neighbors that have nothing to do all day except complain. Keep selling the cookies !

      • PowerPC

        No…Too many nosey neighbors. I hate nosey neighbors and I hope this caller gets some sort of payback. Anybody that feels that they need to call the police or city on some girl scouts did it out of spite. Many police states rely on citizens calling in to report their law breaking neighbors. Worked well in Europe in the 30’s and 40’s.

    • CookieMonster

      TERRORISMMMMM!!!!!!! Why doesn’t anyone think of the children???

    • Stephen Cooper

      Way too much government at far too many levels at a staggering direct and indirect cost. Its way past time for massive layoffs if this is how our government spends its time.

    • Jeff O.

      The anonymouse caller needs to get a life!

      • Ray

        To arrest someone on an anonymous complaint is unconstitutional since one has the right to question their accuser, The the city and their prosecutor to shove it where the sun don’t shine, Nazi SOB’s

      • Sadie

        anonymouse-RAT neighbor is more like it. LOL

      • Josh

        Ray has completely NAILED it!! I didn’t even think of that, but it’s 100% TRUE! Where would the USA be today if this were the attitude in the 1800s? HINT? A lot like where our White House is trying to take us!

      • Bart998

        RAY completely FAILED it! The anonymous caller isn’t the acuser, police or code enforcement officer is. The caller just got them to go and see for themselves. The law is rediculous. What’s next, lemonade stands? But the officer have to enforce the law in regard to the complaint. What if YOU complained about something that was illegal and the police refused to enforce the law> People of Hazelwood, change the law.

      • student1776

        These town officials including the police chief should be voted out of office and sanity restored.

    • Kevin

      Stop complaining you nanny-state loving sheep. You feminized fools love an overpowering government and you know it….

      • chief

        Welcome to the Reservation. Hazelwood: laughing stock of Amerika.

    • Mad Hacker

      And the little red caboose of the sanity train has chug, chug, chugged round the bend. ;(

    • Frank

      These girls should get an old ice cream truck, then drive up and down the block 8 hours a day playing “turkey in the straw” and selling cookies from the truck. No wonder the real estate market is Hazelwood, MO started collapsing years before the housing crash.

      • florrie

        “These girls should get an old ice cream truck, then drive up and down the block 8 hours a day playing “turkey in the straw” and selling cookies from the truck. No wonder the real estate market is Hazelwood, MO started collapsing years before the housing crash.”

        This is the best comment I’ve read all day!

      • tomSeattle

        My ice cream guy played the entertainer every now and then

    • Jack Kinch(1uncle)

      Too much government.

    • KMG

      Who would ever want to live there?

      • chief

        I did not choose Hazelwood, they annexed me.

    • Dee E.

      So we can build a mosque where the same religion killed 3000 people but dont let the girl scouts sell cookies on their own front lawn………yeeeeah

    • edwardallen

      Why was there no prosecution of this. It is a clear violation of the law, no matter if children are involved, and it sends the wrong message for children to get away with crimes without punishment. I want to see the police to follow the law to its letter, and file charges in this case. No one should get away with crimes scott-free.

      • Joseph Anthony Fetz

        Other than the fact that this “law” is a statute created by the local government, what exactly is the crime in this matter?.

        I see no crime, as this is merely the act of one party who owns private property agreeing to exchange such property with another party within a particular geographical area. If the act of exchanging private property to another party is a crime (no matter what the geography), then what definition constitutes a non-crime?

        Further, zoning laws infringe upon property rights preeminently, as it is the right of every individual to be free to exercise his right of property and exchange, so long as such exercise does not infringe upon the rights and/or property of others. Zoning laws dictate what one can or cannot do with their property. If this is the case, then one cannot be said to actually own ANY property, rather it can only be said that one is merely a fief, that is granted “privileges” from the municipality and/or State, and that one pays tributes to such a municipality and/or State in exchange for the exercise of such limited “privileges” (which can be immediately taken away).

