Boy Scout Leader Jailed for Bullet in Fanny Pack

LIBERTY, Mo. (AP) — A Missouri man is home after spending four days in a jail in the Bahamas because airport security found a bullet in his fanny pack.

Forty-eight-year-old Darrell Lapp returned Tuesday to Liberty after a scuba diving trip with a Boy Scout troop.

His ordeal began last Friday when airport security in Freeport, Bahamas found a .32-caliber bullet inside his fanny pack. He was charged with possessing ammunition and sent to a jail in Nassau. Lapp says he thinks he left the bullet in his pack after a hunting trip.

His wife found a lawyer, who was able to get the criminal charge dismissed. Lapp was released from jail Monday night.

It’s unclear how the bullet was not detected by security at Kansas City International Airport and in Nassau.

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  • Lawrence

    Without a gun, a bullet is only as harmful as a small stone.

    Also, another shining example of a great job by the TSA! Aren’t they there to take that stuff from you because you’re going to do something harmful with it? Yeah…

    • Indy

      TSA didn’t find the bullet…… This was security at the airport in The Bahamas!!!

    • Odins Acolyte

      Makes you just want to kick the butt of every
      Federal employee you meet. Oh. That day is coming too!

      • Sam Whittemore

        Right on!

      • ts

        Name the place and the time. I am there. I have had it.

    • Jawal

      No it is not. Drop the pack and a hard object hits the primer and the bullet goes off. Stranger things have happened. Ever heard of the show 1000 ways to die. It is about freak accidents.

      • misanthrop

        freak yes and only one way to heaven. it was just such a freaky ending.

      • rjm2238

        Howdy Jawal,
        You are looking at a combination of events that is almost impossible. However, let us assume that what you say occurs. Most folks who are not overly familiar with cartridges, reloading, shooting , and ballistics basically don’t know what happens next. Most folk assume that the bullet will exit the case with same velocity it would as if it had been fired from a short barreled weapon. Nothing of the sort occurs.
        Rather than have a debate why don’t we conduct a small experiment, obtain a little empirical data and then put this to rest to the agreement of all involved. Let’s go !
        Being as the powder burned is not contained and directed as it would be in the chamber of a pistol the hot gases produced by the burning of the powder contained in the cartridge case amount to almost naught.
        Now to test this is utterly simple. I have demonstrated it for folks a number of times. Take a .22 rim fire cartridge, use a .22 long rifle as it the most powerful of the bunch barring the various .22 Rim fire magnum cases. Connect it to a battery of 12 VDC or more, creating a short circuit across the case and bullet and place it on a hard surface then, place a Styrofoam coffee cup over it.
        After a short time, a few minutes, the heat generated by the short circuit across the case will cause the powder charge to ignite, as well as the charge in the primer, in essence you will have “fired” the round.
        You will note that the result is both enlightening and predictable. The cartridge case, weighing less than the roughly 40 grain projectile (bullet), will move further than the bullet itself, physics would indicate this, but in any case, neither the bullet nor the cartridge case has the energy to even penetrate the Styrofoam cup.
        Bottom line is that a cartridge has virtually no power to accomplish any damage of any consequence should it be caused to discharge outside of the chamber of a weapon designed to fire that particular round.
        I suggest you try this test and show it to others in order to assure them that the odd round of ammunition, especially something along the lines of a .32 ACP or any .32 cal pistol cartridge possess
        insufficient powder to produce any amount of energy that would represent a threat to even a
        Styrofoam cup.
        Just for informational purposes I have considerable background in this area due to being a
        retired Test and Measurement Technician at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, an avid reloader
        for over forty years and being a former FFL holder and a shooter since the 1950’s.
        Hope this clears things up and makes it clear that a cartridge of this size outside of a chamber
        intended to fire it represents no danger what so ever.

        Rich in New Mexico.

