Missouri City Refuses To Turn On Water For Adult Sex-Shop

PEVELY, Mo. (CBS St. Louis) — A Missouri city is fighting back against an adult sex-shop by not turning on the store’s water as the owner takes his case against the town to federal court.

The battle over Don Kleinhans’ Pure Pleasure Boutique in Pevely, Mo., began more than a year ago when he applied for a business license but was denied by the town. He decided to open his store last December despite the fact of not having a business license.

Pevely city administrator Jason Eisenbeis told CBS St. Louis that Kleinhans was denied a business license because the store violated a town ordinance of being 1,000 feet within an elementary school and a church.

“It’s not exactly in our eyes legal,” Eisenbeis said in reference to Kleinhans keeping the shop open. “They were issued summons for almost a year on a daily basis … We’re spinning our wheels here.”

Despite not having running water in the store, Eisenbeis said they have portable toilets outside the shop and electricity.

Kleinhans originally filed a lawsuit against the city in January to acquire a business license, saying it court records that it is not an “adult store” and that it is a “novelty shop.”

The city won another round against the sex shop on Monday as Pevely’s Board of Aldermen voted 6-0 to deny Kleinhans a business license again.

“The city of Pevely and the Board of Aldermen are sticking to their guns,” Eisenbeis told CBS St. Louis.

The case is back in the hands of a federal judge as Kleinhans hopes to keep the sex shop open. There are three other Pure Pleasure sex shops in Missouri.

CBS St. Louis has reached out to Kleinhans for comment.

  • Pretty Much Alabama

    they shouldnt allow a church within 1000 feet of a school

    • Massimo Deportado

      they shouldn’t allow a university like Penn State anywhere near a school.
      Oh, wait!

    • twellsy

      @ Pretty much alabama: ??????????????

    • Ferris

      Obviously, you haven’t been within 1000′ of neither.

      • M 1

        The word you’re looking for is “either.” Pot, kettle, etc.

      • Billy Guess

        THAT was funny.

    • Tony Sailor

      I fully concur!!!

  • nope

    Biased reporting.

    • Mike Alright

      Now that they are old and ugly, the baby boomer generation has successfully removed freedom in the US. Hay baby boomers, what was it like to grow up in a free country?

      • Jonathan Melton

        When the baby boomers were young, THERE WERE NO SEX SHOPS!

      • nicebeingaboomer

        Great – but now it isn’t since the socialists have taken over governing.

      • Roger Fournier

        As a baby boomer I take offence that we removed freedom in the US. WE are the ones that realise our freedoms are being stolen each and ever day! because we truly lived in a time when we had a lot more freedom, and we do remember!! so don’t blame us, sex shops have been around since I was a child. today we have check points, ( when I was younger the cops would follow you home to make sure you got home safe, or let you find another way home if you were to drunk) You could have a couple beers with your 17 year old son and it was not a crime, if you got caught with weed it they just took it, etc.etc.etc.We may be old and ugly but don’t blame us for the state of the country…it,s the govt the people elect that takes away our freedoms..they should not be able to make laws that are supposed to protect us from ourselfs! We have been living under the allusion of freedom longer than I have been alive…but it sure seemed a lot more free than today. so it’s not just the baby boomers it’s everyone that allowed this to happen! If you really don’t like what’s going on, vote for Ron Paul, a pre baby boomer who understands what freedom in America is supposed to be! (research him) get off your lazy but and do something. but please don’t blame a whole generation for the problems we face. ( and by the way I may be old but I’m not ugly)

      • Rob Johnson

        Roger, Dont take it personal, but it’s the BB generation who has been in charge of this government (Clinton was the offical start) for the last 20 years, and you brought the change you believed in…. too bad it was wrong. All I ask is you get out of the way.

      • Atom&Yves

        I had no choice in being born a Boomer. You DO have a choice thooujgh, between being an ignorant moron and using your brain. I suggest you take better advantage of that than you have.

      • Louise

        @Mike Alright. Seriously? Blaming a whole group here for the lack of freedom in the U.S.?

        You must be a liberal.

    • Peter McDermott

      land of the free… yeh right.

      • Sean Patriot

        We have RULES, LAWS and ORDINANCES. I suggest you look those terms up

      • Eric Swinson

        We had many RULES, LAWS and ORDINANCES in the past that were ruled unconstitutional by the courts so their presence doesn’t necessarily make them kosher.