        Does this dynamic have any semblance to what is called freedom and/or rationality? Does any statute whatsoever passed by a municipal and/or State legislature automatically have plausibility in terms of logic. No, it is merely politicians legislating statutes to create crimes that would not have otherwise existed without such statutes. This is a case of a fantastical crime created out of the ether of bureaucracy. What you really should be asking is what is the rationality of such a statute, or that of zoning laws in general?

      • seestraight

        you are a dumb f***

      • irishman

        The problem is with the LAW, not the Girls Scouts. IIt is still a right in America to redress your governement and sometimes civil inrest against a silly civil law is the only way to get attentnion.

    • Stephen G.

      That happened a very long time ago. I think it was in the early 60’s when they took God out of the public square.

    • jARED

      Lol this nation never had one. It’s one big fantasy camp.

    • Donald Trump

      Kenya show me a birth certificate?

    • mfm123

      Grinch that stole the Girl Scout cookies works overtime! Shame on that woman!!!

    • Esteban Colberto

      “This nation is losing it’s soul.”

      1. James Brown is dead?
      2. Which came first, the nation, or the soul?
      3. At what point, was the nation most soulful? Civil War era? Trail of Tears era? One year in the 1940s when all the yuppies were born? The day Regan was elected?

    • Crestfallenkev

      With all the crime in MO and especially in the ST Louis area, and this is what they focus on? Ridiculous

    • xybernaught

      Obama personally ordered the cookie selling shut down because these girls were not union members!

    • MRX

      Increasingly I no longer recognize the country of my birth. It is inconceivable that this would have occurred as I grew up. I am beginning to think about retiring abroad. I am finding America increasing oppressive..

      • American

        Living abroad isn’t any better, same thing going on all over the world…haven’t you noticed? If you haven’t, you should start reading world news on the net.

    • Teddy

      If you really want to shaft the busy-body neighbor, take up a collection to buy two dozen boxes of cookies, then have the girls post a sign for a “Girl Scout Cookie Give Away – One Free Cooke Per Car.” The ordinance prohibits “selling” but not “sharing” so the neighbor’s complaint now has no basis. Give him/her a cookie and suggest finding the good in the world instead of nit-picking.

  • texashorseman

    Whay is it thereis always some do gooder that know best.

    • clark kent

      City contact info:

      Tim Davidson
      Phone: (314) 513-5014

      • poorsinner

        I called Tim Davidson and left him a message telling him that I going to “bad mouth his town for the rest of my life.

        He called me back and threatened to sue me for defamation.

        I told him to shove it up his ahole and threatened to sue him for prior restraint on my free speech rights.

        He said that he was recording the conversation and I said great!

        Can’t wait for the lawsuit.

      • poorsinner

        I looking for the City attorney’s number right now and am going to straighten this Tim Davidson feller out about the 1st amendment.

      • Bubba

        poorsinner, you sound like a fun loving guy

      • poorsinner

        Bubba,… and you sound like The City of Hazelwood city spokesman.


      • sueinmi

        They are not your mom’s girl scouts anymore. The less money they receive, the better off the girls are. Another community organizer organ.

    • Joseph Rush Wills, II

      I’m moving to Hazelwood! This city must be be really safe when city officials don’t need to worry about crime, fires, illegal immigrants or other problems that plague the rest of America so they can focus on Girl Scouts!
      And to think, some politicians want to sharply increase the beaurocracies that are crushing the soul of our country…

    • shawn

      why can no one from Texas put together a sentence that doesn’t make them look stupid?

      • TomB

        Why is it that there is always someone who criticizes a post on its grammar and spelling rather than the merit of its content and thinks that is all that is necessary to win a debate?

      • Jacquelyne

        Because they are idiots

      • Mike in TX

        Since you brought it up, the W in ‘why’, at the beginning of your comment, should be uppercase. If you’re going to harp on some one else’s grammar, you should probably make sure yours is correct.

