Police Worry as Wall Street Protesters Pine for World Series Spotlight

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) — The Occupy Wall Street movement may make a move this week on the World Series.

Facebook chatter from the protesters suggests they are casting their eyes on Busch Stadium, coveting the national media spotlight surrounding the series.

Among the ideas floated among group members online: A massive rally, pitching tents around Busch Stadium or sending a streaker onto the field during the game “to send  a message.”

St. Louis Police Major Lawrence O’Toole says police will uphold the protesters’ Constitutional rights of assembly and free speech, but he’s concerned about a “lone wolf” causing trouble.

“There are times that we know that there are certain elements that can get drawn into large protests and other people who have other agendas,” O’Toole said. ”

So far, the Occupy St. Louis protesters have kept a peaceful vigil in Kiener Plaza, several blocks from Busch Stadium.   A core group of about 20 to 30 have been spending the night in tents.  Last week they were joined by hundreds of labor protesters to march through the streets of downtown.

There were no arrests at the march, and so far only ten protestors have been arrested for “violating the park curfew.”

img 26771 Police Worry as Wall Street Protesters Pine for World Series Spotlight

Occupy St. Louis protestors get a visit from Park Rangers (KMOX/file photo)

Police know of no threat against the World Series, but are working with the Secret Service to provide heightened security.

The St. Louis Cardinals report they are still awaiting word from the Secret Service and Major League Baseball about what security restrictions fans may encounter with First Lady Michelle Obama attending Wednesday night’s game.

Cards spokesman Ron Watermon says he expects it to be “much less invasive than a Presidential visit.”

But Watermon says there will be some additional security measures.  How they will affect fans is unclear. The ballpark will be open three hours ahead of the game on Wednesday to give everyone enough time to get inside.

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  • Tempo

    Hope they get a LOT of attention! This is a great opportunity for some national news!

    • tim hennessey

      go away its baseball

    • WilliamPenn

      Can’t wait til you red-diaper doper-babies start your little communist revolution so we can CRUSH you. Bring it on.

    • Frustrated in TX

      You are as big an idiot as those so called “protesters”. They are being used by Van Jones, George Soros and the like and they don’t know or don’t care. It’s a sad testament to our school system and the liberal agenda that has gone on way too long in this country.

      • James R. Edwards


      • dingobully

        The protests were started by the tea partiers on the right, not liberals.

      • Watchin'&Laughin'

        I don’t t believe O’Toole in St. Louis or for that matter anyone in the eastern states have to worry about theses protests going on for much longer. The weather has been nice and sunny so it has been easy for these kind of people to hang out and do a pseudo-protest. Looks like they are now in for some cold and very raining days and nights which means they will pack up their non-directional tantrum and go go back to their parents basement.

      • Libby

        When you use the Names Soros and Jones.You are being used by Glenn Beck and he has sold you a bill of goods already.

        Your mind is washed! Maybe Glenn will cry for your soul!

      • Johninok

        The Mayans, Hopi, Nostradamus, Edgar Casey and now Glenn Beck. Keep drinking the Kool-Aid girl.


      They have already gotten far more attention than they deserve consider how small this really is…..a few thousand at best. The meida wants to make a lot of this when there is really nothing there.

      • swampfox

        Agreed flush twice



        @ Kenyan Usurper…
        I just reported you to http://www.AttackWatch.net

      • Libby

        SGT? You think I give a damn you have SGT in your name?

        Does that make you a better american than the protestors?

        Army a-holes think they are special and want everyone to know it!

        You didnt die for your country so stop bragging in your screen name!

      • dydx


        Wow…nice advertisement for liberal idiocy, hatred, and ignorance…all in one post. There’s a difference between being proud and bragging. And how in the world you get from his post that the good sergeant thinks he’s a better American than the protestors is just bizarre. And just because afsgtsam hasn’t yet died for our great country where angry people like you live and (unfortunately thrive) doesn’t mean the good airman isn’t willing. I know that the likes of you aren’t willing to die for this country. So why don’t you show some appreciation and direct your anger at some union thug or some ACORN worker or something.