      • rick shaw

        The city has the freedom to deny the business license and has voted to do so. Good for them and the people they represent. Are you saying they shouldnt have the freedom to be free of the problems sex shops bring?

      • Jonathan Corbett

        Sorry, no, cities don’t have the “freedom” to deny lawful business owners the right to do business. It is time that towns realize that they do not have the right to tell those who live and work in them how to go about their lives.

      • Colostomy Bagwell

        Too right! Despite the efforts of these puritanical despots he lives amongst, he must be doing enough of a trade to pay off all those citations or else they’d send the sheriff to barricade the place. If he’s not doing anything illegal (in the eyes of sane Americans) and he’s going to pay his taxes and hire a few folks, where’s the harm? Say NO to freedom-hating bollocks like this and sue the city for willfully depriving you of sanitation. “Alderman”….psshhht…..more like ACHTUNG!

      • Hal McCombs

        Sorry, Jonathan, but cities DO have a right to regulate business. They can have lots of rules within their domain. As in “No Liquor Stores” within a thousand feet of a school. That doesn’t outlaw liquor stores, and you can still have one if you wish. Just not on that street.

      • Frank D.

        Wrongo Hal. Show me where in the state constitution the city can limit a store from 1,000 ft of a school. Even SCOTUS has ruled that the drug free zones are unConstitution. Something can’t be lawful over here but unlawful over there.

      • Lee

        Frank D, what in the world are you talking about? Illegal drugs are illegal everywhere–it’s not as though the Supreme Court ruled that illegal drugs are now legal in “Drug-free Zones.”

      • Randall Dunning

        I like the way we shut down a video store operating as a sexually oriented business (S.O.B.) in Garland, Texas when I was on the City Council. We knew that the real money maker was the “viewing rooms” which undercover police confirmed were being used for prostitution. We passed an ordinance that requiring removal of the doors from all viewing rooms and that all viewing rooms must be visible from the managers position. This held up in Federal Court and ->poof<- the S.O.B. went broke within 60 days and had to close. The owner moved to a nearby city but they also added that ordinance which sent him packing. Problem solved. I suggest the Town Council start investigating where this shop REALLY makes its money and find a creative way to shut that down using the doctrine of "Secondary Effects". My guess? The dressing rooms are probably "multi-purpose". I recommend mandating closed circuit camreas with full time monitoring of the entry and exit from the dressing rooms. They also can mandate dressing rooms just large enough to change in but not large enough for other activities. Kill the prostitution and most S.O.B.s will dry up and blow away. Oh, and it is fully Constitutional to legislate against "secondary effects" such as prostitution. This is a well established precident in the courts as well as completely defensible under any doctrine of liberty established and espoused by the Founding Fathers.

      • Bubba

        Do some research and you will find this store does NOT sell adult dvd’s or sex toys, just lingerie and marital aids. I wouldn’t exactly call this a “sex shop”.

      • Gorbud

        Very simple solution. Place a cameras in the area and take photos of the patrons and their autos. Publish them with a “Thank you” for patronizing our towns shops. Maybe use names from license plates could be included. But a bit of a slippery slope here what if Town does not like a Catholic store selling religious material.?

      • idiocy

        Health food stores bug me so we should have a law that makes it illegal for a health food store to be withing 1000 feet of any building. Also, I hate churches and their tax free status, they should not be allowed within 1000 feet of anyone who pays taxes.

      • The Grinch Who Loved Xmas

        LOL. Love all the hypocritical teabaggers(or is that redundant) on here complaining about the big bad government NOT telling a business what they can and cannot do. Capitalism is a two way street my friend,

  • Warlord

    Sue the town. Its a violation of your 1st Amendment rights.

    • Sean Patriot

      You have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. Go back to your xbox and STFU

    • Cody Pryseski

      Actually it’s a zoning issue and the town has the right to deny based on zoning. However the store can petition to rezone. That’s how it works everywhere. His mistake was opening it.

      • Bean

        Wow, the Wiggins are on this thread.

      • sylvie

        Yep, commit a crime, which it is… then cry to big govt. to bail him out… guess what, he isn’t “too big” to fail…lol… stupid person.

      • Dumb laws!

        There used to be law here making it a felony to have a firearm within 1000 feet of a school. I live across the street from a school. I and most everyone else in the neighborhood were made felons for minding our own d**n business. I didn’t sell my guns and I didn’t move. The law was eventually repealed (or thrown out). They finally took the stupid sign down.