      • RLA Bruce

        Since the explosion within the shell-casing isn’t confined by the receiver of a firearm, action/reaction says the bullet goes one way, but from an unconfined explosion and NOT rifled by a barrel and just tumbling, and the shell goes the other way, at speeds that harm no one. Ask any fireman in a burning house with weapons and ammo. Or do your own experiment: put a round in a fire. You get the bang, but no deadly shot going anywhere.

      • cz

        I pray for your soul that you arer being sarcastic.

      • SirGareth

        You do not know anything about firearms. Explosions come from confinement. An open bullet not confined in a hardened chamber can not achieve any velocity beyond that of a pea shooter

      • Joe blow

        If accidentally discharged the bullet willl not go anywhere.. The casing will be forced away from the bullet because there is no pressure because the bullet is not chambered. It is simple physics. The casing would hurt if it hit you, but it is not deadly.

    • Doris Filmore

      You don’t want to travel to the Bahamas if this is how they handle one bullet. Imagine being flown to another island and put in jail for 4 days for an obvious oversignt. The Bahamas are a dangerous place to travel. Better to go to the Keys.

      • americancommnter

        No kidding. And wasn’t it a place like that where a college student (female) was sold into rape and murder? Another third world septic-tank. If they put an American in their soddy jail for having a bullet in his possession, their whole country is unworthy of visiting.

        And I sure don’t want to fly anymore, and plan on driving for now on. Enough of the TSA B.S. They ought to be profiling for and searching for terrorist types, not feeling up everyone else. And if it’s true their handling luggage like the Cambodian post office handles mail, they are corrupted and worthless.

    • I Hate TSA

      TSA purposely makes it hard to file a theft claim. See

      Hide a penkife among my carryon electronics so TSA won’t find it. That worked last time I flew.

      I haven’t been to a Stalinist airport in over two years. Drive everywhere. Now thousands of miles a year more than before. Only by not flying might TSA be reined in. Unfortunately, most sheeple don’t care.

      • americancommnter

        The sheeple will get cancer like the TSA employees who work around the xray scanners.

    • Pete Gaughenba

      The important thing is that they were able to seize those dangerous toenail clippers

    • Spanky

      …and there are non-metallic guns which can get through metal detectors…

      • misanthrop

        and there are non brain thoughts that can really, really hurt my feelings.

      • ga steve

        I own a non metallic gun, it shoots water..

      • Wayne in NH

        Really? A non-metallic gun? And what manufacturer makes that? I think you’ve watched too many movies…..

      • John Woodbury

        I assume you are kidding, no one can be that stupid. Just to clear up whatever worries you, no, at least not yet. When a bullet, even a .22, is fired significant pressure is built up that plastic and polymers can not withstand. But even if it could withstand the pressures a trace of powder would remain and set off an alarm for gun powder. So far every part of a weapon can be polymer except the chamber and barrel, although I suppose they could be made into parts of other things and assembled aboard the aircraft.

      • rjm2238

        To Spanky,
        Sorry to say, but there are no functioning, totally, non-metallic guns. Certain components of a firearm must be made out of metal due to pressures (roughly 25000psi and up, even in a handgun, and very high temperatures due to the burning propellant) that must be made of metal. Also there are springs, even in a single shot weapon (firing pin spring) which are of metal as well.
        The only weapons similar to those you allude to are in both the movies and Democrat talking point memos.
        This I know as I was a part time gun dealer (FFL holder), for twenty years in the 1980’s and 1990’s plus have been a collector/shooter/reloader since the early 1960’s.
        Rich in New Mexico.

    • davec

      “Without a gun, a bullet is only as harmful as a small stone.”

      Apparently youve never TESTED that theory, have you?

      ever put a 223 in a fire?

      You have NO idea what youre talking about

      • Hammer

        why do people say such stupid things?

        The only thing stupider than your throwing a bullet in the big campfire that’s burning on the plane comment, is the fact that this innocent man spent 4 days in jail.

      • onceproudamerican

        Dave, you sound as miss-informed as an Obama support.

        Any chance you are one?

      • collector

        You have no idea what you’re talking about, you should stay out of a man’s conversation. Lawrence statment is correct.

