Mandatory Spay and Neutering Proposed for City Dogs and Cats

Kevin Killeen

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) — All city dogs and cats would face mandatory spay or neutering, under a bill before the board of aldermen.

“Well, what we hope it does is contribute to solving the stray problem in the city of St. Louis,” said sponsoring alderwoman Lyda Krewson of the Central West End.

The bill came up for debate before the holiday break, but was strongly opposed by Northside Alderman Freeman Bosley Senior, who fears his two watchdogs might go “docile” if they underwent the procedure.

“This is America and you got to have a medical procedure done on your dog without you being able to determine what you want to do with yours?”  Bosley said, “You might as well come in my house and tell me what color to paint my walls.”

img 3206 Mandatory Spay and Neutering Proposed for City Dogs and Cats

Northside Alderman Freeman Bosley Senior

The plan would also require mandatory micro-chipping of all dogs and cats.  Also, anyone who wants to breed their dogs would need a “hobby breeders” license.

Krewson envisions the procedures taking place in conjunction with pets getting rabies shots, which are already mandatory.

Enforcing the law would involve fines that start at $100.  But Krewson wants a flexible response, so that violators would have 60 days to get their pets fixed and “make the fines go away.”

To help the poor pay for the cost of the operations on their pets, the city would provide some income-based cost reductions.

Doing something to fix the stray dog problem is also a priority of Aldermanic President Lewis Reed, who voiced fears last year about wild dogs wandering the city, frightening school children.

The problem is not a new one.  In March, of 2001 a pack of stray dogs attacked and killed 10-year old Rodney McAllister in a north St. Louis park.

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