        BTW…other branches of the military also have sergeant. Not that it matters to the likes of you…you who obviously hate the military. You probably adore what the Flea Partiers are doing, though. Make sure you bring some Frontline or Advantage when you go back to your tent.

      • Katiedidit

        IF anyone shows up to protest I hope its the veterans. As Obama cuts their tricare for life, raises the prices on their prescriptions …his wife will show up at the world series to pay tribute to the veterans…HYPOCRITS!!!

    • MorganGray

      Nah, man, let ’em keep on protesting. Let the Pee Partiers keep protesting, relieving themselves on police cars, doing drugs and fornicating in public. Let the not-so-great unwashed keep polluting places with their trash and stink, and … less pleasant substances. Let them continue to assault reporters with whom they disagree. Let them keep spitting on men and women wearing the uniform of our armed services. Let the President, and Pelosi, and Reid ant that crowd keep backing them. The Flea Baggers are the best thing for a GOP candidate since Lincoln.

      • Slamox

        I totally agree. These people have no idea why they are even out there. Check out this website: http://sharpelbowsstl.blogspot.com/. One video shows a guy offering these greasers jobs. Harly anyone accepts his offer. Another asks these smelly hippies why they are out there and they don’t even know what their message is. These people quite simply dont have jobs and they want the “system” to support them just like any other liberal democrat.

      • LTG

        Totally Agree!

      • Jon Ross

        Thank you for energizing me. I will be down at the protest after work tomorrow.

    • bob

      Right on dude ! Ignore these lazy armchair hicks. They are so dumbed down by the mainstream media they would only protest if there was a draught on beer or the superbowl was cancelled .

      Fight the corporatocracey , pity the sheep and stay the course .

      Dissent is the highest form of patriotism

      • Kip Noxzema

        Yes, those “lazy armchair hicks” who have jobs and started a family are to be condemned by the drug-taking hippies stealing and defecating in crowds, wanting money and not having to work for it. Gee, that makes so much sense!

      • bob

        Kip , you sound like a media catch phrase, .

        Most of these protesters are ex students who have huge debt and can’t get work. You wouldn’t understand or care about this becuase your to busy trying to stay on the high ground .

        Go back to sleep little lamb we can do without lazy , childish arguements that only a fool would put forward.

      • bob is shiza

        Boo hoo. They are in debt. So what. Most are not ex students, but students nearing graduation and are “scared.” Scared that they will actually have to compete to get a job. Most are there to get high and/or pick up women. I found it interesting when one of the protestors was bragging how he scored 3 chicks because he was the only one with a “shelter.” My god…capitalism at work. You see, he is “better” than others because he has a shelter. You are all morons.

      • bob is shiza

        You know what the OWS movement is? It is a bowel movement and soon all of the filth will be washed away. You are all irrelevant and won’t even get a footnote 5 years from now.

    • Kip Noxzema

      I agree. I’m really glad the State Run Media keeps reporting about the Parasites on Parade and what kind of people are in it. It really, REALLY helps our cause in the 2012 elections.Let that streaker run around and show the world what the Parasites are all about. The Regime and Democrats openly align with them and I hope they keep on doing it. Those of us in the Tea Party already knew about them, and now the so-called independents and other Americans will see which party truly wants to bring America back to the way it ought to be.

    • Ivanthedestroyer77

      Hey, Rodger, Christian … remember your words they will be eternal. You are a voluntary contributor in your countries tax program, therefore, you will have blood on your hands before your Creator.

      Hey … I’m just an Observer.

      Better Read your Bible, Christian, the historic precedents have already been established at Nineveh.

    • rscott

      Maybe we can see some perp walks. Great press huh???????

    • ivanthedestroyer77

      Get ready America … We see how lazy and stupid you are!!! WE are GOING TO FK YOU TO HELL!! Taxes galore.… more job exportation … you will all work at wall mart and your CHILDREN WILL BE 2-DOLLAR PROSTITUTES!