      • Johnny

        Uh, davec,…I’m pretty sure that a fire hot enough to explode a bullet would probably get noticed pretty quickly on a plane…

      • vrwCHENEY

        i have fired off many bullets without being in a gun and they wont even pierce the skin only 4-5 feet away from it…without back-presure from the bullet being forced down a barrel all it does is make noise…dummy

      • Jon Weiss

        Depends on the type of bullet and the charge of powder, a .50 Caliber round for am M2 MG detonated inside an ammocan shreded the can, a round of hte same type generateed enough power to stick the projectile 8 inches deep in a dugffle bag of clothing, when it cooked off after being prematurely ejected from the hot breech of a MG. They can an do create damage.

      • Me

        I have… they pop like firecrackers. Can’t hurt anyone much as the pressure isn’t contained to direct the blast in one direction. They go off with the force equal to a black cat firecracker.

      • T-Ozzy Czernik


      • reality

        What kind of idiot are you? Why would you but a “223” in a fire?!?!

      • Iknowmorethanyou

        Did this guy also have the makings of a campfire in his fanny pack??

      • Simon Jester

        Yes! Exactly! Boy Scouts know how to start fires! His plan was to rub two inflight magazines together, cause a spark, build the fire up, use the pull-down oxygen mask to dissipate the smoke and then toss the round into it, carefully aim it at a window and wait for the round to “cook off” which would knock out a window and suck all of the passengers out! Deadly Boys Scouts…

      • henry anson

        Exactly what I was thinking

      • Ol' Billy

        A cartridge will explode harmlessly in a fire. There is no chamber or barrel to contain and direct the energy. Since the bullet is heavy and the case is light the case will just pop off when it explodes.

      • John C

        A bullet needs the compression of a gun barrel to do harm. Put a bullet in a fire and it will explode like a firecracker, but the bullet itself will only move a few inches.

      • Scott

        I don’t think that you’ll be able to build a fire on the plane or in the terminal.

      • daveisadolt

        Yes. Put a .223 in a fire and the brass splits open. It does NOT fire a bullet, as you are implying. Now who has no idea what they are talking about?

      • Escovado

        Sorry davec but it is you who does not know what you are talking about.

        A cartridge cooking-off in a campfire is no more dangerous than a large firecracker. Despite what you see in the movies, ammo cooking-off isn’t terribly dangerous. It’s impossible for a bullet to reach lethal velocity when the expanding gases aren’t contained inside the barrel of a gun. When ammo just goes off a lot of that energy goes everywhere, and only a little bit goes to push the bullet forward. The brass casing of the cartridge will fly farther than the bullet.

        The NRA has conducted plenty of published tests to prove this. Do your homework.

      • Strongbow

        It can happen; I was witness to such an event at a gun range my father and I took care of. Some unspent .223 cartridges made it into a burn barrel during a trash cleanup day and cooked off. The manager of the range was standing right next to it when one went off and it pierced his abdomen and spent 2 days in hospital after minor surgery.

      • mmercier

        I have burnt bullets. They do not discharge, they explode like a firecracker.

        A bullet requires a chambered barrel to discharge the round directionally,

        Imagine if he had a bic lighter, the mayhem he could be capable of…

        .32 couldn’t kill a dog.

      • BD

        Ever put a soaking wet rock in a fire? The water inside turns to steam and cant escape, and then the rock explodes with a lot more shrapnel than a single bullet, and as someone else said the bullet should very well split open instead of explode or take flight (since you need a barrel & chamber to focus the energy of the gun powder in a single direction).

      • sean patriot

        I have, They just pop. There is no compression for it to become a lethal projectile.

      • Steve from AZ

        A .223 in a fire wil explode rather harmlessly. No energy will be directed down a barrel.

      • Mr Wizard

        Nor do you.

      • finalturismo

        ya it pops a lil louder than a fire cracker, anti gun trash.

        A bullet needs a barrel for it to fire at a harmful velocity.

