Survival Shop Reports Jump In Sales To People Preparing For “Possible Collapse”

Kevin Killeen

WEBSTER GROVES, MO (KMOX) – A chain of three stores that sells survival food and gear reports a jump in sales to people who are getting prepared for the “possible collapse” of society.

“We had to order fifty cases of the meals ready to eat to keep up with the demand in the past three months,” said manager Steve Dorsey at Uncle Sam’s Safari Outfitters Inc. in Webster Groves. “That’s not normal.  Usually we sell 20 to 30 cases in a whole year.”

Dorsey says business has been brisk since the spring uprisings in the middle east, as customers share concerns about political uprisings, the world economy and the future of the United States.

“I’ve had people in here that are very wealthy and they’ve spent thousands of dollars just on backpacks that they fill with survival gear, one for each person of their family,” Dorsey said, “And something where they can just grab a bag and get out of Dodge.”

Dorsey says some customers talk of stocking up on freeze-dried meals for the home, while others confide they are stashing supplies at a remote location away from the city where they would go in an emergency.

“There are people that have property and they’ve set up different things they’re building to protect themselves like towers they can stand up and watch,” Dorsey said, “There’s a lot of people I’m dealing with who buy all kinds of stuff because they have like twenty or thirty people going in on this together and they’re all going to go to this one spot if something like this happens.”

Uncle Sam’s Safari Outfitters in Webster does not sell guns, but Dorsey also reports many customers who do not own a gun are asking where they could go to buy one.

img 2991 Survival Shop Reports Jump In Sales To People Preparing For Possible Collapse

Steve Dorsey looks over survival supplies at Uncle Sam's Safari Outfitters

“I think people are scared. They don’t know where this country is going. They think we’re on a downward spiral with just dramatic,crazy spending.  People just don’t know what’s going to happen,” Dorsey said.

Outside Uncle Sam’s,  it appears civilization is intact. A red, white and blue Pepsi truck pulls up to supply beverages for a nearby grocery store.  Motorists are having their cars washed at the General Grant car wash across the street.  And the brass pendulums are swinging back and forth in the clocks on the wall at Helen’s Clock Repair.

Dorsey himself admits that he does not have a personal supply of meals ready to eat stashed in his basement.  “We live just two minutes from the store,” he said, “If something happens, I can drive right over here.”

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  • Z

    If you haven’t stocked up by now, pray.

    • Drugshooter

      I’m stocking up on GUNS and AMMO, the currency of the future. With those things, I can have all the food I can eat when I take it from the liberal pacifists. I’m making a list of all the turds in my area with Obama bumper stickers or yard signs.

      • John Steele

        SPOT ON dude. Where I live the the Lib’s / Marxists plaster their BMW’s with O stickers 2012 and other BS about how in love with Barack they are. First place to go and get supplies hahahah

      • johnwilson

        First, guns and ammo without skills in all areas to match is a false sense of security. Do you know tactics? Do you have armor? Can you hit what you are aiming at?
        Second, I know a lot of looting creeps like you, and I have this to say: I shoot back.
        As far as expecting liberals to be easy targets, you’re right – but all you’re going to get from them is booze and drugs. They do not have food and water, because they expect the almighy omnipotent Government to save them. Just like in Katrina.

      • ElPolacko

        ANY of you fools that think you are going to survive by preying off your neighbors should think again. You’ll end up with your head on a spike down on the corner. Get your head out of your A$$ and start preparing! Water, food, ammo booze and cigarettes are your primary barter items. Get ready or starve. When the SHTF you’ll be shot on site. STUPID STUPID STUPID!!!

      • nogard

        Yes, the libs are causing this by their unthinking support of the fifth columnist we have in the white house. They should be the ones to take the brunt if it, comes to that.

    • Jason Jasper

      In the meantime – lighten up –

      • Deathgoat

        I’m not sure silly little tee-shirts will save your a$$.

    • Deathgoat

      The new currency will be Lead.

    • Buck

      As usual , it will be the poor who won’t have the money to prepare that will suffer and even die .

      • IDConstitutionist

        Being poor doesn’t have much to do with it! I’m poor but not stupid! I hit yard sales & auctions to buy canning jars and other things that are necessary to live (have been boycotting WallyWorld, Home Depot and other places for a number of years). While I have a steer, pig, chickens & goats in the freezer, I’m planning on canning this meat soon & goat milk when the girls freshen in Feb. This year I bought heirloom produce (mostly tomatoes), saving the seeds. I’m preparing as best as I can and feel I do better than the “poor” that live on welfare!

