Missouri Lawmakers Push for Higher Pay for Prison Guards

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) – Missouri correctional officers could see an increase in their pay under a proposal before a House panel.

Republican Paul Fitzwater, of Potosi, is sponsoring legislation that would make a minimum salary for prison guards a part of state law. His bill was to be heard Wednesday by a committee.

Fitzwater’s measure would set the minimum annual pay for a Level 1 prison guard at $33,750. A job listing on the Office of Administration website shows that a Level 1 prison guard would currently earn at least $26,784.

Fitzwater’s bill could tie the salaries of correctional officers to those of Highway Patrol officers. It would also set minimum salaries for more experienced prison guards and supervisors.

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  • William Kline

    This would be great For the correctional officers for what they deal with day to day. I know that alot of them have to work a part time job just to make it. If the pay went up there would be less stress on the officers they wouldent have to work two jobs and they can spend more time with there family.

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