Will St. Louis Ever Be an International Cargo Hub?

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) — Will St. Louis’ China Hub effort ever get off the ground?

Aviation consultant Michael Webber isn’t hopeful saying, “the likelihood of this being successful in under one percent.”

Webber speaking on the Charlie Brennan Show Thursday says passenger planes carry 40-percent of freight, and St. Louis doesn’t have many of those.

He also cites the fact that Fed-Ex and UPS carry 90-percent of the country’s freight, and they’re well-established in other cities.

Not to mention tax incentives, considered in Jefferson City, would create warehousing space that’s much, much bigger than what Fed-Ex and UPS have.

Local companies, however, aren’t casting the idea aside.

Novus International CEO Thad Simons’ biotech company does a lot of business with China. “We have about 120 people in china, we have a factory there, a researcher center there in Bejing,” explains Simons.

China Hub proponents say the whole concept relies on a special session, for state legislators to pass a tax cut package.

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