Sports on a Sunday Morning: Doug Armstrong, Kevin Demoff, World Series DVD

The Blues had their morning skate during the usual time that coach Ken Hitchcock joins Ron Jacober, therefore, GM Doug Armstrong steps in to discuss everything Blues hockey.

Scotty Bowman is not often associated with the St. Louis Blues, but the franchise’s original coach took the club to the Stanley Cup Finals in its first three seasons. This week, Bowman was inducted into the St. Louis Sports Hall of Fame.

The Rams are actually the favorite entering their game with the Arizona Cardinals. Can they take advantage of ‘The Dome’ advantage? Ron talks with COO Kevin Demoff.

When the baseball season goes an extra month like it did recently, the turnaround is much quicker than usual. Around the corner is the 54th St. Louis Baseball Writers’ dinner on January 15 at the Millennium Hotel. Hall of Fame writer Rick Hummel, ‘The Commish’, joins Ron to discuss the dinner, plus the current events happening in the off-season.

Perhaps the most popular gift for the holiday season, the 2011 World Series Champions Collectors Edition DVD Set hits shelves soon. Joining Ron to discuss the excellent film is producer Dave Gavant.

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  • Norm Clark

    I think a little more analysis is needed before blaming Blues fans for the red in the crowd last night. Although there were ‘Hawks fans all around the crowd, the concentration was in Section 118. Now, one has to ask, is it reallisitc to assume that season ticket holders in that section sold their tickets at a significantly higher rate than elsewhere in the stadium. Not likely, I know that Section 118 and a few others near there are used by the Blued in the program they have to allow season ticket holders to try another location during this season. That suggest they have a lot of seats that aren’t subscibed by the season. Before blaming the fans it might be wise to consider that many of these tickets were purchased from the Blues. Even if they were I thingk the appropriate question is, so waht. Do people expect the Blues to try to screen purchasers.

    Some ot these sports media people should think a little before they carp about the fans.

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