      • Ben Dover

        Frank, that’s “pardna”.

        And unless you haven’t noticed, we don’t have a king.

      • Frank

        QUOTE: “put together a sentence”?

        Mighty fine command of the King’s english ya got there, pardner….

      • Texan

        You don’t look too intelligent yourself—can’t even capitalize correctly.

      • The MaD HaCkER

        Why is it that there is always someone who criticizes a post on its grammar and spelling rather than the merit of its content and thinks that is all that is necessary to win a debate?
        When you have facts, argue the facts. When you have laws, argue the law. When you have nothing criticize the post on its grammar and spelling. ;)

      • Funny Bone

        Ben, no king but a Messiah.

      • porchhound

        It worked on your mother…son

    • MikeLI631

      This law notwithstanding, the cookies SUCK this year !

      • poorsinner

        Here’s the number for the Economic Developer for the City of Hazelwood.

        David Cox, at (314) 513-5018 or (314) 607-9754 cell.

        Hazelwood: Open for Business

        Officials for the city of Hazelwood have a vast amount of experience dealing with industries and helping grow all types of businesses. We’re ready, willing, and most importantly, able to support companies both large and small. When we say that we’re business-friendly, we mean it.


      • Walter J. Biggles

        Beg pardon, but the Thin Mints are as good as ever…What sucks is the city of Hazelwood. Laws that suck need to be changed. These are Girl Scouts, for Christ’s sake, not crack heads.

        If I could find out which neighbor ratted the kids out, I would take a dump on her front porch every morning, starting tomorrow, and garnish it with a Girl Scout cookie.

      • poorsinner

        The City of Hazelwood
        415 Elm Grove Lane
        Hazelwood, Missouri 63042
        (314) 839-3700

        I called this morning and the city clerk tried to argue that it’s against the law to sell ANY COMMODITY from your home.

        You can sell it on the street, at your church, in a business or on the corner,

        JUST not from your home.

        Communist city government at it’s finest. Whatever you do, don’t try to sell Girl Scout Cookies, puppies, or homegrown veggies from your house…

        That’s against the law!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Judy Tavis

        They are all nuts!!!! Live an let live!!!!

      • mitchell

        They are not selling products assumes a profit, this is a charity act where the money goes to the non profit GSA and they get nothing.

        So lets round it up, Sell cookies from,
        home – zoning violation
        corner – need a business permit
        school – againt the school rules
        church – againt their tax exemption status
        reservation – all good – head over there girls, and you can camp too

      • deanH

        So are garage sales illegal in Hazelwood?

      • James

        Rude and ignorant comment, and totally uncalled for.

      • An Old Girl

        Mine were delicious and I tried a box of every kind offered. My favorite was the peanut butter sandwich cookie.

    • J

      Why is your English so bad?

      • Don Vitella Escobar-Quinones

        You, sir are an idiot. what difference could it possibly make?

      • poorsinner

        Really? I forgot the ‘m on two I’s and my English is so bad as to render it unreadable.

        Is that you Tim Davidson?

    • Gibbs Bentley

      The battle has just begun ……

      Time to start a citizen’s investigation into Tim Davidson. and all involved in that local government. I wonder if all the finances for that city are on the up and up? Good citizenship? How are all the officials spending the tax money? These morons have opened a can of worms. Time to start digging deep.


      Just like the guy prosecuting Paris Hilton for cocaine is busted for cocaine … I’m sure there is something as bad or worse lurking here. Have a great day.

      • poorsinner

        #81 (63042) on the list of “Top 101 zip codes with the largest percentage of Kenyan first ancestries”

        # #63 on the list of “Top 101 counties with the highest percentage of residents that drank alcohol in the past 30 days”


        # 1 on my list of “Top 100 Cities to bad mouth.”

  • Jim Busse

    Sounds like Kadaffi came to Hazelwood. It’s once a year for Christ’s sake.