      YOUR PENALTY FOR LOVING YOUR COUNTRY … Patriotic fools! Your Houses, future, 401k … ALL BELONG TO WS and THEY WILL CONSUME you to THE bone!


  • J. Byrne

    The baseball fans will kick their butts. People are sick and tired of these bums wasting our city resources. go home! you are not wanted here!!!!

    • SunnyJ

      I was thinking the same thing…man, do not get in the way of a baseball fan with tickets to a world series game…that would be a death wish for sure! I say this is where you separate the real agenda, and the rich kids playing hippie radicals…they will not stick their face into fist distance of a diehard Cardinals fan.

      • bob

        Yawn, go back to sleep little sheep , i bet you were asleep during the 70’s or weren’t even born.

      • dave

        The problem is, is that’s exactly what some of these people are hoping for to happen. Violence will only increase the resolve of some of these clowns and give others the license to act out that they’ve been craving.

  • pitter43

    That kind of treatment of traitors is long overdue.

    • ninetyniner

      since when are peaceful protesters “traitors”? Please go back to Soviet Russia, where you obviously came from

      • justsaying

        Do the protesters have PERMITS? DO they follow the rules of WHERE they can and can’t go? Do they clear the streets and sidewalks so CITIZENS who don’t want to deal them don’t have to? IF NOT while they aren’t traitors they are PUNKS..

      • Kathi Corbett-Otto

        We sought permits but they don’t have it set up to give permits for what we’re doing; the Mayor, Police Chief and Parks Service are cooperating with us and protecting our 1st Amendment rights as CITIZENS to peaceful assembly. We do not block sidewalks or harrass pedestrians, unless you consider saying hello, go cards!, or have a nice day harrassment.
        We clean up after ourselves, we even recycle. Nobody is getting paid to do this; those are lies told by conservative media.

      • mike miracle

        Stand down or Stand up for America.

        or you may be lit up like a punk.

        These are citizens, just because you want to sleep to your death, dont think starving americans will go along.


      • pitter43

        If those clowns are ” peaceful protesters”, I’d hate to see protesters that aren’t peaceful.

      • AFSGTSAM

        The real peaceful protestors were the Tea Partiers these dirtbags are far from.

      • Anonymous

        Explains why people like Mrs. Crabill (R from VA) talked about resorting to the Bullet box rather than the Ballot box?

        Let one person show up with an AR15, like the Phoenix TP rally, republicans would go crazy – spare us the self righteousness, Sigh…

      • jay kellogg

        The difference is…a lot of us armed, but you never see us shooting.

        But give ONE leftist looney a gun, and Gabby Giffords gets a free 9mm piercing.

        Of course, that won’t matter to the media who will report it as “probably a right wing Tea Party fanatic”. And when the truth is learned, that story will be buried on page 38D of the NYT. No wonder a recent poll showed that the majority of “independent voters” think she was shot by a right wing fanatic.

        Now tell me how the MSM is not biased. Because if he WAS a Tea Party guy, the media would ensure his name was as infamous as Ted Bundy, and always preceded by the moniker Tea Party Fanatic…

      • JDM

        Really… peaceful

        take a gander at this:

        Really, spitting on people? Shame

        The amount of racist propaganda from the tea party is a mess.. Nazi references.. racist slander http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCpwjvVaqyE&feature=related

        Show me anything from OWS that’s been racist or discriminatory.. I’ve been occupyinig for two weeks and haven’t seen a trace

      • LUPO1234

        You are like the Obama worshiper in this video:

      • Constance

        Peaceful? Hardly. I would also add that Soviet Russia is precisely a role model for the majority of protesters. Duh.

      • michaelp

        because the communist party is sponsoring the events ! soros and his billions ! van jones, a die hard communist ! ect. listen to what they are saying. share the wealth ! with peopl who don’t want to work ! why bust your a$$, when it will be given to you.


      Peaceful…..hahaha yeah far from peaceful!

