KC Leaders File Lawsuit Over Earnings Tax

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — Several civic leaders from Kansas City have gone to court challenging a voter-approved state law on municipal earnings taxes.

The ballot measure approved last November requires Kansas City and St. Louis to hold ask voters every five years to renew the city earnings taxes. The two communities are Missouri’s only cities with local earnings taxes.

A lawsuit filed Monday in Cole County Circuit Court contends the Kansas City charter authorizes the local earning tax and does not require the periodic renewal vote.

Voters in both Kansas City and St. Louis approved retention of their earnings taxes in April.

Plaintiffs in the legal challenge include Kansas City Fire Chief Richard Dyer and prominent civic leader Anita Gorman, who helped lead the effort to establish the earnings tax in 1963.

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  • Ed Golterman

    While this is ‘churning’ in the courts,, officials here should end the Zoo/Museum tax which soaks City and County tax payers $70 million a year.These institutions are ‘money- bloated’ and have gone into ancillary businesses and enterprises that suck in more money. All tax sheltered. They don’t need ours.

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