Feds Called in to Curb Eastside Crime

EAST ST. LOUIS, Ill. (KMOX) – The public housing complexes on the east side of the river might just be the deadliest places in the country, but efforts are underway to secure the area.

Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) is bringing in federal law enforcement to help state and local authorities crack down on crime. Figures show that East St. Louis is nearly twice as dangerous as even the worst streets in Chicago.

“You will find that the crime rate here is the worst in the nation,” Durbin says. “The club scene in East St. Louis is a crime scene.”

Durbin says that although the public housing complexes are managed federally, their problems come from local sources.

“You cannot have this club scene turn out to be the wild west, where innocent people are victimized by it, no matter what the revenue is to the city of East St. Louis,” he says. “And you can’t open liquor stores on every corner near housing developments and expect good things to come if you’re open all night.”

Durbin says the responsibility is on city leaders’ shoulders to change the public housing situation.

Sister Julia Huiaskamp has tutored many kids in the area, and she says opportunities are few.

“We have many, many children who have been cheated by the public schools system here, who do not have the skills they need to get a job, even if there were any jobs to find,” Huiaskamp says.

She also says the problem extends beyond just kids.

“We have so many parents of the children that we work with who have no cash income – their only income is food stamps,” Huiaskamp says.

Durbin says poverty is a longer-term issue, and for now efforts will focus on reducing crime by tracking down and prosecuting criminals.

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  • Brent

    This article pretty much shows you the mindset of a typical progressive liberal. It is not the people who are shooting other peoples fault…it is those bad business owners. If only those bad business owners didn’t have a liquor store on the corner then those poor people wouldn’t be forced to violence. Then Durbin says it is not the central govt fault….it is at the local level. Then the local progressive liberal says it is not the local government’s fault….it is because the school system failed them. What a bunch of horse manure. Personal responsibility does not exist in their world.

    • a jones

      Wall em’ off and let them go at it.

    • Argh


      iamthewitness. c o m

    • rangerrebew

      Its probably a good thing the liquor stores are close by as it keeps the animals closer to the sty. These “poor” people alway manage to have booze, dope, and cigarettes so the closer they are to home the less damage they can do to others.

    • Paul

      Just like it doesn’t exist in Washington D.C….. In fact many in todays society refuse to be held accountable or responsible….

    • RightWay2012

      At this very moment, my 7 year old son is doing his daily 30 minutes of reading. I’m not a perfect parent. My point here is that as a parent I ensure that he completes his daily reading. No government said I had to make him read. The school system did recommend 20 minutes of daily reading, but a teacher is not standing in my home making sure he reads. I, as the parent, have made reading a priority in this home. Personal responsibility as a parent, and instilling that personal responsibility onto my child. That is why he has a chance. No progressive liberalism of excuses are permitted in this house; and it costs nothing for parents to ensure their child is learning.

      • FedUp Florida

        Awesome. Well said. When a child is born out of love, instead of some fat, lazy sow whose baby daddy didn’t want to wear a condom, he/she stands a chance to be an intelligent and productive member of society. Welfare recipients who have their tubes tied or cut, depending on the sex. That would slow the spread of the cancer that are negros.

      • davec

        “but a teacher is not standing in my home making sure he reads.”

        DAMN RIGHT !!!!!!!!! They can learn at home too. Its called “books” and “parents not doing crack”

      • Crackles McFarly

        Reading nor any education prevents criminal activity. Fear of prison rape and violence prevents crime.

      • Sunshine Connie

        I took care of great nephew when dad went to Iraq. I go a 9 yer old with a big mouth who could read at 1st grade level. We did 45 minutes 2 times a day and oral reading with my 2 college grads before bed at night on the classics. In 1 year he went up to grade level and a bit beyond. Keep it up RightWay2012. Try a little later lights out if he reads quietly in his room. Reading is critical to all of life!

