New Flap Over Family Connection in Assessor Race

Kevin Killeen

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – The Democrat running for St. Louis County Assessor is facing questions about a relative’s property.

Democrat Jake Zimmerman was asked about his father’s Clayton home, which is being re-assessed for tax purposes at a lower value, down 16.5% from $687,000 a year ago to $572,000 now. “I don’t think this is a legitimate question at all,” Zimmerman said. “I haven’t spent a minute’s time looking at that. I’ve got better things to worry about.”

Zimmerman says his father may have been a “very small campaign supporter” of Democratic County Executive Charlie Dooley, but it has no bearing on his assessment. Zimmerman also confirms that he was late paying his personal property tax in 2004, but says he was just a month late with a seven dollar fine.

Zimmerman blames his Republican opponent L.K. “Chip” Wood, for this flap. “The bottom line here is that Chip is beating up on my family because he is desperate to change the subject from he got caught not paying $12,000 in property taxes and he still refuses to pay that bill,” Zimmer said. 

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