Hancock & Kelley – Wednesday, December 14th

John and Michael talk with Bestselling Author John Feinstein about his new book, “One on One: Behind the Scenes with the Greats in the Game”.

What’s Mike Shannon doing in Verdi, Arkansas? John and Michael find out when they talk with the STL Cardinals broadcaster.

Pete Sepp of the Nat’l Taxpayers Union tells us why we should not tax the oil companies.

Seth Hanlon of the Center for American Progress tells us why oil companies need to be taxed.

  • Luanna

    something you don’t agree with. This site does lean right, of rscuoe if you actually read this site, you would know that he has called peopole out from both sides of the fence. He main goal here is not to attack left or right, but to point out hypocrisy in the industry, which mainly comes from liberals. Funny isn’t it? Most of the really nasty stuff comes from liberals, most of the double standards and hypocrisy comes from liberals, and most of the anger and filth comes from liberals. Is this a trend, or just your nature????

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