      • Aaron Massey

        I am from East St. Louis born and raised. I am almost depressed about the ridiculously negative things happening in East St. Louis. Here is what you all should do. I am starting an organization called East St. Louis for a better East St. Louis! Check out the blog and read it. See how we can help East St. Louis! I am a recent college graduate of Illinois Wesleyan with a degree in Urban and Community Development. I am teacher through Teach For America in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I am part of the entering class at Brown University for Urban Education Policy. I have dedicated my life to this movement! Please join the cause



    • Boomer

      The school system did not fail these “students”; they failed the school system by their thuggish lifestyle, and then blame the government for not MAKING them behave. Of course, any government that tries is immediately branded as “racist.”

      • doctordoctor

        why not just nuke the place and make it into a giant parking lot?

      • Roy

        Well said.

      • GrizzledGringo

        Didnt Obama just say he was going to lower education standards further??

      • Sunshine Connie

        I agree with you Boomer!

  • TMS

    Since when is East St. Louis in Missouri? (Look at your dateline)

    • David

      Who said it was? ” EAST ST. LOUIS, Ill. (KMOX) ”

      That’s at the top of the story!

      Just an FYI…Ill. is short for Illinois. MO is short for Missouri EINSTEIN.

      • mike

        IL is short for Illinois, not ILL.

      • Dave

        Ill. is AP style for Illinois, Mike. IL is the postal abbreviation.

    • dankruse

      Thank you! East St. Louis has ALWAYS been Illinois’s problem that bleeds over to Missouri

      • FEDUP

        Living not far from E. STL I understand its in IL, However North St. Louis also bleeds to here. Most of our drugs and thefts involving cars occur from ppl living in North city crossing the river. Its a combination. Not one or the other but both are the issue. IT NEEDS TO BE CLEANED UP !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mr. Reality

      Meanwhile, St. Louis is Missouri’s problem that keeps bleeding over into Missouri. Can we please give back St. Louis and their second rate baseball team to the French?

  • Phillep Harding

    Death by regulation. At one time, “regulation” meant “encourage” and “make work smoothly”. Now it means “discourage”, “prevent”, and “block”.

    Repeal minimum wage laws. Open up the zoning to allow businesses. Reduce taxes and regulations on employers. Get rid of the teachers’ unions. Repeal laws and regulations preventing people from carrying firearms for self defense. Clean up city hall.

    • Mary

      Add repeal laws preventing the hiring of anyone under 16 years old. Idle hands are the devils workshop. If a person hasn’t developed skills that will make him a productive employee by the time he is 16, it’s too late. Few sluggards who have been allowed to goof off, play games , and accomplish nothing are going to turn into productive citizens all of a sudden. Child labor laws, along with our overly generous welfare system, has created inner city slums filled with people who will never be able to do anything productive.Comedian Dave Gardner said it well years ago. “If a person would rather starve to death than go out and get him a job and earn some money so he can buy himself something to eat he wouldn’t have made a very good citicens anyway.”

  • JoeD

    10 killings in 10 years. I think that is pretty good. What’s the rest of the story?
    Why is an illinois Senator involved in a city in Missourri? Why is the federal government involved in running these housing projects? Is this story an accurate one?

    • LarryG

      Read the goddam article! Then Google this: E. St. Louis murder rate. Take your time and maybe you’ll pick up some facts. Jesus!

    • Terry Clifton

      Because they where built with tax dollars by us, and given to the feds, so that, bums could have a free place to reign terror from, ie.. drug dens and baby factories.

    • Boomer

      Because East St. Louis is in ILLINOIS.

  • OPBuck

    “Durbin says that although the public housing complexes are managed federally, their problems come from local sources.”

    The local sources feeding at the federal trough with no incentives to wean?

    • Ron

      The problem is as local as possible. The residents.

    • aubreyfarmer

      I bet if Durbin had to live in East St Louis things would change in a hurry.

  • nygrump

    How does one death a year compute as “deadliest in the nation”? The article says “East St. Louis public housing is home to 800 people, and the developments have seen ten killings in the past decade.” Missing something here.

    • matt

      Sounds like someone wants to redevelop some water front property to me.

  • STL Boy

    Aint that just like the stupid liberal media? Don’t know that EAST St Louis is in ILLINOIS not Missouri

    • Ron

      Shows they didnt cross the river to investigate this story.

