Suspected Thief Electrocuted

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) – A man was electrocuted Sunday night in Madison County while, police suspect, he was attempting to steal copper wire.

Three witnesses stated they were driving in Alton, Ill., when they saw the man screaming for help, badly burned and bleeding. Emergency medical personnel and police responded, and the man was transported to Alton Memorial Hospital before being airlifted to a St. Louis area hospital.

The Madison County Sheriff’s Office says evidence suggests the man was trying to steal copper wire from an Ameren IP Substation. The case is still under investigation.

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  • Spencer B in MD

    Serves the crook right! Nice legacy…

    • Randy

      He should go for the low voltage wiring not the high voltage stuff!!! LOL What an idiot….

      • Matthew

        Voltage has nothing to do with the danger. It’s all about the current. Really though, Karma at it’s best….

    • SlitelyStoopid

      Electrocution is kind of an end-all. I think ‘Suspected Copper Thief Shocked In The Act’ is more fitting.

      You don’t hear about the little girl who drowned, then yelled for help.

      • John B.

        I was going to say the same thing. Electrocution means death. It is fatal! I guess some folks don’t know that.

    • BRDG

      Everybody who wants ” sumpin’ fer nutin’ ” deserves the same fate.

    • RJ

      Darwin wins again

    • Jim

      he mignt not have been shocked at all. a coil of wire near high power AC current can have a current induced into it. of unknown voltage… which may just get hot.. and not shock him.. a doctor would have to indentify the woulds as thermal or electric burns..
      It’t pretty clear, he did NOT contact the high votage lines…. his hands or arms would be completely fried off…and #2.. he’s alive…

  • James Ferguson

    Maybe he just needed money to buy a loaf of bread. Let him tell Jesus why he was a thief.

    • Tim Munoz

      “let him tell Jesus why he was a thief”, now that my firend gets coolest quote of the year.

    • me

      You’re an idoit. There’s plenty of other legal ways to get a loaf of bread. Especially with Barry in office.

      • StandingO

        An “idoit”? Hello Pot, this is Kettle!

      • steve

        idoit? Is that a French word?

    • Daniel Morgan

      Funny, I could understand stealing bread for a hungry family, but from what I read, most robberies involve stealing booze, jewelry, expensive vehicles and other non-necessities. But I am just a mean spirited old fart, what do I know?

    • jim

      A good rule of thumb when stealing copper wire is to make sure electric current is not running through it. That’s why crimes of this nature should only be committed by trained professionals.

    • Derek Elliot

      Loaf of Bread? Most likely this guy was stealing the copper for a few hits of crack.

  • Barry

    Did he die? That’s the definition of “electrocuted”. After reading the story I got the impression that’s he’s still alive, so he wasn’t electrocuted.

    • Bennett


      verb /iˈlektrəˌkyo͞ot/ 
      electrocuted, past participle; electrocuted, past tense; electrocutes, 3rd person singular present; electrocuting, present participle

      Injure or kill someone by electric shock
      – a man was electrocuted when he switched on the Christmas tree lights

      Execute (a convicted criminal) by means of the electric chair

      • Luke Mason

        That definition is technically incorrect. Barry is correct

        Definition of ELECTROCUTE
        transitive verb
        : to execute (a criminal) by electricity
        : to kill by electric shock

      • Bennett

        The definition I used came from Merriam-Webster.

      • Lemo

        Electrocuted is like drowned. One is dead by definition.

      • El Stevo

        No. That’s not the case.

        One can be electrocuted and not die.

      • Steve

        Electrocution is a portmanteau word created by combining “Electric” and “Execute”. It was first coined when describing how people who were sent to the electric chair were killed. Its usage then spread to include accidental death by electricity as well as state-sanctioned. As English is an evolving language, it’s not unreasonable to assume its definition has further broadened to include non-fatal electric shocks.

    • Glen D Christensen

      It’s a CBS story, much the same as AP.