    • Roman

      I heard those were kosher cookies.



      • The Devil


      • Jim Busse

        what vein do you mean? I bet Jesus would not turn down a box of GS cookies. Probably wouldn’t buy on though. BTW they are Kosher too!

      • LH

        You do realize You don’t go to Hell if WE use the Lords name in vain right?

      • Jeff

        I don’t have a Lord or a King. You live by your rules and let the rest of us live by ours.

        …And you god-botherers wonder why other people are “intolerant” of you…

  • Mannie

    You Villll obey!

    Now shut up and eat your cake.

  • John David Liddle

    Good for them. Tell the city to go pound sand!

  • Leroy

    It probably would have been more acceptable to the city if the girls were handing out abortion pamphlets.

    • Joel

      or if they were promoting islam, then we would have had the DOJ out in full force to protect them and arrest anyone who dare protest against the prophet mobama

      • Kelly

        Yeah, that pesky US Contitution, huh?

    • Mr. Grimpy

      Wait, isn’t handing out such pamphlets ‘protected free speech’ ?
      Epic fail.

      • Yaspar

        His point is that moozlums would be protected by the full power of Federal law enforcement, while Girls Scouts get shut down. While we’re on the subject, izlaam is not only a religion, which is protected by the non-establishment and the free speech clauses of the Constitution, but a political movement that aims for the overthrow of that Constitution and it’s replacement with a moozlum theocracy, which is a criminal conspiracy. This is the same Constitution you cite in your snide remark. Now do you understand, epic smart guy?

      • William R. Barker

        On a serious note, if flag burning is “protected speech,” then it seems to me that selling Girl Scout Cookies is also “speech” in the sense that the sales are directly correlated with advancing the ideals of Scouting.

        (Any attorneys out there willing to take a whack at this one?!)

    • kathy

      To have morals in the USA is to be corrupt! Wow, I wish the worse part of my day was having my street blocked by people who supported the Girl Scouts of America! Instead, I have Shariah Law in my back yard!

      • Bubba

        Bubba2, these laws are old. This is a typical neighborhood dispute which have been going on forever. These laws of course are to prevent someone from opening a convenience store in their garage.

        This is blown out of proportion.

      • Bubba2


        Maybe it should be you who should leave. Considering they are changing America from what it was to what you want it to be… you should be the one getting on a ship.

        You can take Obama’s Change with you!

      • Bubba

        kathy, what is Shariah Law? Why do you enforce it in your back yard?

        What is the worst part of your day? Why do think that it is corrupt to have morals in the USA?

        If you don’t like the USA, why not leave?

    • Bubba

      Yeah or just performing cat and dog abortions. That would have been OK.

      • Not Bubba

        The horrors!! K!lling puppies and kittens?? That is strictly against the leftist rules. You may only k!ll human babies. Bugs, flies and all other creatures are sacrosanct to this misguided bunch.

    • Cindy

      Sadly, you are probably correct.

    • tag0701

      It wouldn’t even be an issue if this were the case. But Girl. Scout cookies??!!! They’re just so offensive, dontchaknow.

  • Ron H

    The bureaucrat who didn’t tell the “anonymous” complainer to behave like a grownup, talk to the girls and work it out themselves should be identified and fired.

    • http://jimkress999.wordpress.com jimkress999


    • shawn

      why? show me the law that requires that? thats why we pay police. if I hear a domestic im not going over there only a moron would do that. trying to handle it yourself now a days is how you get shot.

      • Michael Ledbetter

        Hmmm, shot by Girl Scouts. I’m sure there’s a real chance of that happening, Bozo.

      • GirlScoutMafia

        Hazelwood is renown for their roving gangs of evil Girl Scouts that roam through the streets, cracking down on the competition and breaking the law. They’re like the mafia, but worse, cause they’re little girls and you’d never suspect them.