  • johnoakman

    Keep it up Obammaites–you are helping to get dat rat outta de den!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michael Jensen

    Just to set the record somewhat straight, East St. Louis has over 2,000 public housing units which would include way more than 800 fine residents of that sewer. Until someone is interested in honestly addressing the core problem, little will change.
    And Sister – with all due respect – the issue is not jobs because most of this population has not had a job in recent memory.
    This is a cultural issue fostered by and promoted by the liberal leanings of a society gone made.

    • larry burdge

      You are right, It’s not a job issue. Most of these “so-called” folks are on the government doll and expect to see a bigger check comming in the mail next month…..If it doesn’t show up,,,,,,YOU ARE TO BLAME……and they’re gonna’ let you know about it, personally…….. Stock up on ammo, you’re gonna need it….. IF NOT, get yourself a back-up phone and have 911 on speed dial so the cops can arrive in time to write up the sad report.

      • AGKay

        This is precisely why you see signs in National Parks warning visitors not to feed the Bears. What do you do when the food runs out? No more is a concept the wildlife does not understand.

  • Law Abiding Citizen

    There’s a civil war coming and the country will be divided geographically by race. Read the truth in this short book and make up your own mind. No affiliation whatsoever, but this will scare you.


    • Paul

      If it does happen it will not just be a race war it will also be a class war…. Nobama is doing his best in dividing this country….

    • pyramid

      It’s not necessarily about race. It’s going to be between the producers and the takers.

      • Amethyst

        Except that it’s generally whites that produce and blacks that take!

      • Law Abiding Citizen

        Multiethnic empires never achieve true internal stability. They survive only by unrelenting military and police suppression of their inhabitants. Do you really think we’re going to have peace and prosperity once the Latino and Black populations exceed the Whites? Look at Africa – pick any African country – endless wars and suffering punctuated by bouts of tribal mass killing with machetes.

        Soon, very soon, the White vote will no longer matter. Obama and Holder are making sure of that. The whites will flee north to avoid attack and injustice by elected overt racists protecting their people. (La Raza)

    • larry burdge

      Inner-city riots are comming shortly after the 2012 elections, win or loose, either way I see them comming to a town near you. Get ready. It’s O’Bummer’s plan………….AND all along you thought he was just a community organizer for ACORN……………..

      • TGBTG

        For many years I lived in IL and East St. Louis was always a bad place to go to or be caught in. It is such a violent place that the devil won’t go in after the sun has gone down. With that said, it’s obvious that now the violence and poverty must be leaking in to the the white areas of town, or we would not be seeing any attention being paid to this. I don’t think it does much good to degrade people who are already down, or to continue to point fingers. Ask yourself what have you done to foster a solution to this problem and if racisim was dead in the this country why so many racists remarks about this story? Sorry to tell you but there are plenty of white people who live in those projects too.

      • Peter Lemon

        “O’Bummer.” How original.

      • Boomer

        What is going to set off the inner-city riots you’re predicting? Blacks very seldom riot in cold weather and November is cold in most of the country.

    • Boomer

      A civil war coming? Not likely; what would they do for welfare then? No, things will just keep moseying along as they have for decades.

      • Gerald

        Well, this would be better than what we have now, with losers with no education running amok in parts of the U.S. Better contain them though, I will not tolerate them in my neighborhood.

  • david

    hey eddie haskel durbin – just build more basketball courts like your buddy al gore did ——–

  • JackKracker

    The truth is always worth repeating

    Democrat social policies in action: this is the end result. More progressive policies will not help. Cut the wellfare off and wall them in. Only 10 dead in 10 yrs thats not worse than Chicago or where illegal aliens live. This is another Durbin fantasy using extreme force

  • phillysmart

    Again poverty is not an excuse for lawlessness that is a left wing fabrication to justify massive federal spending on these leeches…the school system is not to blame either…these peopel are just stupid and are probably best served in a tribal setting where the community will keep them in line

    • Mike

      Agreed, My father and Uncle grew up poor. Great Grandfather was a share cropper. Guess what they did not expect anything from anyone. They got up and got out of their poverty. Their father was a drunk as well. So no excuses.

  • Fred Flenders

    East St Louis, MO <<< LOL Stupid KMOX!

