St. Louis Lawmaker Sponsors Cigarette, Booze And Internet Tax

Allison Blood

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – St. Louis area Representative Jamilla Nasheed says in order to balance the shrinking state budget and avoid cuts to education and public safety, several new taxes need to be considered. Lawmakers will be debating cigarette tax increases in the House and Senate, and Nasheed will be sponsoring an increase in taxes on hard alcohol. She says many other states have a tax on internet sales, and Missouri could use that money to fund programs for seniors.

Historically tax increases have failed in the legislature. A decrease in federal assistance and the bill for natural disaster relief are crippling this year’s budget. Lawmakers are considering cuts to corrections and recently Governor Nixon asked for a loan from the University of Missouri’s schools.

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  • stlmom4

    States are losi ng taxes as the internet gains more sales, sometimes because they’re often tax-free. Internet has evolved as have computer programs. Internet sales — and those across state lines should all have to pay sales taxes. It keeps commerce on level playing field.

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