    • matt2717

      Excellent comment! it’s sad that we have these selfish, inconsiderate morons who can’t tolerate a minor TEMPORARY inconvenience for the betterment of children!

    • Bubba

      “should be fired”

      Ron H. a wannabe Donald Trump.

      • Bubba2


        They don’t make CAT equipment big enough to dig that hole.

      • Lightrider

        Bubba, go back in your hole.

  • Coloradoan

    The city of Hazelwood deserves its fate – whatever that will be.

  • USAFLgirl

    ONE complaint is all it takes these days to scare seemingly bright people into mush-brained sheep.

    This country can no longer be saved; we are so far past the point of no return. sigh.

    • Mad Hacker

      If anyone has a problem with them selling girl scout cookies because of the traffic, Put your money where your mouth is. Buy there cookies eat them or donate them to charity or flush them down the toilet, And the problem goes away with no hard feelings and if you donate them you come off looking like a prince. This way you come off looking like a jerk.

      • American Heretic

        Here’s a better idea. Buy the cookies, eat them, and then donate them to the city council.

    • Bubba

      USAFLgirl, why don’t you leave the USA?

      A little thing like enforcing the law is not part of the downfall of the US.

      • Bubba2

        HAHAHA, keep living in your moms basement so she can keep telling you how pretty you are and its eveyone else that has the problem with your looks! ;) It’s not you, its everyone else and the mirror that lie.

      • Bubba

        Bubba2, I bet I am taller, thinner and better looking than you. The original is generally better any copy.

      • Bubba2

        Something tells me Bubba is a big fat guy hoping the girl scouts have to come to his house so he can see a girl up close instead of on his computer. He’s just mad now he has to put some clothes on and go out in public and risk getting caught against court orders to stay away from kids.

      • Derf

        But a BIG thing, like enforcing STUPID law is, wouldn’t you agree?

  • wildman2

    Does this country care about anyone but themselves? Sad

    • Fran Penna Belmont


    • Bubba

      “Does this country care about anyone but themselves? Sad”

      Does this statement make any sense? I checked Google Translate and they did not have a Simpleton to English translation choice.

      • ImChaz

        Bubba, after reading your posts, it seems that you have no concept of sarcasm, are possibly quite narcissisitic, and may suffer from educated embicility. (NOT in goggle– a common condition caused by loss of common sense secondary to to a perceived superior level of education.) Did you make the original complaint?

      • Bubba

        Thanks Karl.

        Ayanna, my opinion is that this is a local matter, the Drudge headline is a distortion of the facts, neighbors have disputes all the time, we don’t know the real story, and that this local dispute is not indicative of any decline in America or an indication of anything to do with Obama.

        What is your opinion or are you just trying to shut me down.

      • poorsinner

        Bubba, the lone Communist on this site is you.

        I think he’s the city manager of Hazelwood or the city clerk’s husband.

        The City of Hazelwood
        415 Elm Grove Lane
        Hazelwood, Missouri 63042
        (314) 839-3700

      • Ayanna

        Bubba if you wanna instigate with everyone, offer a real opinion rather than trying unsuccessfully to shut everyone down.

      • Karl

        Your goofy and make me laugh……. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

  • WorkingMan

    Just like a Kool-Aid stand, a kid selling from their lawn is socially acceptable in most places in this great country. However, when it turns into what appears to be a sizable and profitable business (2000 boxes!) that creates public safety and quality of life issues for the residents of that area, you have to draw the line and respect your neighbors. Besides, what ever happened to selling door to door and WORKING for the sale?

    • http://jimkress999.wordpress.com jimkress999

      Cite 3 safety events that have actually occurred. You Leftist, anti-capitalist would-be-tyrants make me ill.