  • Ty

    Sending a streaker would be a perfect example of the childish mindset of these miscreants.

  • Bill

    Another group of 30 people ginning up media attention. Yawn.


      Exactly Bill..this never has been a very big movement…even in NY there are what about 2000 max there. I went to two tea party rallies each had 10-15 times that many there. The media wants this to grow so badly!

      • pdirt

        And the Tea Party didn’t have to pay people to protest. No comparison.

      • SukieTawdry

        The only one here who should be embarrassed by uninformed, negative comments, Lisakitty, is you.

      • Lisakitty

        The Tea Party is financed by 1% billionaires who are known as the Koch brothers. If you haven’t been to the real Occupy Wall Street protest information site and you are only aware of what the msm has been putting out there about the Occupy protests then you really need to go to this website http://occupywallst.org/ before you continue to embarrass yourself with uninformed negative comments.

    • glenn pate

      That is just the reserve the “motel” shock troop. I’m sure they have paid for all the required licenses and permits that the tea party and any other group would have to obtain Yeh, right? And, of course, there are no restrictions on setting up tent city? The cops could stop this without infringing on their “rights” if they just enforced the laws now, or had that done it originally.

  • jeff

    these occupy people seem to be well fed. life can’t be that bad

    • pitter43

      I’ve heard that more people that want America destroyed have been sending donations, but I suspect these children have never suffered for much.

  • pynaetlb

    Occupying a park and disrupting our nation past time are two very different things. I’d be real interested to see how long they’d be allowed to disrupt the world series. My guess is about five minutes. OWS just doesn’t understand that they’re being used by this socialist administration to keep the democrat scams like Solyndra off of the front page. But the democrats are owned by Wall Street and any attempt to cause the big money men to lose money will be slammed to the ground real fast. I hope they try, they need a lesson in just how powerless they are.

  • 99%

    Amazing that most of you still don’t get it. S’okay, when your bank closes and your retirement savings are pilfered to float a loan to the IMF, then maybe you’ll stand up.

    • Sam Iam

      Got Reynold’s Wrap?

      • pitter43

        He’s wearing it and that stupidity still comes through.

    • Chad

      It appears, at current, the OWS members will not have to rely on a “retirement Savings” do to their lack of job (well maybe their trust fund). So you or they will need to rely on me to ‘get by’ in their/your elderly years. Since I vote, and have a successful business, I rule. So come on out to the farm, I have a nice piece of land you can ‘OCCUPY’ will you WORK. Welcome to the 21st Century Serfdom. Bow before me.


      Banks are insured by the FDIC so that argument is moot. How about the government running trillion dollar defectis, spending my gradkids paycheck to fund entitlements to a bunch of lazy self indulgent dolts.

      • snewsom2997

        Too bad the FDIC couldn’t back the failure of a big bank like BOA, Citi, or US Bank even if they wanted to. Any of those go down and FDIC goes down with it, that is why we bailed them out instead of letting them go bankrupt and auctioning off their assets.

    • MorganGray

      Hey 99%, tell me something; when was the last time you were hired to work for a poor person?
      Or more to the point, have you ever been hired to work – period?
      I get it.
      I get it that you are what Mao called a “useful idiot”. You think you’re all socially aware and socially active, and that you “identify” with the poor.
      But, I also see that you are online. That you own some kind of computer.
      That computer was built by a company which took a loan from a bank.
      The OWS hypocrites have a bank account of … what? Several hundred thousand dollars? Or is it into the millions by now?
      OWS is selling merchandise on e-bay and using a bank for their profits.

      What’s next? The Tri-Lateral Commission? Bilderbergers? Illuminati? Gnomes of Zurich? Atlantis? The Mother Ship?

      Oh, and your hero, Obama has what? Over a billion dollars in the bank so he can steal or buy the next election.

      I’ll say it again, you are either a useful idiot, willfully stupid, or a hypocrite.

