Child Brings Mom’s Crack Pipe For Show-And-Tell

SWEET SPRINGS, Mo. (CBS St. Louis) –– A recent show-and-tell at a northwest Missouri elementary school resembled something out of an episode of “Breaking Bad,” leading to the arrest of a kindergartner’s mother.

Michelle Marie Cheatham, 32, was arrested on Sept. 6 after her son pulled out methamphetamine and his mother’s crack pipe during a show-and-tell for his kindergarten class, according to a felony complaint filed in the Saline County Circuit Court. Later that day, a search warrant was obtained by the Sweet Springs police to conduct a search at Cheatham’s home, which led to the police reportedly recovering a crack pipe and a butane lighter, according to the Marshall Democrat-News.

Cheatham was charged six days later with two class C felonies – the first for possession of a controlled substance and the other for endangering the welfare of a child. Each charge includes punishments of up to seven years in the Missouri Department of Corrections system and up to a $5,000 fine, according to the felony complaint.

The “several baggies of Crack Rocks” discovered in the boy’s backpack were worth around $3,700, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

“When I called the prosecutor about it, they said, ‘You’re kidding me, aren’t you?'” Sweet Springs Police Chief Richard Downing told KCTV5 earlier this month.

Cheatham will appear in court next week.

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  • Joe Menza

    I would have liked to be a fly on the wall in that classroom, lol.

    • Rob

      I’m just wondering what the kid said when he showed and told.

    • HighHigh School

      Wall? no. Ceiling, yes! ….. smoke rises.

    • claire mack

      True That

    • Kokoe Estrada


  • bruce brinkmann

    I remember taking a can of H’amms beer to school for show and tell. hat didn’t go ver to good either!

    • fool4jesus

      Hamms the beer refresing. That was a long time ago. Remember the word games on the caps of Lucky Beer?

      • elmer fudd

        yea, i worked with a guy that collected lucky caps- he was the only one who couls figure them out– 100% ff the time-the more drunk he got at work, the better he could figure them out- we fed him a six pak at 9:30 am break to sober him up- worked great, he quit shaking- he was a fun fellow to work with- a good worker too just sober him up with a 6 pak of lucky in the morning!!!!

    • sender G

      seems you still drinkin hat beer

    • ByteRider

      I found bringing Jack Daniels to school went over better with the teachers ;-)

  • Mark

    why no link to the crackheads mugshot ?

    • Guess Who

      Because it’s CBS and they always try to protect their pets from bad press.

    • HeHeHe

      Probably ’cause she’s a minor.

    • erin
    • LaQuan Demitrius Theodorius Jackson

      That was my sister. Clearly she was white.

  • Your Lying Eyes

    No names? No pictures? Did this really happen?

    • guest

      That usually indicates one thing.

    • ByteRider

      IT HAS TO BE TRUE! I just saw a related story! SEE—

      SWEET SPRINGS, Mo. (KMOX/AP) – Officials at a small northwest Missouri elementary school say they were stunned when a kindergarten student brought his mom’s improved nuclear bomb and some condoms for show-and-tell.

      The boy showed the items on Sept. 6 at Sweet Springs Elementary School, located about three hours west of St. Louis off of I-70. School officials called police.

      The boy’s 32-year-old mother was arrested and is charged with possession of a unregulated nuclear device, terrorism, terroristic threatening, child endangerment and just bad fashion sense.

      Court records indicate that the teacher told police that the boy had the bomb and “several baggies of anthrax.”

      Officials say the antrax was worth about $3,700, or $20 bucks with a deep Sunday discount.

      A family friend told KCTV5 that the boy is being cared for by monkeys living in a cave.

      • Poof

        In a follow up story. The location of the town could not be found for interviews. Nearby residents pointed in the direction where until yesterday the town was known to reside. Apparently the town has been relocated.

  • tyrone

    Mommy’s going to be jonesin for her crack. That’s a lot of crack and money mom is out of.

  • Blammo

    Dat ryte.
    America #1 !!!
    No video of the Johns(or Tyrones) at night ? Bummer.

  • just one

    3,700$ dollars worth? I am not in the know abotu street pricing for said drugs but 3,700$ …Really?

    • $$$$$$$$$$

      I think the dollar sign goes on the left side of the amount. Like this, $3,700. Looks like someone else got hold of mama’s stash.

      • ByteRider


  • Daniel Klages

    I wish that society would force this woman to have her tubes tied so that she can not breed anymore.

    • Caleb Dinsmore

      Oh sweet, eugenics. I do agree that people like this should have their rights to be pro-creators revoked, but to have society or the government tie her up? Brilliant! Let’s promote a race of smart people and have the idiots executed.