      • WorkingMan

        All it takes is one, NOT 3 safety events and if it was a member of your tribe that got run over by some gawker looking for a sugar fix, you probably would not be responding with typical no brain name calling

    • K-Dawg

      You ever do the door to door thing? It is miserable and the numbers of No’s to Yeses is frustrating, I sold door to door for 8 years reaching more then about a thousand dollars that way is near impossible, right now they are nearing $2000 quite the accomplishment.

      • Lisa

        Door-to-door is discouraged nowadays by the GS of the USA due to safety issues. Also, better to sell on your property where parents can be sure they’re safe. Also, I’ve done dozens of booth sales at places like Walmart and sometimes those are scary, too. And 2,000 bx doesn’t make it a big, profitable business. The troops/girls only get a portion of the sales. I happen to know that many girls couldn’t experience camp and other trips if not for cookie sales.

      • WorkingMan

        Hey genius, its 2000 BOXES, not dollars. Big difference in terms of tying up traffic and creating public saftey and nusance issues. Accepting NO usually breeds character since you learn how to deal with dissapointment. It makes the positive sale all the more exciting. A liitle hard work never hurt. I delivered newspapers. It was a character builder. Its unfortunate those types of opportunities don’t exist any longer, at least in my hood k-dawg.

    • Frank

      Work smart, not hard.

      Foreign concept to you, most likely….

      • WorkingMan

        hmmmmm…work smart? like in suck the Obama Gov’t teet? No thanks, Frank, as my name implies, I’m proud to roll up my sleeves, whether for pay or as a volunteer.

    • pb in N VA

      Girl Scout rules specficially prohibit door-to-door selling due to safety concerns. The kids have no choice but to set up a stand or force Mom and Dad to hawk the cookies to their co-workers.

      • WorkingMan

        I think you may be mistaken about door to door sales. Here is a recent excerpt: In an effort to boost door-to-door sales, the Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta is offering new incentives including a specific “Walkabout” patch (featuring a girl taking strides), according to Sarnethia Wilkinson, product sales marketing representative for Girl Scouts Greater Atlanta cookie program.

  • dptrucker

    Once again, an opportunity to teach your children about the intrusiveness of Government run amok. I guess then any home based business is illegal then?! What about products such as Mark-Kay or Avon Or Amway? All these products are also sold from home. Most likely a Democrat controlled City and county.

    • boyscout1

      Ah people, it just so happens the people of Hazelwood or any other city elect the city officals who make these rules/laws so there must have been some support for them to be passed. IF others want the law changed than vote the officials out of office or work to change the laws. Ive seen some really bad laws passed by both republican or democrat controlled city councils/states/federal. So this is what you do: (1) either move out of the city or this country or (2) accept it if your elected officals keep on getting elected – its the will of the people. If the majority people of Hazelwood want this law it should be obeyed – and apparently they do or it would have ben amended by now. Everyone here talks about “the government” like its some kind of evil that took over in a coup. If you dont agree with the majority of people in your district or country that want these rules and voted for these officals not much you can do about it. Unless you want to make America a theocracy under the rules of “Moozlums” LOL (referring to that ignoramus who spells it that way above – you must be a “Katlik” or a “Protastent” buddy) thats what a demecracy is all about -as the song says “You cant always get what you want , but if you try sometimes you get what you need”.. Personally , I dont need any calorie inducing girl scout cookies or any girl scout wasting my time.

      • Dalgor

        Many laws are made in reaction to a flagrant abuse or an incivility. The problem is that they are generally written so broadly that they encompass situations not in the original intent of the law, such as the Girl Scout cookie sales on a front lawn. These overly broad laws are then subject to a wide interpretation and uneven enforcement. In this case, the law should be amended to allow a permit to be issued for organizations such as the Girl Scouts to sell their cookies.

      • David

        Yeah but what happens when you dont get what you want or what you need?


    • HowDat

      Democrat Senator Clair McCaskill, tax cheat’s area

      • Joseph Schlitz

        I wonder if they might react differently if the Girl Scouts volunteered to donate 5 cents per box sold toward McCaskill’s $300,000 deliquent tax bill?