    • LarryG

      What the hell are you talking about, Mr. Snerd? Try reading the beginning again.

    • Marc Kortlander

      probably a product of the public schools there

      • Ron

        Journalism degrees? Enhanced basket weaving. No geography till the PHD level.

  • Tom in Austin

    ….another list of excuses from a man that moulded the policies that caused these inner-city problems Dubin and the rest of the incopetent liberals should be made to live there.

    • Linda white

      You betcha

  • joe

    Obama voters

    • larryburdge


  • Henry

    Illinois. Another state with heavy gun restrictions where people can’t defend themselves without having to jump through a whole bunch of hoops. Cities that have relaxed guns laws don’t have these problems, because law abidding citizens will shoot thugs dead if they ever came to attack them.

    • RussRamey6

      Don’t confuse people with the facts, an armed citizenry does not have to fear thugs or their own government. Government should fear us we should not fear them. They wqrk for us, we do not work for them…

    • Iraq Vet

      Damn straight!!!!

  • Daniel K

    CBS St. Louis should be ashamed of the editorial effort on this story. This is ridiculous. It’s obvious from a cursory reading that the story is a mess. Is this the status of reporting in the internet age? Who is the author? The author deserves to be demoted.

  • larry burdge

    Durbin is from Illinois,,,,,,,,,He is probably trying to reflect any negative comments on his state, which we all know is the capitol of political crime in the USA. But that being said,,,,,housing projects around the country are known for crime. If St. Louis is on the positive side of that fact,,,,,,,,,it is unusual, even if the residents are all related.

  • Jsmith

    He may be right, or he might not be.

    Does IIllinois still have mayors and a governor? Why is a US Senator bringing iin aidel like this?

  • Marc Kortlander

    it not the schools that fail the kids there it is the kids there refuse to do any work necessary on their own. why should they, the government will fund everything they could ever need and want

  • therealjg

    When I was a boy, our family drove through East St. Louis. It really made an impression. Never have I seen so many folk on street corners who looked like they’d slit your throat for a dollar. One scary place. I’m now nearly fifty.

    • Boomer

      Before I retired, I visited the St. Louis and western Illinois area many times on business. Everytime I drove over the interstate to Illinois and looked down at E. St. Louis, it reminded me of the scene in Full Metal Jacket of the bombed out city of Hue.

    • JPrimus

      The “car strip” scene from Nat.’l Lampoons Vacation took place in St. Louis. hahahaha

  • NYGlenn

    The same feral humans exhibiting the same subhuman behavior. Like locusts they come to an area, wreck it and move on. DISGUSTING!

    • just wow

      I’m glad someone is calling these racist commenters out for what they are: “subhuman.”

      Get my point, Glenn?

      • JM in San Diego CA

        You don’t have a point, J-wow. You are a dullard.

  • Sunshine Connie

    “We have so many parents of the children that we work with who have no cash income – their only income is food stamps,” Huiaskamp says.

    Is that how they buy alcohol? Stop the foodstamps and give beans & rice. If I want to eat I work for money to buy food.

    If you want something then figure out how to work for it. Society does not owe you a thing except the right to pursue a better life. If you are to stupid or lazy, so be it.

    The GRAVY TRAIN is out of money. ALL OFF!

    • JPrimus

      Thank you. WORKFARE. You work, we’ll pay you. I once saw a guy on workfare working on a construction site. He was complaining about how it was “bullsh!t” that he was being forced to work. A Portuguese guy working with us said nothing all day. Quiet guy. He finally exploded and launched into a tirade about what he had to go through to get to the U.S. The guy gave him some lip in response. The Porto beat the sh!t out of him…bad. Broken nose and jaw. Porto was like 60, and the ‘recipient’ was, I’d say 28. It was one of the best things I’d ever seen in my life. Justice.

      • Boomers


        What I wouldn’t pay fo a video of that scene!!!!

  • Anishinabi

    As a citizen of the Wild West in Arizona I resent thei implication. This is Blue State, on the dole lawlessness. It ain’t those bowlegged white folks on horses doing this. And it ain’t those casino indins.

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