      • Locke

        The mistake is having cities with such power.
        They all need to be disincorporated.
        Private property is just that, private. The state (city is part of the state) has ZERO right telling a property owner what hey can do with their own property. Zoning is another word for socialism, it is fascist and criminal theft.

      • Locke

        Only citizens have rights, cities and other government entities have powers.
        Only JUST powers are specifically listed in a constitution, all other powers not specified are stolen rights of the people, and therefore illegal powerrs, or better known as tyranny.

      • Mike

        They can deny a permit for zoning issues, but zoning issues need to be settled in front of the zoning board or in court. Petty revenge like turning their water off is not the way to handle it. What next, ticketing the cars of people who shop there?

      • ertdfg

        “Locke – The mistake is having cities with such power.”

        So I should be able to set up my 24-7 dance club next door to you? Our biggest crowd are the 2AM to 6AM run during the week; and we’ve got some really bright lights and strobes to attract crowds.

        We might have some people parking on the street as well.

        But hey, you don’t think your city should be able to do zoning laws restricting commercial enterprises; right? So you’d love this new neighbor to your home.

        Hope you don’t plan on selling you home… ever. You might have trouble getting what you paid for it.

      • Demosthenes

        to Locke — you haven’t thought this through (Pro-Tip: you should examine your words before posting in the future if you want to become so respected as to influence public policy and take over the world) — zoning is necessary for keeping the peace, as ertdfg demonstrates.

      • Thomas

        Nope, the city should not have the right to do such things. If you don’t want someone opening up a 24/7 nightclub in your neighborhood, then you need to have a homeowner’s association state that such things are forbidden prior to their purchase of the land from the developer. All that can be handled with basic contract law. The state need not have anything to do with it save to operate the courts and the police to enforce the property rights of the parties to the contract.

        This is how it works in my neighborhood. I can’t have horses, cows, or pigs on my property. This is in the contract I signed when I bought my home.

      • Brad

        Zoning cannot overrule the 1st amendment. This is religious persecution. Jesus would side with the business owners. Why do religious people hate God and Jesus? They are modern day Pharisees, or maybe a better word is American Taliban.

      • dano

        Loke I like your flavor. There is no denying the truth in everything you said.

      • Frank D.

        Sorry, wrong again. Cities have no rights. Only people have rights. And they are God given. Everything else is a privilege.

      • Yehudah

        You compare religious Jews to the Taliban? The Pharisees were not jesus’ problem. The simple fact is that the Pharisees as you call them (referring to the Sanhedrin) had already moved to another city during that part of the 2nd Temple Era. jesus could not have KNOWN the Pharisees (the Sanhedrin) because THEY WEREN’T THERE.

        Secondary to that, the Pharisees as you call them, were Torah Jews. Torah law states to KILL any man who tries to change ONE WORD of the Torah. Those words are G-ds words, not the Pharisees words.

        Get your facts straight. Want to chat about this further? yehudahgriffin@gmail.com

      • Lizz

        Brad This is not religious persecution. This is people who don’t want to have a sex shop near a school or church. What religion do you believe in? Also, “Whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery, Matt. 5:28”. I’m fairly certain Jesus wouldn’t approve of this store.

    • kmrod

      it’s comical when people who have no idea what the first amendment says claim they should be allowed to do something because of what they *THINK* the first amendment says.

    • Joep

      I was unaware that pounding you hoo-haw with a 16 inch vainly rubber happy stick was covered in the Constitution… or it that what the pursuit of happiness means…

      • wade160th


      • Tim Skynet Blada

        I was unaware that you speak perfect English with proper grammar!

      • Joep

        Tim, thank you so much for your feedback, now let me return the favor: This is writing not speaking. Your comment is not grammatically correct either, if you’re going to criticize someone’s grammar make darn sure yours is perfect. The Iphone auto correct feature sucks. Get off your not so high horse and go “Happy Stick” yourself…

      • Atom&Yves

        That IS funny! Unfortunately, it would appear, that is also exactly what the left considers happiness.

    • tgc

      no it’s not! don’t be stupid.

    • Locke

      Demosthenes & ertdfg

      Your righs end at the tip of your nose.
      If the business you describe violates your property by having patrons park on your property you have a right to complain and have them stop. Same with loud noise or lights at night – as it violates your property rights. What they do inside isn’t anyones business.
      It is socialist to say that there are community rights, no there isn’t.
      But then again what are the chances you have something like that build next to you? Near complete zero.