    • natalie schechter

      correction dptrucker – GSA is a non profit org – proceeds of which go to PLANNED PARENTHOOD. Google GSA + Planned Parenhood – its all there. These little girls are pawns in a very lucrative racket. Cheers.

  • Todd

    How big of a line could there be to but a box of girl scout cookies? Come on people has common sense gone out the window in this country. I live in West Virginia but I would be glad to help these two girl scouts to reach their goal. Email me and I will be happy to order a couple of boxes. That is if there is not some kind of law preventing sending girl scout cookies through the mail.

    • General Specific

      Stop being a sensationalist. Support your local girl scouts instead.

      • Trad

        General stop trying to get people to do things your way. Tod has a right to do things his way when no one gets hurt. His local Girl scouts will survive.

  • rightherenow

    Michael, Imagine the traffic and noisy inconvenience for a few hours a day for a few days while the girls are selling cookies to support their good citizenship programs. Maybe they should be on the taxpayer dole and get a check like so many inner city folk.

  • anthony

    god bless you and the cookie hope you get 2000 sold

  • Roger Vogel

    Change the law! Allow minors to sell fund raising items, and especially littler kids selling lemonade. Its part of our culture, its what we should encourage.

    Some neighbor had a burr under the saddle.

    • Joe

      I’d be willing to bet, the ‘neighbor’ isn’t the same race.
      I’d also be willing to bet, the ‘neighbor’ might not even be a real neighbor (i.e. live anywhere nearby).

    • Trad

      Roger you are exactly correct!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joe

    I can’t imagine this is causing major traffic issues. Let’s not get carried away.
    Sure there is some extra traffic and people but if there were Walmart parking lot style traffic, they would have reached their goal in the first day.

    However, the law is the law… people should work to get the law removed or changed and this neighbor should mind his own business. Government should have no place in restricting the sale of girl scout cookies. Just further evidence that government has grown too large even at the city level.

    • shawn

      do you know how many cars it takes to clog up a 2 lane residential street? not that many. im glad my community doesn’t allow cars to park in the street. nor outdoor gatherings not approved by the HOA. its called quality of life laws in most areas.

      • Trad

        Shawn, your great neighborhood has skinny streets probably houses 15 feet apart. They have Naziistic HOA rules. That is why I don’t live in an area like that because I do like quality of life.

      • Michael Ledbetter

        You offend me with your unfettered ignorance! Who are you (or the HOA) to tell me that I cannot have a Quinceañera for my daughter if it is outside? What about MY quality of life? You breathing infringes on MY right to live without you stealing my oxygen, so STOP STEALING MY AIR!!

      • Thomas

        You must be one hell of a great neighbor….

        /yeah, it’s called facetious – look it up

      • K-Dawg

        If they have 3 customers at any given time believe me they are not creating traffic problems. I live on said 2 lane street, you pull off to the side of the road and other people pass you, or they pull into your driveway.

      • Gabe

        “nor outdoor gatherings not approved “…wow…you need permission to gather outdoors.

        When did you have your balls surgically removed?

      • Jeff

        What a fantastic little commie you are. I bet you’re a real pleasure to live with.

    • DeputyMarshal

      My friend, using that tired old “the law is the law” argument , is really dodging the issue. That the city even passed such a law is a bit of over-reaching. There is a concept in law called ‘Legislative Intent” and it is a safe bet here that the city wasn’t thinking of two little girls seling cookies. This is clearly a violation of the intent of the law. The city doesnt want somebody operating a lumbering operation in their front yard. An interesting thing has happened in this country. Overly legalistic fools have murdered common sense and as a result everyone feels that if they are entitled to NOT BE INCONVIENCED OR OFFENDED. Not true…. get over it.