    • John Galt

      Yes and when the crowd roundly Boo’s you for hijacking this event and ruining what should be a great expereince don’t be surprised. When they throw garbage at you for streaking at the event and public opinion turns downward don’t be shocked. These kids think Capitalism is the problem, if they cracked open a book they would realize they have a real problem with Corporatism which isn’t capitalism. Corporatism is a Bi-Partisan problem and both parties are at fault. But yeah, go ahead and ruin an American Tradition, give us another reason to hate you, thank God we don’t have Smell O Vision.

    • SunnyJ

      Exactly what the Tea Party has been saying all along only, they want to work within the system and keep all that is good…not denigrate the flag, call the Jews names, break laws and call for revolution for the “people” while they hurt those same “people” with their antics. The 99% has put $300,000 in a bank account from donations…that makes them rich..that makes them the 1%…now they have to eat their own, right? No wait, now they’re capitalists and trying to figure out how to make mroe for themselves…why don’t they practice what they preach and send it in to the US Government they love so much and tell them to use it well, like they scold the rest of us to do? I’m waiting?….I’m still waiting?

    • DocHolliday

      I get it. I’m your “99%” that doesn’t want your socialist, marxist, big government hand in my hard working pocket. We are all hurt and Barry O is making it worse. But I’ll take capitalism anyday .

    • b

      So why aren’t you protesting the corrupt DC politicians who enable this type of financial malfeasance? This is why you guys come across as idiots!

    • Solar Ray

      YOU should grow up, wake up and SHUT UP. You liberal moonbat! IF you HAD any money of your own, you would know that the REAL 99% of REAL working Americans had ASSETS……homes, land, PAID FOR. That’s where our money is. And that is why we are NOT liberal and off our rockers. You also have really poor grammar/syntax. You are SO very much a product of the wasted generation it makes me vomit a little. If you are dumb enough to invest in a 401k or GOVERNMENT anything (bond, savings plan, FSA) you have been brainwashed. So, no, when the Bilderbergers roll up the Street, I will not care. I’ll grab dual citizenship by the horns and move to a country where I have rights, immunity, liberty and classical republic national democracy. This “occupy’ movement is for washed up losers….and you won’t find a hard working person of ANY race, color or creed out there….because we’re all working to pay taxes to feed your sorry media establishment.

  • Constitution First

    But rich, white, trust-fund babies have so much to be angry about ;-)

  • Dog

    “”. The ballpark will be open three hours ahead of the game on Wednesday to give everyone enough time to get inside.”””

    3 hours? Mores security theater. How much of this will people put up with? I thought sports fans were supposed to be manly or something like that, but they will probably put up with it out of fear.

    The TSA is taking naked pictures of everyone who walks through an airport and VIPER teams are beginning to go across the USA doing the same thing at train stations and random highway stops.

    Would Thomas Jefferson let some bureaucrat take naked pictures of his wife and daughter?

  • MacCane

    53% to 99% – are you for real? Think that comment through a bit. Who bailed out the banks? Who bailed out ‘too big to fail’ greedy corporations? Who is taking jobs overseas and who is facilitating that through unfavorable tax laws here, oppressive and unreal environmental restrictions? Who gives money to the IMF today?


      The same 53% who are watching the Govt borrow money from our grandkids to fund trillions of dollars in entitlements to people who dont earn them.

    • JohnF

      You do realize that the ‘bail out’ were loans, and that for the most part they were all paid back by 2009, and the Federal Government made a small profit on it. Not like the bailout of GM and Chrysler. Why aren’t these useful idiots protesting the real villains, the current administration that OKs these loans and bailouts, and GM and Chrysler who will never pay it back. Is it because they don’t have a clue about how things really work, and are only listening to the soundbites their handlers are giving them??? Or do they just want any excuse to get some attention and not have to accept blame for their own personal failure at life.

  • Codeman

    99% wow you have a computer? Where was it made? North Korea?

    • MorganGray

      And, how did he / she / it buy that computer? Or was the computer stolen from some evil corporate store?