      • r105

        davec engaged his mouth before his brain, A bullet
        in a fire will cook off due to the primer heating up;
        the bullet casing will fly a few feet while the bullet
        stays where it was. Shoot! we did this in grade school
        and no one ever got hurt

      • Farmer Bob

        OK, so a bullet in a fire won’t fire the projectile, but when I was in the boy scouts they taught us how to make zip guns and . . . Oh wait, that was when I was in the Crips, not the boy scouts. Sorry!

      • Dennis Johnson

        Bullets go pop in a fire you doof, Without being contained in a chamber they cannot achieve much velocity to go anywhere. Too many TV shows for you

    • Spanky

      One person could have ammunition while co-conspirators could have parts to a makeshift weapon. Put them all together and you have a hijacking.

      • Spanky

        It’s really not that hard to make a “zip gun” and to disguise the components as ordinary items.

      • Hardcase

        I think that you’ve been watching too much TV.

      • CSATexan

        By Co conspirators do you mean Muslims?

      • Countrygirl1362

        The point is that TSA missed it in the USA.

      • Michael Schmidtman

        Please…. A more likely answer is that TSA was spending too much time searching the diaper of that 85 year old woman who was terminally ill with cancer. Don’t make excuses for the idiots in charge of the asylum that IS our country.

      • Don Bailey

        Okay McGuiver!!

    • Bryan`

      we just had the samething happen to us. we found a bullet in our purse that atlanta tsa didnt find. We are in Hawaii and just found it wondering how it got through security. We are glad we found it before security did on our way to the next island

      • TSAsucks

        i’ve travelled from AUS to JFK and back 5 times with a 5 inch long serrated blade in my laptop case. it was finally found (i thought i had lost it) as i attempted to return once again to JFK. i had no idea it was there, but it made it through security a total of at least 8 times. those guys are f*cking morons.

    • JustAGuy

      The TSA is too busy copping a feel to notice a bullet.

      • Prof. Carrol Quigley

        1. Government is out of control.
        2. Government = Politician
        3. Politician = Liar

        Why does everyone have such a big problem with obeying the written tax law?
        Shrink the government the natural way. Follow the law.

      • Wayne Moore

        I’m guessing it wasn’t TSA, since the Bahamas are not in the US.

    • Bartie

      I used to LOVE to travel, flying was such an exciting experience. NOW I HATE TO FLY! Not because of the jets themselves, not because of the flight itself, or terrorists, but because of TSA groping, naked scans, fondling, taking our stuff, treating us like criminals. I feel like a criminal off to prison, I no longer feel like a passenger on a fun vacation. I just drive now, or stay home. If TSA ever stops this stupidity, if I am not too old by then, I will be HAPPY to travel again. They keep taking our stuff, when we landed in Houston from LAX last time, I had so many things missing from my suitcases. But if you turn it in to the government, you never get an answer. They just keep mailing you forms to fill out over and over, same forms. This time they took my brand new $$$$$ perfume I had bought in Chicago in march.


      • Mark

        Coward, fly and face it. Take the battle where it is at. If you avoid airport security eventually you will find it at subways, train stations, road side checkpoints, public schools and sporting events.

      • John in NC

        I agree with everything you said. When I stated flying (back in the ’70s), it was an adventure you looked forward to. I no longer fly, primarily because of the Gestapo….ah, I mean TSA, but also because of the way airlines treat their customers. We are now cattle with a ticket. I simply plan ahead and drive.

      • tippietoez

        You say, “Not because of the terrorists.” The TSA ARE the terrorists.

      • gjjemhunter

        We should sue the Federal Governemnt’s TSA in Federal court as a class action.

        If The Fed refuses to allow a court hearing, we the people can declare war against the TSA and take them out as a hostile domestic enemy.

        The Fed would be wise to take steps to change the TSA methods or dissolve it altogether. The people will fight for their freedom again if this continues.