      • Jaime

        DeputyMarshal, I am glad that brains and common sense are still alive somewhere. Thank you for the illustration of this major overeach from the bureaucracy and stupidity from the “anonymous” neighbor.

      • Eric

        Probably the comment that has made the most sense.

      • nancyo

        If their business is disruptive to the neighborhood, then I think that the law applies to their little Girl Scout operation as well. It’s not overly legalistic. Besides, they’ve apparently been asked nicely by city officials to stop, but they’ve decided to continue because they don’t think they should follow the rules like everyone else? How is that ok?

    • geoff

      Ifr the law is the law, then why do illegals keep flooding over the border while the feds do nothing? Sounds like selective enforcement.

    • Mad Hacker

      However, the law is the law. So turn in the Jews the state has passed the LAW. Juden frea.

  • Cliff

    Michael, it is ole farts like you that are the real problem. For a couple of weeks take a chill pill and get over your self importance. This is a good cause and it isn’t a permanent business. We are getting to be a very intolerant self important country. The city ought to pass an exception to this law to allow certain groups a SHORT period of time to raise funds.

    • Hank

      Sounds to me like the girl scouts should get over their self importance.

  • TexasForever

    If the mark of a good citizen is to follow the law then why does elected politicans ignore the Constitution when they fail to comply with their country’s immigration laws?
    Typical liberal hyprocrites!

    • Old and in the way

      Yep. Actual US citizens cannot sell cookies on their fron tlawn, but illegal immigrants can stand around Home Depot parking lots and no law enforcement personnel give a hoot. That’s the Demoract way of enforcing laws.
      The revolution is coming. Lock n’ load.

    • Chili

      OK, let’s follow the law. Namely the Patriot Act. The city should call in the Feds and send these little terrorists to Guantanamo for life. They’re obviously causing terror tin their neighborhood. That’ll learn em!!

      By the way, city “code” isn’t law. It only applies to people who don’t know the difference.

  • Dennis

    Law is the law, thanks mom…. you are teaching your children to disobey the law. We can do what we want, you cant make us stop!!!! Thats why our kids disresect each other and the law. Its all about me me me me. The best way to take care of this problem if it is a problem, try changing the law, the right way

    • Mr.Monty

      Yea Dennis and Rosa Parks should have kept her ass on the back of the bus.

    • thedoctor2001

      Are you and “Michael” roommates? Chill out.

    • shawn

      way to teach your kids that the law only applies to others and only when you want it to.

      • K-Dawg

        Way to take a law and apply it to something that it originally had no intent of effecting. Way to throw common sense out the window

  • Biker Trash

    I agree that the law restricting the selling of Girl Scout cookies is to far reaching, but what are you teaching these girls if you tell them to ignore laws that you don’t agree with. Instead their parents should explain, that if they believe the law to be unfair or unjust, then they should first obey the law and then take the appropriate action to have the law changed or repealed. What would our world be like if we just ignored all of the laws that we didn’t agree with?

    • K-Dawg

      They will not go through the legislative process to get that law changed for 2 girls, by the time those girls get that law changed they will be in college. Its called common sense and legislative intent.

    • Tspud1

      Illegal aliens do that every day.

      • shawn

        MURDERS happen every day to so do rapes, just because its common makes it ok? wow this country is full of morons. thats the real problem everyone is stupid.

  • Catherine A. McClarey

    Does the city of Hazelwood also crack down on every lemonade stand in the summer, or everyone selling stuff on eBay from their basements? The anonymous complainer probably already had a grudge against this family, and wasn’t man or woman enough to discuss their issues with this neighbor one-on-one, before dragging the local government in to settle their private beef.

  • rrm

    Wow, a girl scout cookie crisis, dogs barking, people milling around, congested traffic with possible dinner delays … city government rules against the brown skirts, get those cookies off your front yard, we’ve had a complaint! Ain’t it grand folks, and because of the internet, you don’t even have to be there to be there …

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