    • bob

      Part of the 2012 mystique stems from the stars. On the winter solstice in 2012, the sun will be aligned with the center of the Milky Way for the first time in about 26,000 years. This means that “whatever energy typically streams to Earth from the center of the Milky Way will indeed be disrupted on 12/21/12 at 11:11 p.m. Universal Time,”

    • nemisis

      I’m praying.

      • Omega13

        Eat it, Boba

      • BobaFett

        Yeah, praying has always worked so well throughout history.

      • Marty Kay Zee

        You pray. I’ll think.

    • mike

      Prayer is necessary, however, we are expected to use the “talents” we are given, as in the parable of the master giving his three servants “talents” (Matthew 25:13-30). We are not to bury our talents, but expected use them to prepare.
      If you have not read One Second After, and Patriots (easily found on, I would reccommend you do so immediately. You will be then able to recognize the potential crisis we are faced with, and the direction you should probably take. You will not regret the small investment.

    • Zero

      Idea is just keep a clear head, and understand what is going on.

      • Captain Incredulous

        I keep a clear head a lot better on a full stomach. Don’t forget plenty of water in your supply, especially if you are using freeze dried items as your primary food supply.

    • teaisstronger


      We must guess why Obama, Democrats, and the elites are backing the violence of the Occupy. One of these days, the Police will side with these Occupy Armies and both forces will start marching. It happened in Germany, Russia, and every South American Nation once.

      • javaman63

        The only thing a Occupy leftist will be occupying if he tries to invade my home is a BODY BAG.

        If TSHTF people in cities will rapidly run out of food and they will degenerate into a primal MIGHT makes RIGHT mentality, where the strong WILL prey on the week. A mass exodus of the cities will overwhelm the suburian law enforcement’s ability to maintain order. Hurricane Katrina will be a walk in the park compared to what’s coming our way.

        1) SHELTER-SHELTER-SHELTER A defensible property…my wife has family in Iowa with land, livestock and a well…arrangements will have been made in case the worst happens for us to bug out and head there. Preferably your property will have an emergency generator with a good supply of fuel. In the event a generator isn’t available, need to find some way to save the meat in the freezer for when the power grid goes out…either smoking or jerking the meat to preserve it.

        2) WATER-WATER-WATER! Having a well is good but having every spare serviceable container full of potable water is also good,especially in case a bugout isn’t feasible. You can live without food for weeks but need a regular supply of water fairly frequently to stay hydrated…

        3)FOOD-FOOD-FOOD If a collapse happens, a good supply of non-perishable food-stuffs (especially canned goods) is essential. Whatever food you have will need to be tightly rationed to make it last. Long-term–Seeds to plant a survival garden, with emphasis on crops that can be canned for sustenance during the non-growing season.

        4)The means to defend yourself and your family/property is crucial. A weapon for each person in the family, along with several hundred rounds PER weapon is a MUST. The ubiquitous .22 caliber is one of the most under-rated rounds, but at (now) $0.04/per round, it’s still deadly enough to get the job done, especially for small game and vagrants who feel you owe them SOMETHING…Everyone in my family is or will BE fire-arms trained.

        5)A neighborhood coalition may or may not be desirable, depends upon how much everyone can contribute to common stores and/or common defense….although I do believe that, if a society is to survive, the stronger MUST care for and defend the weaker…just so long as doing so doesn’t imperil me or my own…sorry, just keeping it real.

      • Deathgoat

        I’m a retired Police Officer…I can tell you the only place the LOCAL police will be marching is Home.

      • Craig Brockman

        Retired LEO here as well – thug my department wouldn’t be running home (Not NOPD) I do have my stock of weaponry ready to go :o)

      • Stop the left/right paradigm

        Contrary to what the media is putting out, Occupy and Tea Party are two sides of the same silver coin…..Politicians are bought off by Wall St., corruption is rampant, the game is rigged. I think we all can agree on that! Either side you blame the end result will be the same.

    • teaisstronger


      I also will try some of those new “Dragon Fire” 12 ga. shotgun shells, the ones that fire napalm and white phosphorus. I hope the ply wood and barbed wire I put up on my windows will be enough to tell the unprepared neighbors to leave.

      Only the TEA can save us now.

      • lisa

        agree w former marine, and i’m just a novice! first ingredient in wd40 is WATER… nuff said

      • Deathgoat

        Good luck putting wd40 on your Ammo…….

      • pishaw

        You mean in case Obama comes overs to kill you? You people REALLY need to stop watching FoxTV and get out of the house more.

        (By the way… I heard Obama is altering the weather to kill you.)

