Missouri House Finally Passes Welfare Drug Testing Legislation

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — Missouri lawmakers have given final approval to a bill allowing drug testing of welfare recipients if the state suspects they’re using illegal drugs.

The House sent the bill to Gov. Jay Nixon by a 113-34 vote Tuesday. It already passed the Senate.

Under the bill, welfare recipients would lose their benefits for three years if they fail a urine test that screens for narcotics. But the measure would allow them to receive benefits if they complete a drug treatment program and do not test positive again.

It would also require that electronic benefit cards include a photo of the recipient and be renewed every three years.

Welfare drug testing bill is HB73

Legislature: http://moga.mo.gov

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  • Mark Yount

    It’s about time.

  • Lena Ammons

    The children are the one’s who are going to suffer.

    • Meghan

      The children are suffering regardless if their parents are 1. Selling govt. benefits for drugs 2. Selling drugs for un-claimable income so that they can qualify for welfare and/or 3. Using any money that should be spent on food and clothing on drugs. If the parent is using drugs it is unlikely that any of these government benefits are actually reaching the children anyways so how does this make a difference?

      I’m sure the kids will still get their 2 free meals a day at school.

      • Meghan

        Actually I take that back. After reading the proposed bill, it provides provisions for children and other household members. So this will actually greatly improve the situation for children because the benefits will go directly to them and not their drug-using parents.

  • Mike Alder

    Finally maybe people that really need the help and are putting forth effort will not need to wait on lists so long.

  • Tammy Nelson

    People have been abusing this privledge for a long time. We (the working class) are held accountable in order to obtain our benifits like health insurance and wages. If we showed up at work incapacitated by drugs or alcohol we would be fired therefore losing our insurance and our income. Everybody has to be held accountable.

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