Top 5 Reasons to Look Forward to the End of Summer (page 5)

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Autumn Colours At Westonbirt Aboretum

Beards/Body Hair

121648937 8 Top 5 Reasons to Look Forward to the End of Summer

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This, my friends, is just practical. For the ladies, you get to wear pants/stockings everyday, which means you can skip a day or two from shaving your legs. Doing so on a daily basis is a pain in the butt.

We know because Cosmopolitan said so.

And for the fellas… it’s BEARD SEASON!!! Secretly, all guys want to grow a beard. It’s masculine. With a strong bristled face, a man can chop down trees, wrestle a bear (and WIN), and walk into the harshest of climates and not even wince.

There are just five reasons to be excited that Summer is ending and Fall is on the way. Now enjoy your Labor Day Weekend and be happy when you get back to business next week, because there is so much to look forward to.

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