      • ShotaFew

        Dragonnfire rounds fire magnesium powder and aren’t really worth the money…00 buckshot is much better…

      • Former Marine

        I don’t recommend putting WD-40 on your ammo. There is no reason to do so and it will not help the weapons your putting it into, in fact it could make things worse y attracting dirt and grime in the firearms mechanism . The best thing you can do with your ammo is keep it dry and stored in a moderate temp. If you do that it will last for ever. Just for the record, I have 10 years in the Marine Corps, I’m a former Scout Sniper and currently a gunsmith.
        Keep it dry and stack it high. Good luck.

  • CommonCents

    Dorsey himself admits that he does not have a personal supply… “We live just two minutes from the store,” he said, “If something happens, I can drive right over here.”

    WOW, is this guy naive or just stupid?! Does he really think if TSHTF that his store won’t be the first place targeted? He needs to read a few of the books he sells.

    • TomB

      Yeah, go ahead and target people like that when you have no food, CommonCents. You will quickly find out what else they supply because if TSHTF, as you say it, they will not hesitate to blow your elitist “what a stupid hick, he can’t read” butt away.

    • JLem

      You are so right. The supply needs to be under lock and key and armed protection.

    • Tin Can Sailor

      Would you tell the media what you had stashed away?

      • OICU812

        The ant and the grasshopper…

    • what just happened

      nah, this guy’s just another raging capitalist who doen’t even believe in what he profits from. It’s a joke to these people. 3 years ago they profiting for the global warming thing and they think this is going to be the same. Even the guy that wrote this, all it is to him is a “think piece”.

      I love the guy below who’s hawking “dollar safe haven” Seriosly(and heaven forbid), the government, financial, communication and public safety infasstructure has collapsed; your starving, stranded a and your members of your have been sold into slavery by MS 13, but your finacial portfolio is through the roof. Lets just get on the “business as usual” phone and cash in some of that stock and go buy some food. Oh wait there is no phone, or place to pick up the money, or buy the food, and by the way, the government has declared martial law and frozen all assets.

      • MilwaukeeMark

        To people who hate capitalism I say, go ahead, opt out then. Stop using your capitalist computer, your capitalist Internet. Go find a furtal piece of land and take your homemade candles with you. Good luck off the capitalist grid.

      • Scott

        Great, another raging anti-capitalist who doesn’t even realize he loves and participates in a system he whines about.

        Also, learn English.

    • Mary

      My first thought!

      • bob

        If we get a Huge Solar Flare, the EMT we will lose power for a month, no cell phones,the earth’s poles will shift 180 degrees, we will have to swap out car batteries cables – to + , every car will stop due to computers, in our autos ,no internet, nothing, i am ready, kinda like Y2K,,, ya never know??/ remember the string and two cans we used for communication when we were kids,,,,, yep…

    • John Galt

      Or, he isn’t going to tell the media he has a stash.

      • JLem

        Who is John Galt?

      • OICU812

        Who is John Galt?

    • Lydia Darragh

      No kidding.

  • David M

    Why I left the city 5 years ago. Been learning to farm, raise animals and hunt. My family will be ready. I still work my 9-5 and am hopeful that our politicians can pull their collective heads out of their a@#*s and get to work fixing our economy.

    • June

      Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to move out of cities to the country to provide for themselves, but it’s the best plan around. Grow your own food, raise your own meat… and learn to provide for yourself!

      • June

        @theJackal: this is why I love Canada, there is so much remote land that it will be unlikely the city dwellers can make it all the way out to where we’re hoping to buy land soon…

      • mule

        It is always a good idea to learn these types of things. Always good to stock up, always good to grow your own food – regardless of the world economy or more micro level influences.

      • Caiden

        TheJackal, regarding people streaming out of the city when TSHTF, remember Katrina. Most city dwells won’t be able to get out. Many are to dependent on the government for any ttype of help and wouldn’t be able to find a road out of the city. Also after a while with people panicing I’d imagine alot of pileups on the highways. Without police to direct traffic or city workers to move the wrecked cars alot of people will be walking out of the cities. Without the massive and daily trucks of food the keep grocery stores stocked people leaving the cities aren’t going to find alot to eat, unless they learn to catch animals by hand.

      • theJackal

        Unfortunately, unless you have means to defend your little country getaway, if society truely does collapse, then the ‘country’ is going to be invaded by all the city dwellers. It wouldn’t be pretty. Once hunger sets in these people might as well be zombies. And unless you are prepared to defend your property, you may as well just hand your food over to them. I live in the woods, on the edge of town, I have a private well, and streams and brooks, deer, rabbit ect. and a ton of firepower. I pray I never have to use any of it, except for target practice.