      So for something that has a near zero chance of happening you are willing to give up all property rights to a private corporation known as a city? You are a slave and by your own actions enslave everyone else.

      • Larry Campbell

        Quote: “Locke

        Demosthenes & ertdfg
        Your righs end at the tip of your nose.”

        I might have this wrong, but I think you might have that wrong. Their rights end just beyond the tip of your nose. It is a popular libertarian expression which simply states that any person has the right to do anything they please as long as you do not hurt anyone or damage anyone’s property.

    • Jonathan Melton

      And how is the town keeping the owner from speaking his mind?

      • Brad

        separation of church and state, idiot.

      • Lizz

        Brad Separation of church and state was never mentioned ONCE in the Constitution. When it WAS mentioned, they meant “Gov’t can’t establish an official religion.” What they did not mean was “completely abolish religion and scourge it from the public sphere.”

    • MikeinVA

      @Warlord: The First Amendment reads, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

      In what way has the town infringed upon this man’s right to practice his religion, engage in free speech, in either spoken or written form, assemble peaceably, or to petition the Government for a redress of grievances? I’m curious.

      BTW, you do not have a right to either a business license or to the town water supply. That is why you generally have to PAY for both these items.

    • Baldy Kirby from Atlanta

      I agree.

      In fact, I’d dump the portable toilets inside City Hall, return the favor!

    • Randall Dunning

      No it is not. The governing court precident is “Doctrine of Secondary Effects”. If the town can show that this increases prostitution, juvinile delinquency, or drug abuse as secondary effects, they have a fairly large range of zoning and business requirements that can be imposed. These will be affirmed in Federal Court. I have 3 books of cases on this topic that are over 20 inches thick.

      Last point: The Founding Fathers never intended the 1st Amendment to be used to suppress religious expression and promote licentious depravity. That is a post-modern moral inversion that is a fabrication of the political Left.

    • Frankie Lorain

      There is not much decency left and you have none. Kids need protection from perverts like you, who assault their innocence in the name of freedom of speech. Porn is a bad seed and it is planted by the mere existence of these shops on main street. Of course you wouldn’t consider yourself a pervert, even with beads hanging out of your wazoo. This is my point. Desensitization has ruined us and freedom only works when good is common. You sicko’s should stick the gun in your mouth. Not your boyfriends gun either, the real one.

  • Neo-Pagan nullifier

    @ ferris heeheehee very good the hateful bigoted hypocritical war on Christianity is a sick thing a very sick thong…. and I’m not even a Christian, just an average human who has not sunk beneath the level of animals, the sick Neo-Pagan/ Pseudo Liberal rabble will destroy everything.

    • Massimo Deportado

      Is it not: Pseudo-Pagan / Neo-Liberal?

    • lolumad

      Sick Thong eh? Freudian slip I’m sure. Subconscious desire to visit said store perhaps?

    • Atom&Yves

      I’m not a Christian either, and I agree. Libs/Dems/progs/bigots, all the same, detrimental to any society they infest.

  • Nunya Biznez

    They should have the sheriff come out and board up the place.

    • Reverend Justito

      Yes, what a great idea. Why stop murder, rape and gangs when you can go board up a store that sells underwear. Once this place is gone, the sheriff can move onto Target, Macy’s and even the 99 Cent Only store.

    • jgdp

      The sheriff is the store owner

    • Oob R. Daemon

      Yeah, because selling lingerie is such an imminent threat to public safety…

      This is a waste of time and money. Stop trying to legislate morality.

      • Sean Patriot

        You are morally bankrupt, thats why you dont understand

      • Locke

        I agree stop the government from keeping Christianity from being taught/discussed schools.
        Stop legislating a lack of morailty!

      • Abe

        I know, right? Like when we legislated the end of slavery back in the day. . . or legislated civil rights in the ’60s.

      • Jonathan Melton

        Quit trying to shove filth down their throats! And the idea of having it near a church! Have they no shame or fear of God?

      • Jesus Chavez

        What? There’s a church within 1,000 feet of a school?!? Have the parents been notified that pedophiles are in the area?

      • Randall Dunning

        This isn’t Victoria’s Secret, it is a sex shop a.k.a. a Sexually Oriented Business. The town can legislate against “secondary effects” of S.O.B.s. This is fully legal with abundent precident supporting such legislation in Federal Court.