      • StopPayingTyrantsToRuleYou

        The consumer needs to know the power of patronage and nonpatronage. Every aspect of goods and services is organized. The workers organized, the manufacturers organized, but the consumer is like a herd.

        The following principle applies to ANY organization INCLUDING people doing business as “governments”:

        No pay = no job = nobody bothering me.

        STOP PAYING and they will either correct themselves to avoid a business death, or they will go OUT OF BUSINESS.



    • forrest

      How bloody ridiculous!!! I lack the words to describe my rage at the idiot bureaucracy.

    • Mac

      What do you mean, without a gun a bullet is only as harmful as a small stone? Even with a gun a bullet is only as harmful as as small stone.

      I wish that people who report on things having to do with firearms would do just a bit of research to learn the correct terminology.

      A bullet is an inert object. It cannot be fired from a gun unless it is one component of a loaded cartridge. It has no means to be projected other than what can be applied by physically throwing or slinging it.

      What they are probably talking about is a cartridge or a round of ammunition, not a bullet. A bullet is one of four components of a cartridge. Unless it is seated in a case in which resides powder and a primer it is as harmless as a small stone. A bullet by itself cannot be fired from a gun.

  • Brian

    The article states “It’s unclear how the bullet was not detected by security at Kansas City International Airport and in Nassau.”

    Well, I say the TSA is comprised of a bunch of knuckleheads who wouldn’t know their a$s from a hole in the ground.

    • henry anson

      Yes, that sentence must have intended as humor.

  • Paul

    And this is why I stay way from other countries that have dictatoral laws.

    A simgle .32 bullet? Heck the Bahamas can’t keep dope out, cant keep thugs out, can’t keep anything that really is bad, but oh.. a .32 bullet!!! Horrors!

    • misanthrop

      can’t keep a good lawyer out either i bet

    • Shalalalala

      You mean like when the Executive says he can unilaterally raise the debt ceiling? Or like when the Executive starts a war w/o congressional approval? Or like when you have to submit to either nude scanning or groping by HS dropout gov’t union idiots to board a plane?

      That the kind of dictatorial stuff you talking about?

      • David

        Right, except it’s not a war, it’s a “kinetic military action”, and he doesn’t feel that he needs approval. Same with the debt ceiling. He doesn’t need congressional approval, he can just arbitrarily do what he wants. But nooooo, of course he’s not a dictator … Dictators kill people without trial… wait, Obama does that too… Hmmm….

      • Richard

        he can declare a military insertion which is with in his rights to do but only for 2 MONTHS then congress will ,due to our checks and balances, will tell him he needs to get out or faces consequences and will grant him extra time to get our troops out of where ever they are, of course the president can plea for congress to actually declare war but he really cant do anything other then that after the decision to e-vac.

      • Dee Sloan

        Most excellent rebuttal!

    • Tony P.

      “And this is why I stay way from other countries that have dictatorial laws.”

      If this kind of stuff is your measure of a dictatorship maybe you better leave this one.

      • cz

        Oh i plan on it as soon as possible. I fell for the propaganda when i grew up over seas, that America was the land of the free and the home of the brave. I believed the hype that freedom and liberty was what the US was. I know the constitution and the bill of rights i have read it multiple times and this country is not the country that is sold to the world. There is no freedom here Government is in every aspect of everyone life. Every one here is a cry baby coward afraid of anything the Propaganda TV tells you to be afraid of. No bravery every thing in america is run by corporate globalist interest the people are silent and spineless. You slaves are told your free and even while you wear the shackles of debt or police you still believe your free . sad sick cowards. the death of a once great country is a pathetic thing to watch the castration of once strong brave people.