      • mrunpc

        And while you’re at it, “take out” any CommieCrats you find along the way. That will be the quickest and best way to restore the country to greatness..

      • johnwilson

        What is going to get out of the cities is the gangs. Your problem won’t be 2 or 3, or even 9 or 10 wierded out folks willing to kill you for your food.
        Your problem will be 40 or 50 MS13 or BloodsnCrypts hammering at your perimeter. Don’ think for a minute that the city folks won’t show up. The worst of the worst will show up, they will be armed and ruthless. You and your neighbors should be discussing a merged strategy to deal with it.

    • isukusa

      The purpose of the current age it to show the inability of man to solve his problems. Once this is understood the mind clears and focuses. You are on the right track; i’m doing the same thing you are. Markets can’t be trusted as well as govenment. Mankind simply can’t be trusted. Dare to prepare.

      • June

        We’ve forgotten more than we have learned. 100 years ago, most people could farm, and build, and provide for themselves. Nowadays, most people can barely cook unless it involves a microwave. A total collapse will weed out those who cannot adapt, and quickly.

    • Wes

      And when the locusts from the city arrive in your rural town and discover that you are not interested in providing “welfare” – what happens next?

      • TheRealKingMax

        Glock 19, Jennings compound bow, two machetes, Remington 870 shotty, a nice cache of ammo…

        And a partridge in a pear tree.

        The way I look at it, many members of the potential “roving gangs” probably voted the miserable communist blood clots into office that put us in the situation to begin with…

        Bottom line: Nooo problem taking these losers out. Just another war, different battlefield and higher stakes.

        Let’s hope it won’t come to that.

        But in the meantime, I’ll be visiting the next gun show in December to see about increasing the firepower.

      • Deathgoat

        Bang Bang Bang…Repeat as necessary.

      • theJackal

        Lots of firepower chum. The question is do you have the capability to shoot your neighbors when they break in to steal your food. Most rational people do not have the ability to gun down people seeking food. Of course things change when starvation sets in and humans begin to devolve before your eyes. At this point shooting them is easy. I pray it never happens.

      • mrunpc

        Several thousand rounds of .223s and a good eye, that’s what.

    • MisterJones

      Just a little thing to think about,learn to salt,smoke and jerk the many kinds of meat you will find . A flint lockrifle as well as a bow.Learn how to knap flint arrow heads Etc.Gun powder is easy to make and flints are as well.Let the good times roll.

      • Deathgoat

        Good luck with the flintlock Davy. I’ll keep my AR15 and Remington 700 308.

      • jbdancer

        Mike, instead of reading novels, you really need to read something practical like the Foxfire series. MisterJones is right on the money with learning how to preserve food. If there is a total collaspe, there will be no recovery for generations. Canned, freeze dried foods will only last so long. Learning archaic skills like farming, home building, cooking over fire, food preservation, et al are your best bet. Make sure you actually know how to handle and accurate fire any weapons you have on hand. No point in stocking up on guns and ammo if you can’t hit the broad side of a barn.

      • mike

        could I reccommend two very good novels that will give you some insights on the possible collapse? One Second After and Patriots will explain why weapons, even primitave ones, will not be practical for food supplies. However, you are on the right track.

    • Mark Hillyard

      David M, it’s the Humpty Dumpty problem. The bean counters will probably be able to patch here and there but this system is doomed and “all the kings horses and all the kings men couldn’t put Humpty together again.
      Remember, Humpty fell off the wall with a big fall. The guy was a prophet and we should at least listen to him. I get my info from the Bible and I know Babylon is doomed.
      It’s just a matter of time and time is heading for the future faster each day.
      “If you see the sword coming and don’t warn the people then I will require their blood at your hand. But if you warn them and they don’t listen then you have done your job, and I will not require their blood at your hand.” In other words, I do some warning to some people but to many people like to think that “God will bless!” God will not bless this oppressive system.

  • Realist

    Separating the fools and their money is always hilarious.

    • June

      What if a natural disaster happened in your area? Snowstorm, flood, hurricane? What if you lose power for 3 days… who is the fool who doesn’t prepare?

    • robin

      High five. The old scam

    • dl

      “Separating the fools and their money is always hilarious.”

      Well, at least we can presume you don’t live in New Orleans. A lot of the “fools” there were happy to have something to eat ’till the cavalry arrived.

      • Realist

        Only a fool staicks around to see a hurricane.

