Email Threats Sent From Coleman’s Computer

Brian Kelly

WATERLOO, Ill. (KMOX) – Monroe County prosecutors are wrapping up their case today against Christopher Coleman, the Joyce Meyer Ministries security guard accused of killing his wife and two sons while having an extramarital affair.

Investigators allege Coleman killed his family, fearing that a divorce would cost him his high-paying job – but he needed an alibi to explain their deaths. Their final witnesses are focusing on evidence that seems to show Coleman himself faked a series of threats against his family,  leading up to the day of the murders.  A series of violent emails from a sender identified as ‘DestroyChris’ linked the threats to Coleman’s work protecting the well-known televangelist. One message said “I will kill them all while they sleep” – refering to Coleman’s family – while another, sent to Meyer’s son and ministry CEO Chris said to “tell Chris his family is dead” because he was safeguarding Meyer. 

coleman05021 Email Threats Sent From Colemans Computer

Granite City police officer and computer technician Kenneth Wojtowicz explains to the jury how he traced the threats back to Christopher Coleman's computer. Credit: Dan Martin St. Louis Post-Dispatch/

But Ken Wojtowicz, a Granite City police officer and Major Case Squad member who specializes in computer investigations, testified that by tracing temporary IP addresses, he was able to determine that the ‘’ account was created on Coleman’s own computer and that threatening emails sent on November 14th-16th of 2008 were also sent through that computer.

Coleman’s lawyers blame the May 2009 killings on an unknown intruder. During cross-examination, the defense attorneys questioned whether someone else could have accessed the computer besides Coleman. But Wojtowicz said that he knows of no malware or computer virus circulating in 2008 – or even now – that would allow someone to remotely turn on the computer and send those emails.

Still expected on the stand today – a handwriting expert who will look at similarities between Coleman’s penmanship and spray-painted threats found at the crime scene.

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