Sun Flare Misses Earth, More to Come

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – The Sun has unleashed a giant solar flare that could be the forerunner of more to come.

The Sun is entering a busy solar flare cycle says Associate Director of the James S. McDonnell Planetarium David Ritchey.

For the next several years the sun will release what are known as C-M-E’s.  The peak is expected in 2013.

“They (C-M-E’s) can cause communications blackouts, electrical grid shutdown, cell phone shutting off” said Ritchey. 

Ritchey says the solar flares can disrupt the entire spectrum including radio waves, micro waves and gama rays which would disrupt everything from t.v. , radio, police communications , cell phones and much more. 

One of the largest sun flares in five years was released early Tuesday.  Luckily it came from the side of the sun that was not facing the Earth.

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