      • mac

        are they the same fools that were told to leave, and chose not to? What part of living below sea level is hard to understand? When I can see the river above me as I walk the streets, I might,just might get out of town when I’m told that a cat 4 is heading directly for me, and the buses are waiting to take me away for shelter? And there were buses….waiting to get those fools out of the city..

  • WWD

    Pshaw. For this type of collapse you need a good financial plan or adviser to protect your savings from government trying to inflate their way out of debt. Society is not going to collapse, in the US; no telling what will happen in the EU. Europeans get barbaric fast – think Bosnia.

    • John Galt

      Now who’s naive. Savings, money in a bank? IF something happens on the scale they are talking about , you think your savings is in the bank and safe, ha ha ha!. Plus, you buy bread with a piece of gold . . . well, you can but it would be dumb.

      As for barbaric Europeans. As soon as Americans don’t have their A/C, DWTS, McD’s, food stamps, welfare checks and other gov’t freebies – they’ll riot. Civilization is a very thin veneer.

      • mac

        and the Europeans will take a 6 week vacation….of course there aren’t any riots over there right now…except in Greece,Spain, Italy, who am I leaving out?

      • Jack

        The last thing they want is rioting, so the freebies will be provided for a couple of years at least. It’s the middle class that will be financially crushed, if history is any guide. Too bad the people who looted our economy and pocketbooks were never held to account. That fact has revealed to the world where this nation is headed. If you haven’t prepared, do what you can starting now.

      • Jack

        To Mac: Yes, the Europeans get long, paid-for vacations. That’s been the case for many decades, and it worked until their banks bought off their politicians, allowing the Euro zone countries to take on UNNECESSARY and crippling debt. The politicians loved the unnecessary loans because they could hand out freebies and big pensions to their constituents and thereby get reelected while probably pocketing some of the dough along the way. Americans work like dogs and can barely afford to take a vacation. Maybe that’s because we too have been set up like bowling pins. Think about it — and Happy Thanksgiving to all.

      • davec

        Poor people think there is “FDIC insurance on their money”


        FDIC is as insolvent as the rest, and FDIC insures the BANK, not the depositor.
        FDIC would be wiped clean in a couple days in a bank run

      • poorhardworker

        Geez! You still trust a financial planner?!?!?! You cannot stop the FED from devaluing your money until you stop the spending and balance the budget…just like all the rest of us citizens do…live within your mean!

      • Captain Incredulous

        “Civilization is a very thin veneer”

        Well said, John Galt. I try to explain that concept to folks all the time….but I don’t think they realize how thin that veneer really is…until it is too late, of course!

    • ShotaFew

      Think Watts in the 60’s…think L.A. in the 90’s Think…then tell me how unbarbaric we can get in this country…….

    • whereissanity

      Things certainly appear to me to be headed for big trouble for us average people. I doubt that a complete collapse of society and riots everywhere will happen, but we need to be prepared for some of this if the food supply gets interrupted. I think the most likely scenario coming toward us is that energy and fuel prices will spike so high that the truckers will refuse to drive and therefore no food or other goods will go to stores. How long do you think it will take the shelves at Safeway to empty out? So, somewhere between everything collapsing and everything is roses, we need to prepare. Why not just buy extra canned goods, pasta, rice, nuts, etc. and store them in your house? Put them in expiration date groups and eat the oldest ones first. So, instead of eating what you bring home from the store, you store it and eat what you previously stored. Using this method I have now about 3 months of food in a pantry. It’s sort of a hobby, picking food at the store and arranging and storing it.
      Anyway, if you don’t get ready for at least a temporary interruption, then you are very foolish.

    • nice

      Wow. The Drudge racists are out in full throat. How do people like you live with yourselves? Does that kind of hate — on a week of Thanksgiving, no less — corrode your soul, or do you not have one?

      • OICU812

        Racist?!?! What are you referring to? It seems that anytime someone disagrees with a liberal they are automatically racist. I think if you don’t vote for Herman Cain, its just because you are a racist.

      • Sara Bellum

        Hey, I don’t read Hate here, I am reading about people sharing how they intend to handle lawlessness when it comes their way. I believe this is called SELF PRESERVATION – Something about which the entitlement class has no clue. I am reading about like-minded folks talking about PROTECTING THEMSELVES against these same entitlement types who will think Nothing of taking what ever they think they need from whoever has it, Thankfully, Drudge posts stories about this kind of behavior taking place in 7-Elevens and McDonald’s outside fair grounds in Wisconsin on a regular basis, so some of us are aware of the social breakdown that is already happening. As far as World Views are concerned, I’ll take theirs over yours, NICE, ANY DAY.