      • Snitch-in-Time

        Every law legislates someone’s morality. That statement itself is an attempt to assert or “impose” a moral position. Your argumen, therefore, fails as unaffirmable. Go back to the peanut butter and jelly table, sonny, and let the grown ups settle this.

    • Jonathan Melton


  • Done.

    Burn the store.

    • SmokeyBear

      Burn yourself.

  • Massimo Deportado

    I though MO was the show me state….. SMH

    • Anon

      Well played!

  • RC

    I personally disagree with stores like these but am in favor of small businesses. As long as the shop is ether 1000 ft away from church, school, hospital, etc… and is moderate with its window displays I could support it. Though I still don’t like these types of stores :P

  • Reverend Justito

    Just more proof of Republican leaders preventing us from living free.

    • dk

      Wow. You have not been to school either, have you, moron? Build the store more than 1000 feet from church and school and you are free to sell your garbage.

      • Locke

        That’s the same excuse the fascist atheists and muslims use to stop and arrest Christians from handing out Bibles on sidewalks. Fascism is fascism and I don’t support it in any form.

        The town should be disincorporated. Full stop. And I am a Christian who has never stepped foot in a ‘novelty’ shop of that kind.

      • Reverend Justito

        Why can’t we have this within 1000 feet of a church or school? We all wear undergarments don’t we? I suppose Christ’s plan for your like dk was to go commando?

        There was an adult bookstore across the street from my school and it didn’t harm me at all. Oh and when I tried to go in there, they kicked my butt out faster than you can say Idaho senator getting freaking in an airport bathroom.

    • SexualElephant

      BS, I am a Republican and I get my freak toys from these places too!

    • Zach

      What about the freedom of a 10 year old to walk to ELEMENTARY SCHOOL without having to pass a “Pure Pleasure” sex shop display window?

      • Reverend Justito

        A kid that age could walk past many bad things. While I don’t live in this town, I assume one could walk past a liquor store, a smoke shop, a gun ammo shop and a fast food restaurant. All of those things are far worse than undergarments and toys for love making, yet no one is jumping up screaming because Jr. has to walk past McDonalds.

      • Thomas

        Plenty of streets, and most cities provide free buss service.

        But don’t let that stop your moral outrage. The kids can ignore the two hobos having sex in the alley, so long as they don’t see any clothing that is less revealing than a bikini.

      • idiocy

        Because it is so much worse to see underwear than it is to see guns, or videos displaying death, killing and carnage. Oh but what about the 10 year old seeing an Occupy Missouri protester!?!?! OMG

    • Abe

      Actually, you’re free to live anywhere you want.

    • Libel Bob


      Perhaps the Drudgeturds can tell us how a bunch of repressed Republicans reigning in free enterprise is Obama socialism.

      Doesn’t Jeebus want y’all to procreate?

    • Baldy Kirby from Atlanta

      And you’re just more proof that people like you are lying chunks of human waste, and outstanding poster children for abortion rights.

  • ericed

    Any the city just made this the most popular sex shop in the country.

    • American

      Bet ya it was owned by a jew too.

      • Yehudah

        Wow. Hate much? What does being Jewish have to do with it? Funny how so many can hate on such a small number of people.

        You make me sick.

  • AngusThermopyle

    Peverly isn’t 1,000 feet from end to end. But won’t someone think of the children? Sheesh.

  • nowon_yuno

    There is a sex shop in Forsyth, MO or maybe its Kirbyville that has a church right next door and if I remember correctly its a lot less than 1000 feet

  • Bruce Matthews

    Should a church be within 1000 feet of a school?

    • Mac

      Of course not, they’re full of creepy priests!

  • Zul

    These sex shops are more moral than the people running the church’s and schools.

    • Zach

      Ha! That’s an amazingly insincere statement!

    • LMFAO

      They need to cut the water off to all the churches in town!
      Sex Shop’s pays taxes, Churches dont
      Sex Shop’s don’t rape and molest children, Churches do
      Sex Shops provide entertainment, Churches are boring, hypocritical and in some cases unsafe if your in the wrong neighbor-HOOD
      I would rather spend time and money in a Sex Shop, than waste time and money in a church that protect’s Illegal Invaders, wants dirt poor people to over populate the world and crosses the line between church and state constantly

      • LMFAO@U

        Why don’t we close schools? They don’t pay taxes, they have child rapists working there, by most accounts are more boring than church, and for the most part do a poor job actually teaching kids what really matters in life. They are too busy teaching them how to pass a standardized test. Oh yeah! A lot of them are in a shoddy neighborhood too.