      …However beneficial that would be to society, it is still not right. Haha. Besides, it’s been tried before. We all know how that ended.

    • Jon

      Even though I’m a limited gov’t supporter, you make a good point. Especially when our cuurent political structure makes us pay for the behavior of these idiots.

      • Jake V.

        I don’t disagree when others are held to be responsible for those whom simple aren’t, however that is a dangerous slope…some people in the current administration (Van Jones and Cass Sunstein for example) have advocated public sterilization through such sources/methods as the water supply.

        That type of control is left to the uber devil dangerous folks, I.E. Nazi Germany.

        Are we Nazi Germany?

        Its ok, I sometimes wonder too….

      • NKVD

        I dunno… We probably could use something along the lines of the Khmer Rouge or Sendero Luminoso…

  • Anonymous

    […] Child Brings Mom CBS St. Louis __________________ Jimmy Biggs […]

  • Rikki

    that’s so sad. poor little boy. Addiction is a disease, I hope the mom gets some treatment.

    • D'Terian Theodorius Jackson IV

      Addiction is a lack of control you stupid, spoon-fed liberal. stfu.

    • John McGlasson

      addiction is not a disease, it’s a self-inflicted condition. If I stab a knife in my gut it’s not a disease, it’s a self-inflicted condition which may or may not be an indication of bigger psych problems, but it is NOT a disease. It’s not like cancer. You don’t get a call one day telling you “yeah, I have to let you know that grandma caught a crack addiction, yeah, none of us saw that coming, so sad”

      • Bill Devine

        People who smoke sometimes get lung cancer. The cancer is a disease, but it is also self inflicted. The whole disease/self control argument sets me on edge. And just so you know…I am a recovering alcoholic. Whether my “disease” is in check, or I found some “self-control”, you are correct…it is an indication of a deeper “psych problem”. I don’t expect you really to understand, but unless you have been there, you might want to hold back a little on the character judgement.

      • TNlibertarian

        I wonder what Allen was like on drugs?

      • Allen is Weak

        Allen the dope addict will not allow others their freedom of speech. Not only is he a weak little dope addict, he is a wanna be Hitler or Stalin as well.

      • Allen

        Bullsh-t I have been sober for 3years and 2months and 1weak and 2 days. This is 100% a disease I woke up in a ambulance 3 times not from taking to much either from not taking any at all. When you cross a thresh hold there is no turning back with out serious help and that is at least a 3 month program once that thresh hold is passed you do not know what your talking about keep your dam mouth shut!!!!

    • The G Report

      It may be a disease, but it is a self-inflicted disease.

      There is also a all natural home remedy: quit!

    • the myze

      I have an addictive personality to, I use it to excerise and read, not channel it into destructive behavior!

      • TNliberterian

        Sublimation FTW!

    • Derby Cap

      Addiction is not a disease, a disease is something you can see under a microscope.
      By labeling addiction a disease you take the responsibility away from the drug user and make them a victim.
      Drug addicts are not victims they are suffering from their choice of lifestyle and break the law and endanger others in the process.

      • andrew

        Really? You can see “disease” under a microscope? That’s interesting.. what does “disease” look like? This whole time, I thought it was the micro organisms CAUSING the disease that we could see.. but you learn something new every day.

        I can put my hand under a microscope. Does that make my hand a disease? Ridiculous question, right..? What about neurological disorders… can you put them under microscopes?

        Interestingly enough, you CAN put an addict under a microscope. Sure, you would need a big microscope (or a small addict). You’re logic is flawed.

        You may disagree with addiction being a disease. But you should at least give something a little more scientific as your reasoning.

    • RobertT

      Addiction isn’t a disease, it’s a weakness. Yes, I can say that. I have been clean 15 years. If you want to quit, you quit. If you don’t quit you are either stupid or weak, not diseased.

      • Atom&Yves

        Without going into details about my history, RobertT is correct. It’s a weakness/desire. I’ve been clean for 10 years, and ONLY because I DECIDED TO TAKE CONTROL of my weakness/desire. Apparently, Allen will never be able to admit the truth, no matter how long his sobriety. Sad.

      • JenB

        Thank you, Robert T for saying so! My step-son’s mother is an addict. She has gone to rehab – come out clean… and then CHOSE to get her next fix. I understand the chemical part of addiction, but at some point, addicts need to take responsibility for making the CHOICE to go back to their habit!

        I’ve been raising my boy for eight years, and the only disease involved in her life is her mental defect she’s self-medicating for.