      • Jimmy

        Many people are leaving the USA. They see the writing on the wall as to where we’re headed. Because they have visited other countries in the world, they have a basis of comparison. We are no longer a free country when a stranger — just because he’s an agent of the federal government working at an airport — can reach into your pants and squeeze your genitals and do the same to your children. (Look it up.) Because we accept this without mass opposition, it indicates we will accept even worse treatment. By the way, the TSA is reportedly going nationwide: train and bus stations, highway checkpoints and even high school proms. (Look it up.) Read the US Constitution and compare it to what you see going on around you (wars without Congressional approval, excessive taxation without representation, no freedom to peacefully protest as a group without a permit, no purchasing of precious metals without producing a driver’s license to the store clerk who copies down the information, the new plan to control the purchase of nutritional supplements, etc., etc.). I know of no European country that is as oppressive and controlling as ours — and I’ve been to most of them more than once.

  • Captain Hindisght

    Wow, good thing they caught him, because if his aim was good enough he could have thrown that sucker and poked someone’s eye out.

    • Spanky

      One person could have ammunition while co-conspirators could have parts to a makeshift weapon. Put them all together and you have a hijacking.

      • Charles

        Then security missed all those co-conspirators you are imagining. It is obvious the Bahamians did not think this is the case…. they didn’t hold the aircraft and rip though everyone and everything on the flight. A can of hairspray and a lighter would have been more deadly and fearsome than this one lowly cartridge. In fact, it says they found a bullit. It does not say they found a complete round or cartridge… just a bullit.

      • cz

        With your logic the only way to ever be safe is if your beloved government kills every living PERSON FOR OUR SAFETY.

      • yzhenry

        Put this together…. the TSA are a bunch of fools tha tlike dressing up in blue uniforms and cannot get a job at Walmart….

        They would not know a hijacking if they saw one….

      • Kusokurae

        Spanky, you’re obsessed with hijackings. If you ever go to an airport, please don’t tell anyone about your obsession. You’d shut down the whole place.

      • Kent Leichliter

        No, no, no, silly! Weren’t you paying attention at the movies? the makeshift gun is not brought onboard by a co-conspirator, your boss hires a mechanic to stash a zip gun inside a roll of TP back in the bathroom. Then you pretend to have to pee really badly so the guard will let you go have a sit-down. You retrieve your hidden zip gun, add your single bullet, and when you go back to your seat, you try to shoot Wesley Snipes. Just be careful not to blow a hole in the side of the plane!

      • Joe Johnson

        if the man was in full Islamic garb he’d never have been questioned, bullet or not; but since he was a boyscout leader…….

      • Yirmin Snipe

        yes… that is true… or one person could simply pass through security with a balloon full of potassium up his rectum… calmly go to the bathroom to relieve himself and blow the whole plane up…. There are a million different ways you COULD highjack or blow up a plane but it doesn’t mean anyone is going to do it.

      • mark

        Spanky, you’re over wrought and probably hysterical. All the terrorists work for the media or the government and they don’t need a bullet to make you wet your pants…

  • Nate

    “It’s unclear how the bullet was not detected by security at Kansas City International Airport and in Nassau.” I can clarify – the reason the bullet was not detected in the first pass through TSA is because the TSA operators were too busy taking naked pictures of travelers and patting down handicapped children to watch the fanny pack go through the standard old-fashioned x-ray machine.

  • TroyG

    It’s not unclear to me….TSA and current screening looks for ALL THE WRONG THINGS!

    So tell me, how many Boy Scout leaders have blown up a plane, or hijacked one, or lets say in the past 100 years?

  • Hank Warren

    Useless TSA, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our rights:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama, vote for Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

    • Charles

      Uh huh… a banned book. Sure. Banned by whom? When? Is that what the voices tell you? Banned… that is why it is openly for sale on the website link you provided? Get outta here you lying crackpot!

  • Lenny

    Poked his eye out. LOL

  • Dave Shaffer

    A “.32-caliber bullet”. Left “in his pack after a hunting trip”. First of all, a “bullet” is the projectile of a “cartridge”. Second, was it a .32ACP, .32 Short or Long Colt, or a .32 H&R Magnum? Makes a diff if he’s throwing around that old “left in the pack after a hunting trip”. A magnum round, maybe, but, thirdly, who totes a .32 anymore? Maybe it’s just me, but I’m picky about this sort of stuff.