        This is not a First Amendment issue. Nore is it infringing on this man’s right to own a business. He’s free to open shop anywhere but within a 1k feet of a school or church. C’mon man!

  • Farm boy

    Missouri…where men are men and sheep are nervous.

  • Elena Dima

    this sex shop need water please … democratie

  • joey

    Larry Flynt, you are needed. Fuel up the old jet and bring your posse.

  • JohnB

    Herp Derp
    I’m a Missourifaq

  • NotASexNut

    So what does the shop owner do if the church builds next door to his shop after he opens?
    This is not an idle question I saw this happen in Panama City Florida. The ordinance there stated no drinking establishments within 1000 ft of church and the church built on around the corner from an existing bar. When the bar was sold they “denied” the new owner a liquor license because the entrances were within 1000 ft of each other. The new owner built a new door at the far side of his building to achieve the required distance and the church built a diagonal sidewalk to close the distance. The kicker here is that the number of liquor licenses available in Panama City is tied directly to the number of churches. One prospective bar owner found himself unable to get a liquor license and opened a church in his garage which created a new license for him. Sex shops are growing old as most people feel the pressure to avoid being seen in them and just buy online to avoid recognition that they have a normal human sex drive.
    I have always been unimpressed with the logic of religious groups against sex.

    • Locke

      Christians aren’t against sex, just perversion. There is a difference.
      If you read the Bible there is quite a bit about the wonders of sex and pleasuring your mate.

      As for other religions, I can’t comment.

      “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”
      John Adams

      “Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become more corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters.” – Benjamin Franklin

      “.Virtue, morality, and religion. This is the armor, my friend, and this alone that renders us invincible. These are the tactics we should study. If we lose these, we are conquered, fallen indeed so long as our manners and principles remain sound, there is no danger.”
      Patrick Henry

      “The laws of man may bind him in chains or may put him to death, but they never can make him wise, virtuous, or happy.”
      John Adams

      “To educate a man in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society.”
      Theodore Roosevelt

      • Jesus Chavez

        If you read the bible, there’s a lot about murdering men, women, and children, how much to sell your daughter into slavery for, how raped women must marry their attackers (unless they didn’t shout loud enough, then they’re to be stoned to death), how often to beat your slaves, all sorts of wholesome goodness like that. No thanks!

        Ben Franklin would go to Pure Pleasure Boutique… He was a worldly man: inventor, polymath, he enjoyed brothels as a youth, had an illegitimate son, and knew religion for the lie that it is. “Revealed religion has no weight with me.” — Benjamin Franklin

        Actually, many of our founding fathers were enlightened…

        “Let the human mind loose. It must be loose. It will be loose. Superstition and dogmatism cannot confine it.” — John Adams

        “I have examined all the known superstitions of the word, and I do not find in our particular superstition of Christianity one redeeming feature. They are all alike founded on fables and mythology. Millions of innocent men, women and children, since the introduction of Christianity, have been burnt, tortured, fined and imprisoned. What has been the effect of this coercion? To make one half the world fools and the other half hypocrites; to support roguery and error all over the earth.” –Thomas Jefferson

        “What influence in fact have Christian ecclesiastical establishments had on civil society? In many instances they have been upholding the thrones of political tyranny. In no instance have they been seen as the guardians of the liberties of the people. Rulers who wished to subvert the public liberty have found in the clergy convenient auxiliaries. A just government, instituted to secure and perpetuate liberty, does not need the clergy.” — James Madison

    • Zach

      The point in local ordinances is that the community affected can overturn them more easily provided they establish appropriate public pressure. Public pressure is more easily organized on a local level. This sex shop fella is clearly not able to find a hearing locally so he’s trying to get a federal ruling in order to bully the community into jettisoning their own values and adopting his. It’s not that difficult to find a community that shares your values. If you want a left-wing sex obsessed community move to San Francisco or New Orleans. If you want a tee-totaling religious community move to Panama City Florida I guess. If a majority of the people are truly being oppressed they can change the laws. But it is difficult to find another country. I’m mystified that the consensus on this thread is: freedom means forcing church goers and elementary school students to walk past sexualized fishnet and leather manikin displays. Moral people can be evangelistic, but it seems that they can’t match the numbers of the immorally evangelical.