      • HML

        Exactly right, some people need to hit bottom in life to make a change, some choose to stay there, some don’t.

      • Allen Dope Head

        Allen is cranky without his drug crutch.

      • Allen Duvio

        Bullsh-t I have been sober for 3years and 2months and 1weak and 2 days. This is 100% a disease I woke up in a ambulance 3 times not from taking to much either from not taking any at all. When you cross a thresh hold there is no turning back with out serious help and that is at least a 3 month program once that thresh hold is passed you do not know what your talking about keep your dam mouth shut!!!!

    • Will

      Addiction is a self-indulgence, just like over-eating.

  • Goldenfoxx

    Well it looks like they are white people. Apparently her husband died 7 months ago and was left with a sizable pension from the military. I hope she gets help.

    • Ian

      Looks like she could be Hispanic to me.

    • Josh Biggs

      Nowhere in the link Goldenfoxx gave is race given or shown. The only lady at the house visited by the reporter is white BUT she is only a friend of the family not the mother in question. Me thinks Goldenfoxx doth protest too much.

      • Bosh Jiggs

        Mug shot is on the page beside the story…….

    • Curt

      You are an idiot… but at at least now that you know the family’s race you can offer your sympathies.

  • Ed Cole

    I’ll bet mom was a hoot on “career day”, too.
    ‘Well, a typical day for me is waiting for the neighbors to leave for work, so I can rip something off from them to sell for some rock. If that doesn’t work out, I’ll usually try to find a slanger and trade a hummer for a hit or two…”

  • Smashicus

    What do you want to bet mommy is a recipient of some form of taxpayer entitlement?

    • Ian

      Military pension, is that a taxpayer entitlement?

      • Massimo Deportado

        No, but being an idiot in public like IAN is truly disgusting.

        Go away LITTLE IAN, you’re scaring the children…..

        It’s the military that allows you to sit around all day IN FREEDOM to smoke you’re little rock….ya freak!

      • IansDaddy

        No its an earned benefit for a federal employee.

        Your point is empty and thoughtless. Entitlements (IE welfare and free cell phones) for the poor and/or lazy have nothing to do with Military Pension. You provide a pitiful example of an intelligent human arguement. So vapid, but I bet your willing to shout everyone down for your beliefs. Loser.

    • Ed Cole

      Yep, so come on all you millionaires and pony up more tax dollars. You need to pay your fair share, because crack isn’t free and mommy’s jonesing for the pipe big-time.

  • Tim

    Leave the ho alone. She needs assistance. Let the liberals give her some funds so she can back her crack.

  • The Cryptojournalist

    Like Master P says, Make Crack Like This…..

  • Monica Schwiffer

    Oh, what a sweet story. Like mother like son. As a liberal white female, i so encourage the cultural identity of our proud and brave urban brethren. I would like to see college scholarships set up for such children so they can teach us the ways of life downtown(much like we now learn about the Native American culture). I am so sorry for all the misdeeds we whites have done to people of color. I wish a swiffer mop would sweep me off the floor as i am a dirty and dusty crumb.

    • TARA


    • jasperddbgghost

      You forgot to mention that you were a dumpster baby, the product of a donkey punch and electric boogaloo.

  • Josh Biggs

    Yes he can!!!! mmm… mmm… mmm… Yes he did!!!

  • Early Afternoon Fun: Say What Baby….You Do What You Want For Show & Tell | iBC_FN | iBankCoin Financial News

    […] Bet she was a welfare recipient too […]

  • Jonny Chepe

    Monica Schwiffer….you’re an as shole….

    • Monica Schwiffer

      Its called satire… Excrement for brains.

      • Jonny Chepe

        no….you’re an as shole…..

      • Ed Cole


  • Lindsay

    Since the race of these people wasn’t mentioned, I presume it was the default race?

    • Ed Cole

      ” I presume it was the default race?”
      as in, “It be default u eberyone else dat I be on da food stamps!”

      • artemis133


    • Tom Reid

      Crackhead is a race.

  • Jonny Chepe

    I think that I read that their Klingons….

  • workingman

    i bet his mom was looking all over the place for her pipe while he was in school!LOL
    i wonder how far he got with show and tell before they stoped him.

  • it ain't right

    Where is the zero tolerance. That kid should be shunned and have his life ruined the same as a kid that brings a butter knife to school to cut his apple or the kid that has the gall to draw a picture of a gun or the kid that thinks it’s ok to carry a bible around in plain sight!

  • ByteRider

    And this is why I always put my pipe bombs away… dang kids….

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