      • mike

        hey, I agree Sara Bellum. If you haven’t done so, I ask you to read a couple of very well written books, from a couple of different authors who are well informed. They are an inexpensive investment that you will certainly appreciate. One Second After; Patriots (

      • Sara Bellum

        Hey, I don’t read Hate here, I am reading about people sharing how they intend to handle lawlessness when it comes their way. I believe this is called SELF PRESERVATION – Something about which the entitlement class has no clue. I am reading about like-minded folks talking about PROTECTING THEMSELVES against these same entitlement types who will think Nothing of taking what ever they think they need from whoever has it, Thankfully, Drudge posts stories about this kind of behavior taking place in 7-Elevens and McDonald’s outside fair grounds in Wisconsin on a regular basis, so some of us are aware of the social breakdown that is already happening. As far as World Views are concerned, I’ll take theirs over yours, NICE, ANY DAY.

      • TheRealKingMax


        A left-wing Obama-sucker criticizing others about “souls’.

        Sounds like a typical liberal blog pot-stirring POS, paid o get everyone clawing at each other…

        Go away, azzklown. BUSTED.

    • robin

      Have fun in your tiny, imaginary “pure” world.

      • inevitable

        As long as there are people who can’t face the truth and are a cancer on society we will have these problems. Purity has nothing to do with it, personal responsibility and self respect do. From your narrow minded, brainwashed comment I can assume you possess neither.

      • inevitable

        As long as there are people who can’t face the truth and are a cancer on society we will have these problems. Purity has nothing to do with it, personal responsibility and self respect do. From your narrow minded, brainwashed comment I can assume you possess neither.

    • inevitable

      Exactly, their continued presence is one of the catalysts of our decline. It’s futile to continue to support a group that isn’t smart enough to appreciate the generosity, in fact they bite the hand that feeds them. The solution is obvious to me.

  • Texas Boy

    Trust in God, gold, guns and freeze dried food—

    • nemisis

      Amen, Texas Boy!

    • jbdancer

      Trust in gold, bah! You can’t eat gold. Just another scam. Seeds, salt (you can not live without salt) and skills will become the new currency if there is a real melt down.

    • lustybusty

      you betcha

    • MisterJones

      Hunting and fishings mighty fine in the Great Nation of Texas.

      • robin

        Yep, that 8 inches of rain really brought our the crops, didn’t it?

  • rw

    I have been buying ammo every time it goes on sale. If it hits the fan food, water and guns and ammo are going to be the only currency.

    • larry

      I hit the wallmart sporting goods once a week for a box on my way home from work on Friday. Also a few extra cans of canned goods each week.
      There will soon be roving bans of hungray violent Democrats that want what you have.

      • ironage

        “There will soon be roving bans of hungray violent Democrats that want what you have”

        They have already arrived. They control the Senate, the White House and Academia!

      • what just happened

        Don’t worry Larry, those roving dems will be too busy picketing your front lawn for you having shopped at walmart.

  • ANU Survival Shop Reports Jump in Sales to People Preparing For ‘Possible Collapse’

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  • Tarmangani

    How much ammo do you need? As much as I can get.

  • pillbug

    This sounds funny and peculiar now, but wait until (if) Obama wins in ’12. Then we’ll really be in it and these people stocking up will seem like oracles.

    • Josephx

      This is the truth that many do not wish to admit. First, those that voted for the pretend president did so out of an initiative to punish America. Secondly, many still wish to punish America and believe it is as if we are in a movie, once they receive the proper amount of catharsis they will simply leave the theater. Well, life is just not that way. Being prepared for the worst is what the rest of us do, the ones who know how evil and destructive obama and those lurking in his shadow really are.

  • Bob

    What in the world is all this panic about? We have a great leader in president Obama and I’,m sure he would not do anything to harm this country. Just look at how he has improved our justice department, medical system, green industry, GM,GE and a world of other good things. Air Force One has more travel time than all of AA and DL put together. you just know all will be OK with such a strong leader in the Whitehouse.

    • Alice_Polarbear

      Your sarcasm was wonderful, but there will be those who take you seriously.

      • jpbrody

        I really would like to think you’re wrong. Alas . . .

      • whereissanity

        Alice, the ones that take him seriously deserve what comes. Of the idiots who elected him, most of them are so stupid that they are going to vote for him again. That is, provided there actually is another election.

    • Jimbo

      You forgot your sarcasm tag…..

  • JohnB

    Wait until the Roody Poos rape you and your family and take your food. Thats what I’ll do, I’m a good democrat

  • Dollarsafehaven

    There’s a plan for both possible scenarios (economic Armageddon, or business as usual) and the info is avail. for free at

    • Deathgoat

      That’s a Joke Right?