      • cc

        Locke and Abe:
        Good comments. What is really important here is that this is a local issue and the local people will work it out. Meanwhile, we don’t have to have a federal law that affects millions of people that no one even knows. If this is a churchy town, this would not fly. Also, as you said, if they don’t want it, don’t buy the stuff…then they will leave.

      • Locke

        The Constitution is designed to protect the minority from the majority.
        We live not in a democracy where the majority can eat the minority if they choose; but a republic where the minority are protected from the majority and have a right to protect and use their property.
        If the public disagree the the owner, they will not buy his goods and the store will fold – that is liberty, that is the system we are supposed to have in this country, not socialism where a city says you cannot own or use property unless you do it like a politician say you can.

      • Abe

        Actually, Lockie, a point you miss about the fact that we are a representative republic is that the majority cannot be tyrannized by the rule of the mob as happens in a democracy where the minority eats the majority (see French and Russian Revolutions). Unfortunately, liberals don’t understand this. They think democracy is about the minority holding sway over the majority.

      • Locke

        Yes Abe I agree.
        But the minority have equal protection under law as well.
        Refusing to supply water violates this equal protection.

    • never ending fight for freedom

      AKA Riverside Ca.

      There used to be the BEST fn race track in the USA. Was there for 30 years!

      They built homes next to it then shut it down because of noise??
      ( I think a LOT of government workers bought those homes…)

    • Marlinda

      If you are so coarse in your thinking as to not understand how such businesses lower community standards, then it would do no good to try to explain it to you.

  • http://www.alliancealert.org/2011/12/21/missouri-city-refuses-to-turn-on-water-for-adult-sex-shop/ ADF Alliance Alert » Missouri City Refuses To Turn On Water For Adult Sex-Shop

    […] CBS St. Louis: A Missouri city is fighting back against an adult sex-shop by not turning on the store’s water as the owner takes his case against the town to federal court. […]

  • Joe Golfendude


    The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president.

    The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America . Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince.

    The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.

    Some people have the vocabulary to sum up things in a way you can understand them. This quote came from the Czech Republic. Someone over their has it figured out. We have a lot of work to do.

    • AngusThermopyle

      You and Rick Perry deserve each other.

    • Libel Bob

      You realize that this business owner is being terrorized by religious *right* wingers, right?

      Now, if the city council had ordered free medical coverage for people who shopped there *then* you could blame Obama.

      Maybe Drudge should color code his links so morons like you know when it’s appropriate to post your dribble.

  • Michael

    And yet they will put an abortion dungeon right next to a school.

    • Reverend Justito

      Abortion dungeons sound like fun. Where can I find one of these?

      • Michael

        I’m sorry your mom didn’t find it.

  • justavoter

    Missouri is the worst state in the country. Missouri cares nothing for their mothers or children. The state of Missouri loves for their men to be unfaithful to their wives and Missouri law will even protect the jerks and force the children to accept their fathers cheating on their mothers. The state of Missouri does not care what happens to the children’s mothers. The men can even take their new girlfriends with them during visitation with the children during a divorce process. Then the mother and children have to move out of the house and the new girlfriends’s daughter gets to move in the house and the children get to visit 2 to 3 days a week. Isn’t Missouri just grand?

  • Ralph-Sue Lumpkin

    So, I took a look at Google Maps and see that Pure Pleasures is within 1000 feet of a PAROCHIAL SCHOOL – Zion Lutheran School.

    Separation of Church and State much? Not only that, but Hillbilly’s Restaurant and Saloon (I kid you not) is even closer to the parochial school.

    Yeah, I am thinking that this municipality is going to have to backtrack and use another reason other than the fact that the naughty store is too close to a church school.

    Total BS, Pevely MO. By the way, I am a repub and support Pure Pleasures Boutique. I just may have to gather up my orderly republican brothers and sisters and occupy Pevely MO.

    • Marlinda

      Schools are schools, friend. And I seriously doubt you are a conservative.

      • Ralph-Sue Lumpkin

        I did not say I was conservative. I said I was a republican…friend.

        I’m a republican because I work for a living and I don’t like giving my money away to every social program and freeloader under the sun. Not because I am frigid and afraid of sex, dumb@ss.

  • MADD Mom

    Hooray for these brave townsmen. Run the creeps out of business!

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