Carnahan Criticizes ‘Job-Slashing’ Aviation bill

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – St. Louis congressman Russ Carnahan went on the offensive Friday, criticizing a Federal Aviation Administration Reauthorization bill which includes $2,000,000 in cuts to Missouri’s share of Airport Improvement Program funds.

“Because of the Midwest China Hub project St. Louis is poised to become a central player in the global economy,” Carnahan said. “It means jobs and economic activity that our region desperately needs. But none of that seems to matter to some of my Republican colleagues who are dead-set on taking a slash-and-burn approach to our budget, no matter what the cost to jobs, businesses and families in St. Louis.”

Carnahan and others had hoped that Airport Improvement Program funds would be used to prepare Lambert Airport to become a hub for Chinese cargo.

The congressman also slammed the bill for stripping “already approved safety regulations that were put in place in the wake of recent airline crashes” and quotes “Miracle on the Hudson” pilot Sully Sullenberger as saying the new bill “will put the lives of the flying public at risk.”

Carnahan also took issue with proposed changes to FAA labor laws.

“Scapegoating American working families is not a responsible solution to any problem,” Carnahan said. “It’s clear that whether you’re in Wisconsin or Washington, all this budget talk is just a thin disguise for their real goal: attacking the rights of workers who helped build the American middle class and make this country great.

The bill can be read here.

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