Collinsville Tells Teens To Pull Up Their Pants

Michael Calhoun

COLLINSVILLE, Ill. (KMOX) – There’s a new dress code in this Metro East city, and it says no saggy pants allowed.

The City Council voted 3-to-2 Monday night to institute a ban on 3-to-4 inches of sag below the waistline. Belts are encouraged.

“I think if I was a minority, either black or Spanish, I would be antagonized by this,” said one man who spoke at the meeting. “I think it’s taking away one of our freedoms, and one of them is to dress and act the way we want.”

The Mayor asked Council members to refrain, fearing a slippery slope and issues with enforcement. Council members, however, said they were simply acting upon the wishes of their constituents.

First offense means a hundred dollar fine. It’s three hundred the second time, plus community service.

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