    • Joseph

      Add to the list my .32 Special Saddlegun to make the picture a little more complex.

      • E. Zach Lee-Wright

        He had been hunting with a 32-20 Winchester lever action rifle. Revolvers were chambered for this round also. It is a bottle necked round and hard to find on the shelf but you can get it from Cabelas.

      • rjm2238

        Hi Joe,
        I have to add the .32-40 Winchester which is the round used in my John Wayne commemorative, if I ever were to fire it that is, and that ain’t going to happen! Nice nickel plated cartridges with Duke headstamp. Pure art.
        Rich in New Mexico.

    • Shalalalalala

      It doesn’t make a difference what “excuse” he uses. The man had already gone thru 2 screenings- 1 to leave the US and 1 to enter the Bahamas- and flown on a flight. He had a single bullet, which, unless you’re McGruber, is in no way capable of taking down an airliner (before anyone says anything stupid, the depressurization myth has been disproven).

      This is a clear case of some idiot in the Bahamas who is equally as idiotic as the power tripping TSA workers here finding a bullet this man didn’t know he had and treating him like a terrorist mastermind b/c it makes security feel like their job isn’t meaningless.

      I do agree with you though. This day in age I wouldn’t bother carrying anything less than a compact .40. Ferrel dogs, muggers, cheating spouses… it’ll handle pretty much anything.

      • Spanky

        How many bullets should the cutoff be? If you let people through with one bullet each, then all it takes for a hijacking is several conspirators, some of them carrying disguised parts to a firearm and the others carrying 1 round each.

      • Dee Sloan

        Well golly, Spanky; not how many but that any went through, is the general disgruntelment here.

      • Joe Johnson

        hey Spanky, the solution upon discovering the bullet is confiscating it…. since when did a bullet cartridge end someone in prison? You can buy those things at a Walmart!

    • DeputyMarshal

      okay Dave. We are all duly impresses with you vast knowlege of the variety of 32 caliber rounds. Do you have anything meaningful to contribute? No? I didn’t think so. Go back to your latest Guns & Ammo. BTW … I’m a subscriber too.

    • SickOfDaveDumazz

      Yeah, it’s just you trying to be a smart-ass … we get it, and all agree that you ARE a smart-ass, now go away.

    • John

      I have a Model 94 Winchester Lever action chambered in .32 Win Spc that probably has killed more deer than you have seen.

      • Mark M Webster

        Mine is of the 32-40 variety. A little harder to get ammo for, but still a sweet little gun after its 115 years of use.

  • Joseph

    The government is a bad joke.


    No good seed goes unpunished. God bless the Boy Scouts of America.

    • M-B in TX

      Precisely DBTRN. Security goes on planes w/ammo IN guns. You have to have a realistic view of who IS a true threat. Clearly this was an accident & they left him go after a number of days. Glad for that, but they should have figured out the situation quicker. Jihad is by definition a “holy war” against us. That would REQUIRE our self declared enemy to be Muslim. No not all by any means but it sure helps to narrow it down 90%! TSA & this Admin are INDEED complete fools.

      • Eric Hultman

        More of a threat is the officer(s) that leave their loaded gun behind after using the restroom.

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  • irvingt

    tss only likes to grope people chuck a fanny pack no fun there and it wont SELL at the government store of stolen goods

  • BrianG

    When is a bullet not a bullet? The TSA confiscated from me a keyring that had as an ornament a hollow-point bullet which had had its charge removed and replaced with filler and thus could not have functioned as a bullet. I would have protested but was traveling for business and did not want to risk further engagement with these morons.

    Or perhaps I should say “boludos.” The agent who noticed my item in the little tray into which I’d compliantly deposited my metal objects informed his colleague in Spanish —which I happen to speak fluently. Since when is Spanish the language of official Federal business in the US?

    p.s. : I replaced the item and now put my keys in my shoulder bag at TSA checkpoints. I have had no repetition of this nonsense. Meanwhile, people with actual weapons continue to breeze right on through.