  • God Save America

    It’s Bush’s fault that these Tea Partiers are causing so much trouble, or something like that. I forget the Democrats’ current official excuse for their own actions.

  • DocHolliday

    There’s no Socialism in baseball. There’s no Communism in baseball. This is America’s pasttime. Would the “Tea Party” disrupt the World Series? No way.
    But these trust fund pirates, and losers, and leftists and idiots want to disrupt the World Series. Clueless and no class!!

    • Jay Davis

      I sympathize with your sentiment but MLB’s revenue sharing is exactly socialism.

  • moronpolitics

    We;ll that’s a GREAT beautiful stadium we have here in Texas. One of the most impressive buildings I have ever walked into. Now, what we do with coyotes is we shoot them and hang them on the fence so the other coyotes see them and know not to come around. Not that I am saying we should shoot these folk and hang them up in that concourse…. I just remembered about the coyotes for some reason.

  • http://forum.grasscity.com/politics/884000-occupy-wall-street-169.html#post12515844 Occupy Wall Street - Page 169 - Grasscity.com Forums

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  • menl

    It’s really sad to see these privileged college kids get progressively more desperate for attention; if only their parents payed more attention to them instead of giving them everything they wanted growing up and paying their way through school.

  • Barry bin Inhalin

    Five bucks says they won’t try it in Texas.

    • George Buchanan

      Dams str8. Read another article chronicling theft at the OWS camps. No thief would attempt such a thing at a Tea Party rally — pretty sure more than a few are armed and appropriately trained. Then again, Tea Partiers go home at night to care for their families.

  • snapperboy

    Guess the police should register their concerns with the president of the United States – or maybe with the Communist Party, Chavez, Ahmadinejad, the Socialists or the Ayatolla. Wow, is Barry in good company or what?

  • Hank Warren

    This is all about Free Speech. After all, censorship is everywhere. The gov’t (and their big business cronies) censor free speech, shut down dissent and ban the book “America Deceived II”. Free speech for all.
    Last link (before Google Books bans it also]:

  • Arie

    These people have the right to protest. By the way, what is their message? They also have the right to demand that I pay more taxes so that they don’t have to. For me to pay more taxes so they don’t have to work. For me to pay more taxes so that they are more privledged. For me to pay more taxes to listen to their anti Semetic rants. For me to pay more taxes so that they can defecate and have sex in public places. For me to pay more taxes so that the main stream media can liken these people and their message to the Tea Party. What a sad state of affairs it is that the Democrat Party would embrace their message. If these people had any brains they would target their frustration at the White House which is the source of the policy creating these problems; not Wall Street.

  • Reality Bites

    God forbid you might miss your game.

    Not like there’s more important things out going on.

    • MorganGray

      More important, like a bunch of dope-smoking, narcissistic, greedy, self-important, fools slouching around in public, yelling, “notice me, notice me”?

      More important than a crowd of hypocrites who decry wealth, then go out and post to comment blogs like this, using computers manufactured by evil rich corporations, while their backers and supporters live in royal luxury?

      Yup. Baseball is far more important than you, biter.

      Reality? Not hardly.

    • pumice

      That game is pumping an estimated $24M into the local economy.

    • Jon Ross


  • http://www.fastnews.tv/?p=95892 Police Worry 'Occupy' Protesters Will Disrupt World Series... | Breaking News

    […] column, 5th story, link) Related stories: Thieves preying on fellow Wall Street protesters…Occupy […]

  • Fanny Forbes Franklen

    “If you need to shave and you still collect baseball cards, you’re a dope. If you’re a kid, the cards are keepsakes of your idols. If you’re a grown man, they’re pictures of men.” ~ George Carlin — http://911essentials.com

    • DocHolliday

      Get a cotton-picking life. Real people don’t live their life according to George Carlin. Leave baseball alone.

  • Fanny Forbes Franklen

    “If you need to shave and you still collect baseball cards, you’re a dope. If you’re a kid, the cards are keepsakes of your idols. If you’re a grown man, they’re pictures of men.” ~ George Carlin


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