  • June

    The supplies are great for short term, but without a supply of seeds, you’ll run out of canned/dried food eventually. You could keep stealing from others, but sooner or later you need to provide for yourself.

    • whereissanity

      Yes, you are correct. I left seeds out of my post (I forgot). But while the stored food is being consumed, you have time to plan for your long term survival if that time comes. And, you have to be sure to buy seeds that have not been dna monkeyed with.

      • June

        There are a couple great websites out there for heirloom and organic seeds, at a very reasonable price. I already have some, and a book on how to gather more seeds from the plants I grow. It’s still all a work in progress and I need more practice, but once you do it a couple times, it gets easier.

      • June

        @mike: never used any of that before in my home garden, and everything does perfectly fine… not sure what you’re yammering about

      • mike

        don’t forget the lime, insecticide, fertilizer, calsium spray for tomotoes, and diesel or gas to break the ground.


    got my AR-15

    • mike

      AR-15 will jam. Get an AK, SIG HK. Not that POS!

      • Deathgoat

        Joeadventure …When president Zero got elected I sold old my collectable military weapons, and bought assault weapons, Handguns and 22 cal rifles for small game. I have enough reloaded Ammo for a large Zombie Attack.

      • davec

        Kel Tec SU16, works flawlessly right out of the box, Stoner bolt design, cheaper

      • Joeadventure

        20 years in the Corps and 11 years out and my Ar-16/M-16 has NEVER jammed. Keep your weapon cleaned and you will be ifine. Also you can hit targets at extreme range with an AR. AK’s are a fine weapon, even more reliable that an AR-but there is no one perfect weapon, I have a bolt action .03 springfield from WW1 that I shoot and with open sights 800 yards is almost a given. To each their own. Just stock up for the coming days of troubles.

      • Joe

        AR-15 will jam. Get an AK, SIG HK. Not that POS!

        23 Years and they have never failed me yet…Try not to get your knowledge from the movies…

      • cletus van damme

        my Stag/RRA -15 does not jam, nor does my AK74. got thousands of rounds for both. plus 5.56 will be plentiful during the collapse.

    • teaisstronger


      Every city has a food distribution center. Grocery stores only have about a three day supply of food and rely on distribution center deliveries. Defenders will have to block access to these centers to stare out the cities and force them to surrender their arms. Every major city has sound barriers walls on highways around the city. Road blocks must be set up to keep the violence from leaving the city.

      Remember that its now clear that Americans are no longer welcomed in America. We are on our own now. We should be starting neighborhood peace teams to plan for our futures if.

  • John Carlucci

    I have a case of survival food bars and water bottle purifier. I also learned how to shoot last year.

    Who saw the 2008 collapse coming? Or 9/11?

    If Europe drags us into another Great Depression or Iranm detonates a nuke in Washington after Isreal attacks, some extra food and water in teh house won’t look so nuts.

    • Rick

      “Who saw the 2008 collapse coming?”

      Ron Paul warned about it on the House floor on Sept. 6th, 2001 and you can see that on youtube. Also on youtube you can see Peter Schiff .warning about it back in 2005. Those who follow the Austrian economic theory saw it coming a long time ago.

      • davec

        ME, 2001. Refused to get in the housing market and saved our finances

    • digitus

      I saw the 2008 collapse well before it happened. Now ask why your elected representatives were caught unaware or were they?

      • downeastfarmer

        We saw it too . . . sold our suburban house in 2006 so we could buy a farm . . . in a very remote rural area . . . our farmily is safe if TSHTF

    • btruth

      I was awaiting something in 08′, something in 2009/4/20/, in 2010/3/11, and now I’m on stand by. “They” have 1000 plus ways to start the last phase of the nw0 global communo-fascist take over plan.

  • Syrin

    Read “The Patriot”.

    The 51% who pay no taxes, save nothing, and live like feral pack animals at the Occupy defecation gatherings are going to be the fuirst caught off guard. Then, like a typical regressive, they’ll demand others give them all their stuff (but it’s those who work that are greedy, right?). Be prepared.

  • mark

    no internet either? shikza!

    what will we all do?

    learn about things?

    it will be rough!

    • roger judkins

      Right on, Mark. My grandkids will never survive…

  • Survival Acres

    50 cases of MRE’s? We’ve personally sold several hundred TONS of food this year alone.

    Lead won’t fill your belly unless you’re willing to engage in criminal enterprises. Having a storable food supply is simple common sense regardless of whether you believe a collapse scenario is likely or not. ~Survival Acres~

    • Ar Amytas

      Won’t be anything criminal about it! won’t be any law!!