    • Spanky

      “Since when is Spanish the language of official Federal business in the US?”

      Since Dems decided to woo Hispanic voters by pushing for amnesty and other benefits for illegal immigrants.

    • Marbran

      I have a backpack with all sorts of pockets, etc. Right before the xray machine, I realized I was still carrying my bottle of water. I stuck it in the outer pocket, quite visible to TSA, and threw the whole bag into the xray. They never said anything. I’ve been carrying water through like that since. Yet, all liquids over 3 oz are supposed to be thrown out. These guys make up the rules as they go.

    • Taxed_n_Spent

      My daughter won a plastic bow & arrow set complete with 3 suction tip arrows and a rubber knife at the arcade. Minnesota TSA confiscated the rubber knife as a weapon. No kidding. You couldn’t have cut jello with it, but they took it anyway.

  • Capt Phil

    TSA probably planted it!

  • Gene

    I once flew with a woman who was aghast when she discovered a full clip of .32’s in her purse…but TSA had confiscated her shampoo

  • Mark Maloney

    Yeah, I went through security in Houston, Phoenix and San Diego like 5 times before they spotted a key chain made from a rifle round. It happens. TSA can’t catch everything everytime.

    • Dee Sloan

      Actually, I do not know that the TSA has ever caught anything, ever, excepting the hatred of the American public.,

  • SmarterThanLibs

    So… having a single bullet on your person is a crime in the Bahamas? They must have no gun crime with such strict gun laws! Oh! Wait…

    “A NEW study reveals that the country’s murder rate is three times higher per capita than the United States.

    The Royal Bahamas Police Force’s study, announced yesterday afternoon at the College of the Bahamas Chapters book store, Sgt Chaswell Hanna said that for every 100,000 persons, the Bahamas has three times the murders of the US and is ranked 14th in the world.”

    That is from

    • Spanky

      No offense, but being “SmarterThanLibs” isn’t much.

      My lawn edger is smarter than libs, and unlike libs, it actually can perform a useful function.

  • Simon Jester

    Fear those Boy Scouts! The KGB rightfully saw them as being the first waving of an American invasion, as they parachuted behind enemy lines to ‘scout’ military targets! Even the Scout uniform was designed t confuse Soviet troops, with that strip of red on the knee-high socks; very Communist! A single Eagle Scout supplied with elements hidden in his merit badges and a roll of duct tape could easily construct a lethal stealth-crossbow used in assassinations of high profile non-American military leaders, and mimes. Damn mimes!

    • apachecav

      Simon Love the humor!

      Signed SW Scoutmaster

  • bumpside

    When a TSA agent fails to detect something, it goes undetected. Technology can only take you so far — the mall cop at the airport isn’t going to get you much further.

  • truthmatters

    TSA must have been to focused on checking and feeling his genitals rather than searching the fanny pack. Also the x-ray the bag went through did not detect the shell case or the bullet. So much for airport security and the TSA. Let’s keep giving up our liberties and surrender of our 4th amendment rights for that false sense of security. Idiots in America.

    • Joe Johnson

      yeah, the fannypack getting the full powered non living thing xray doesn’t see it, but the ‘safe for humans’ xray is going to be both safe and effective? Seems to me they’re looking for something else with all the xrays…

  • Strongbow

    It was missed by TSA over here because the Boy Scout Leader was not female, wearing a mini-skirt and having a large bosom, which seems to be the criteria (at least in Houston) for being pulled out of line for an “enhanced” search. I don’t fault the authorities in the Bahammas, as they were following their laws, rules and regulations regarding contraband items. I am glad that someone in their justice system finally saw reason and dismissed the charge for something that looks like it was completely inadvertant on the part of the traveller.

  • Mike

    Barney Fife!!

  • Bruce S.

    The TSA agents in Kansas City missed the bullet because they were busy copping a feel on ole granny and small children. What a bunch of pervs!!!

  • barnstorm

    Maybe he could charge TSA for failure to protect him or is this just another facit of “Fast and Furious”?

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