  • JeddMcHead


  • LarryG

    Chucklehead. Ethnicityy?

    • JohnD

      lol @ ethnicity? he had to be black right?

      • Luke Mason

        Most likely white with a red neck

      • Jim M

        If he wan’t black before he touched the wire he is now.

      • Ash Williams

        He was black after he got electrocuted.

  • Kosh of Vorlon

    Alas, I was beginning to believe that KHARMA was actually real . . . then I read that the perp had survived his misadventure. So, he was NOT electrocuted!! Electrocution in FATAL!!!

    So, not only is there no kharma, there is no reporting without misleading hype either!

    • Fluidizer

      And you find this surprising? Really?

  • Kirk

    Electricity never sleeps, and you can never trick it. It pays attention even when people don’t. Don’t ya’ just love it!

  • vintage1950

    I always love a story with a happy ending.

  • mephistofan

    Burn baby, burn. Oh what a warm feeling.

  • Sisao Tresed

    I smell a law suit! Were there no multi-lingual warnings on those big buzzing transformers or where the signs unable to be read. ATTENTION PI Lawyers! They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Why not take a picture of the thief inside a big red circle with a red line through it, and paste it on every fence of teach power station.

    • Stanley

      I smell searing flesh. It smells like sweet justice!

      • Yoadrian Balboa

        It’s the self cleaning oven!

  • mephistofan

    Nothing lower than a sneaky thief. No doubt he was a democrat seeking to re-distribute Some wealth in his favor. Ain’t social justice great? Cut off his weiner.

    • Steve

      More likely a republican because he has a low IQ, and if you look at average IQ from the Bush/Kerry election, the states that went red had lower average IQs than those which went blue.

  • rex dart eskimo spy

    I hope he uses Global Warming as a defense.

  • us1marine

    what a shocking story

  • Big Bear

    Darwin award!

  • Htos1

    Why are these people stealing?Barry’s in office and you’re fast-tracked!C’mon MAN!

    • Fluidizer

      Thaz Rite! Barry gonna take care of all us! Soon! So dont be stealin’ no other man’s sh_t. Soon enu’f, that manz Sh_t gonna be UR Sh_t, and then waht yu gonna say? eh?

  • George Johnson

    Somebody please send a case of BBQ sauce to the funeral in my name…..

  • Tom

    Probably got tingly all over the place like Bill Mahr could only dream of.

  • Brian

    I hate to come off as a “nit–picker”, but the term “electrocution” implies DEATH by application of electricity. From reading the article, it sounds like the perpetrator it very much alive. This man was “shocked” (but I suppose that doesn’t make for sensational headlines).

  • Early Ardmore

    “Wow, I just felt the world get lighter. We lost a moron! I don’t mean to sound cold, or cruel, or vicious, but I am, so that’s the way it comes out. Professional help is being sought.” ~ Bill Hicks


  • Flashman

    Stealing copper wire from an IP Substation…I assume that’s an electrical relay station. Umm, copper is an ideal conductor of electricity.

    Well, it’s one way to cull the herd of its idiots. I guess the poor slob never took basic science in school.

  • Durfus McGrew

    Smoke ’em, Dano!

  • SparklePlenty

    He should be grounded!

    Oh, wait. He WAS!

    Sorry, couldn’t resist.

    Ooops! Did it again!

  • AlanOnPalawan

    Either he or his surviving family will probably sue & collect millions from our corrupt legal system

    • oracle2world

      Hey, if the substation wasn’t properly signed and fortified against determined islamic terrorists, winning the lawsuit is a slam dunk.

      Even a stupid lawyer can win this one.

      • AlanOnPalawan

        Such a lawsuit wouldn’t have a chance in Hades if we had a Justice System instead of a Legal System

  • oracle2world

    Electrified wire is just inherently difficult to steal. Like gasoline. Stick to copper plumbing.

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