    • Jack Smith

      Lead can fill your belly and not by stealing. You can hunt game or you can hire yourself out as a guard in exchange for food.

      • M

        During the first depression when there were around 200 million less people , the edible game vanished within months. Some rural area’s did not see a deer until the mid to late 50’s. Rock on with your delusional jeremiah johnson self though.

      • jbdancer

        M- during the first depression people still new how to huntand fish and process and preserve game meat. How many people have those skills today?

  • Out2Sea

    Government agencies are telling their employees to stock at 3 months worth of food and several State websites are telling normal folks to have at least 3 weeks of food. If you have buried your head in the sand, that is your fault.We have put back a lot more than that along with guns and ammo because of fools like Brian (see comment above). Visit the gun range at least every 2 weeks along with additional training. It keeps life interesting.

    • mike

      Not to mention that FEMA ordered One Billion Dollars of freeze-dried food from Mountain House November 1, 2010. The order is not completely filled as of now! My distributor tells me our order is not to be filled until the govt’ order is filled.

  • AtlasObjectivist

    Well that’s the way things go in Obama world.

  • Reelect The Usurper 2012

    Just keep stacking. The politicians have demonstrated they absolutely will not stop enriching themselves while destroying the nation with fake wars, money printing, wide open borders and outright lies. This may be unpopular, but I hope the evil usurper, Barry Obama, get reelected. Only then will things get so bad as to awaken the narcissistic sheep and pry them away from ipads, game consoles, NFL, UFC and worrying more about their tats and next hookup.

  • newjerseybt

    Who would survive after such a catastrophe?

    You would need to be 100% self sufficient. Able to hunt, fish and skin animals. Have thousands of rounds of ammo. Must know a great deal about farming. Live outside the view of takers so you don’t have to be continually watching your own back. Your family cannot house any slackers or members which live in a socialist world as they will drain your life away. You and they must be in great physical condition, in great health and very street smart. I’ll bet 95% would not survive after 2 years. Yes, the government would self implode.

    • Prepared

      NJBT, what’s wrong with any one of those items that you’ve listed. I believe everyone should know how to fish and cook their own meal, as for field dressing a catch, if you’ve never done it, download the steps and keep it in your BOB. Sure, you may suck at it at first, but you’ll get the hang of it. get a book on wildlife plants so you can distinguish those that you can eat.
      Get a group of folks that you trust (because there will need to be a lot of that if the SHTF) and review each others strengths and weaknesses; old friends or family members. As for being physically fit, that goes without saying, everyone should get off their fat a** and be able to pull their own weight (literally)
      It doesnt sound easy and its not, but your attitude would leave you out to dry if something happened. Remember, before we had the local Food Giant, people lived for many years eating and living off the land

      • Ar Amytas

        So how many deer do you think are out there?? We’d be better off eating carp (yuck ) hope nothing happens because it is not a game! No one can prepare for the unknown. It will be luck of the draw.
        Hollywood makes it seem glamorious and macho,haha hope it never happens, that is all.

    • mike

      You make the exact point….there will be a trememdous die off.

  • Prepared

    Been stocking up myself for some time now. Everyone should have a BOB in their house, there are lists throughout the website that speak to bug out bags. Parents, I highly reccommend the book “Disaster Preparedness for the Family” by Arthur Bradley, very good read, not a survival book but offers a ton of information on keeping your family safe. I’ve read it 5 times and keep it on me at all times.
    For folks that believe stuff cannot happen in the US, do some research on “Normalcy Bias”, ten maybe you will think differently.
    A good site for information:

    Also, do a google search for the LDS Survival Manual, tons of helpful information there. The FEMA manual isn’t bad either, even if it comes from the government.

    Truth is, it’s better to be proactive in a time of crisis then reactive, those that do not prepare will be looking towards those that have, and those that have prepared will be armed to a T

    • Chiefgeorge

      Should also have a BBB in your car….Bug Back Bag. Chances are the SHTF moment will come when you least expect it when your 20miles from home and can’t drive home because of the chaos. BBB will get you home with food, water and a mini shelter.

      • rupert64

        I keep a BBB, or a 72 hour bag, in my house and another in my car. I saw this collapse coming about five years ago and started preparing, including buying a water purification system and I have a years supply of food and have spent the last couple years collecting books on smoking and preserving meat, basic medicine and dentistry, and other survival skills. I will not only survive when SHTF, I will thrive.

  • Kory

    There is nothing wrong with playing it safe.

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